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It’s Trash! #121 Goner’d

Dracu lahs- Trashylvania
Dracu lahs- We are Trash
Nots- Cosmetic
Soupcans- Post Mordial
Science Man- Airport Underground
Gen Pop- Plastic Comb
Neo Neos- Husker Du?
Sick Thoughts- I ain’t done with you
Stiff Love- Attitudes
Bogus Genius- The Garbage
The Soft Boys- Hear my Brane
Paul Jacobs- Story about anything
Demics- I wanna know
Gino and the Goons- I gotta getaway
Bad Times- Wrong way to Love
Drunks with Guns- Beautiful Happiness
Carbonas- Frothing at the mouth
Knowso- No Patience
Perverts Again- Get you out of College
Cyber Bullies- March 30, 1981
Cyber Bullies- You don’t care about no wave
Dik Van Dykes- Harold Snepsts
The Bills- Ugly
Gentleman Jesse- No Rest for the Wicked
Modern Minds- Teresa’s World
Silicone Injections- Shes A
Malibu Kens- Crude City
Malibu Kens- Wednesday Morning at 5am
Quitman- I want an Enemy
Muff Divers- Ghost Boys/Spookyman
Coneheads- 45-2566
S.L.I.P.- Drive to Control
Travolta Kids- Veckans Brott
Originally Aired September 7th, 2018

It’s Trash! #116 – Friday the Trashteenth

D.O.A.- 13
Da Slyme- Trudeau
Personality Crisis- Vampire Dream
Napalm Babys- Mental Block
Toxic Reasons- Tomorrow Tonight
Chloroform- Walking Out
CPC Gangbangs- I want Blood/Life Support
Asexuals- Mr. Useless
Drains- No California
Neo Neos- Regualtors
Erik Nervous- I’m a Man
Seltzer- Can’t Hear That
Manager- Lower Companion
Knowso- King of Things
Perverts Again- Blockbusted
Perverts Again- Longlegger
Bleeding Gums- No Sir
Cracked Eye- Let’s Talk
Gee Tee- Fightin’ is Dumb
Wlmrt- Roadway to Heck
Unreal Thought- Menacing Shadow
Looping- Rubber Band
Painted Trends- Master’s Key
D.L.I.M.C.- N/A
Anteenagers M.C.- Krispy Kreme
Ugly Ducklings- Nothin
Blue Cheer- Doctor Please
Teenage Head- Get off my Back
Buzzcocks- You know you can’t help it
Nushu- Generation Nomophobe
The Panics- Best Band
Gruberger Brothers- Dirty Lies
Consumers- Your Problem

Originally Aired on 94.9FM CHRW April 13th, 2018


It’s Trash! #95 – Black Punk


  1. Bunker Hill- Hide and Go Seek
  2. Bloody Show- Non Alignment Pact
  3. Snuky Tate- Stage Speech
  4. Pure Hell- The Girl with Hungry Eyes
  5. UIC- Heartache
  6. Public Speakers- 1994
  7. Die Group- Joe Namath
  8. Grand Trine- Monochromatic Youth
  9. Obnox- Tia Vincent
  10. Homo Picnic- Two Eyes
  11. N.Y. Niggers- Just like Dresden
  12. Death- Keep on Knocking
  13. X Ray Spex- I am a Poser
  14. Kenneth- Traumz
  15. Sode Pop- Sleep
  16. Clacker- Beef Vindaloo

Originally Aired Feb 24th, 2017.


