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Rock & Roll Rampage #264 ‘Valentine: Love Hurts!’


#264 ‘Valentine: Love Hurts!’

1.The Meat Purveyors-Thinking About Drinking-1999
2.Sammi Smith -Why Do You Do Me Like You Do-1968
3.Dolly Parton-It’s Sure Gonna Hurt -1962
5.The Barracudas-Baby Get Lost-1964
6.Tigermen-Close That Door-1966
7.Denny Ezba-Dirty, Dirty Feelin’-1962
8.The Dynamics-Misery-1963
9.Holly Golightly-Tell Me Now So I Know-2003
10.Mamie Perry-Lament-1959
11.Mitty Collier-Pain-1963
12.Frances Burr-I say no, no more-1964
13.Rev-Lons-I Can’t Forget About You-1963
14.Dream Girls-Crying In The Night-1959
15.The Booby Traps-Shoulda Known Better-2006
16.The Routes-Tell Me Ain’t So-2006
18.The Martells-Time To Say Goodbye
19.Connie Carroll-No Way Out
20.Shirley Jean-I’ll Get Even With You -1961
21.Dorie Sudduth-You’re No Good For Me-1959
22.Wayne Walker-All I Can Do Is Cry-1956
23.Bobby Nelson Quartet-There Ain’t Nothin’ True About You-1958
24.Jerry Arnold-When you said goodbye
25.Jimmy Norman-I Don’t Love You No More (I Don’t Care About You)-1962
26.Carl Lester & The Showstoppers-When You See Me Hurt-1961
27.Mary Wells-Bye Bye Baby-1961
28.Merle Spears-I want to know-1964
29.Dusty Wilson-Can’t Do Without You
30.Sugar Pie DeSanto-Can’t Let You Go-1961
31.Betty Lavette -Let Me Down Easy-1965