It’s Trash! #94 – Love Trash

  1. Neo Neos- Love Trash
  2. D.L.I.M.C.- Wicker Park
  3. Erik Nervous- I’m a Brick
  4. Tyvek- Choose Once
  5. Sonic Avenues- Future
  6. Alarm Cat- Notches
  7. Undertones- True Confessions
  8. Mr. Science- Popeshat
  9. Man with Job- Sex World Girls
  10. Synthetic Lout- Kitty Bite
  11. New Fries- Gertrude Stein Greeting Card
  12. Lost System- Future Shock
  13. Suburban Homes- Paranoia + Frustration = Constipation
  14. Chachi On Acid- Spring Beasts of Death
  15. WLMRT- Von Hammer
  16. Bleeding Gums- Lotus
  17. Pity- How to be a Better Ally
  18. Acrylics- Waiting
  19. Valley Boys- Pills
  20. Toxic Thoughts- The Void
  21. Human Eye- They came from the Sky
  22. Klazo- Unnamed
  23. Beta Boys- 3308
  24. Everyday Objects- Fixed Bayonets
  25. Stoned- Nazi
  26. Nuclear Crayons- Outsider
  27. Starshooter- Quelle Crise Baby
  28. UIC- Green Lady
  29. Do Nothings- Lose City
  30. Retros- High Energy Love
  31. Jon Wayne- Orange Blossom Special
  32. Might Caesars- Why don’t you try my Love
  33. Luxury Units- Amber Dean
  34. Dong Vegan- Swallow
  35. Slow Cooker- Who Broke the Window
  36. Trenchmouth- The Future vs. Centrifugal Force
  37. Bugg- Track 1
  38. X45- I don’t Mind
  39. Ripcordz- Goodbye, So Long, Get Lost

Originally Aired Feb 17th, 2016 on 94.9FM CHRW



It’s Trash! #87 – Killed by Meth


  1. Big Star- Feel
  2. The Strand- You and Me
  3. Real Regular- Take your Pills
  4. No Bails- Garbage Day
  5. Senor Citizen and the Border Patrol- Walls
  6. Perverts Again- You’re Not Taking me to the Prom
  7. Ornerys- I’m in a Band
  8. Klazo- Smash the Letter
  9. BSHC- Generation Greed
  10. Pity-Pace it off
  11. Flesh Rag- Tonight
  12. The Wad- Wad Bag
  13. Useless Eaters- Moist Cuts
  14. DD Owen- I hate this City
  15. Protruders- Jonny
  16. Executives- Resistance
  17. Erik Nervous- Nervous Child
  18. Susans- 3D Me
  19. Raw Pony- Bo Diddley
  20. Drains- Still in Love
  21. Toxin III- Numb/It’s Dead/ Middle Class
  22. Pete Fender and the Four Formulas- I’ll never Believe
  23. No Alternative- Show em All
  24. Fun Things- Lipstick
  25. Chattering Class- 3D Hollywood
  26. Everyday Objects- Fix Bayonets
  27. Plasmalab- Vancab
  28. Cheetahs- Formula X
  29. Mud City Manglers- One More Mile
  30. Hemingers- Frenzy
  31. Noble Savages- Rock Bottom Tonight
  32. Purling Hiss- Fever
  33. Nots- Cosmetic
  34. Nervousmen- Nunspiration
  35. Yacht Patrol-Let me Know
  36. UIC- Leave me Alone
  37. Woodboot- Headcrack
  38. Doxx- baby Doomers
  39. Prom Nite- No Motivation
  40. Prom Nite- Tied Down
  41. Limbo- I always Win
  42. Sick Thoughts- 18 and Free

Originally Aired on 94.9FM CHRW on November 4th, 2016.


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It’s Trash! #84 – Euro Trash


  1. The Wead- And I And She
  2. Bloodshot Bill- Honey Time
  3. The Clean- Platypus
  4. Get off the Cop- Joy Device
  5. Kenneth- Shit talkin Goblin
  6. Giorgio Murderer- Theme from Giorgio Murderer
  7. Sick Thoughts- Stitches
  8. Foster Care- Sick of it(Are You)
  9. Vains- School Jerks
  10. Lumpy and the Dumpers- Looney
  11. Filth- Don’t Hide your Hate
  12. Tits- Daddy is a Pusher
  13. Molesters- Plastic
  14. Tommy and the Commies- Suckin in your 20s
  15. Sik Rik- Holly is a Punk
  16. Sick Rik- I don’t wanna go out
  17. VCR- Sportsboy 69
  18. VCR- Kill a Cop
  19. VCR- Bad NEws
  20. Heart Attack Kids- Deaf Dogs
  21. Zig Zags- No Brain No Balls
  22. Stagebeast- Belgium ain’t No Fun
  23. Revenge 88- Neon Lights
  24. Chainsaw- Kill in the Blanks
  25. Golden Trash- Puddle
  26. Amyl and the Sniffles- Pleasure Forever
  27. Useless Eaters- Human Waste Drug
  28. Gawker- My only Pants
  29. Decomposeur- Our Town
  30. Goms- Socialite
  31. Manager- Lil Pig
  32. Shotgun Solution- Shotgun
  33. Klaxon- Religion
  34. Sexface- Gotta Survive
  35. Chloroform- Track 6
  36. X45- Mad Laughter
  37. JJ Doll- She’s onto you
  38. Liquids- Howdy
  39. Husker Du- Turn on the News
  40. Scraper- rats in the House
  41. Scraper- Animal
  42. Radiation Risks- This and That
  43. Pankrti- Lepi in Prazni
  44. Pankrti- Metka

Originally Aired August 12th, 2016 on 94.9FM CHRW.



It’s Trash! #81 – Gemini Punk


  1. Bizarros- Ice Age
  2. Zeros- Wild Weekend
  3. Tuxedomoon- Joeby the Electronic Ghost
  4. Fried Egg- Yellow Bones
  5. Fried Egg- Sugs
  6. Fried Egg- Groundhog Day
  7. Manager- Breastfeeder
  8. Angry Angles- Black Hole
  9. Pet Sun- The Dawnxxx
  10. City Slang- Fallen Angel;
  11. City Slang- Cold Dead Night
  12. Red Arms- Big Day in the Motor City
  13. Baseball Furies
  14. Commando- Lets Go Get em
  15. Accelerators- Public Enenmy No.1
  16. Heart Attack Kids- Banshee
  17. X45- Power
  18. Babysitter- Witches Fingers
  19. Sick Thoughts- Hate is what I am
  20. Sick Thoughts- 122 hours of Fear
  21. Paul Jacobs- America
  22. Sik Rik- Hit Bong
  23. Sik Rik- Sik of Bands
  24. The Spits- Come with Me
  25. Gaggers – 1000 Miles per Hour
  26. Frankie and Jimmy- Saint James Infirmary Blues
  27. Ty Segall- Imaginary
  28. Dan Melchoir- Horror Show
  29. Sic Alps- Bathman
  30. Zorgs- Black Molasses
  31. Zig Zags- No Brains No Balls
  32. SCUM- American Mould
  33. Gooeys- Lay Down and Die
  34. Useless Eaters- Motorway
  35. Red Mass- Radio Radio
  36. Fucked Corpse- Rising Tide
  37. Gawker- Chongo
  38. Deathsticks- Queen of Darkness
  39. Urinals- You’re Gonna Miss Me
  40. Urinals- Hologram
  41. Guard Dogs- You Thought Wrong
  42. Napalm Babys- TV Cop
  43. Arson- Coho Coho
  44. Adverts- Back from the Dead
  45. Cowboys- Silverback Sex Drive

Originally Aired on 94.9fm CHRW on June 17th, 2016


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It’s Trash! #76 – The Ides of Trash


  1. Electric Eels- Bunnies
  2. Dick Rabbit- You come on like a Train
  3. Dickies- Walk like an Egg
  4. Lemonheads- Rabbit
  5. Spaceshits- Bunny Hop Rock
  6. Soupcans- Hairicide
  7. Acrylics- He wants a Baby
  8. Real Regular- Family Fun
  9. TV Freaks- Fly High
  10. Commando- Lets go get em
  11. Sexface- Village Life
  12. Chloroform- #2 Moonstruck Midnight
  13. Dilettantes- Middlebrow
  14. Dirtiest- Alarm
  15. Terminals- Plastic World
  16. Perverts Again- Our Big Party
  17. Gawker- Chongo
  18. Pagans- Boy can I Dance Good
  19. Prom Nite- I see Red
  20. Soft Boys- Hear my Brane
  21. Timmy’s Organism- Please don’t be going
  22. Simply Saucer- Her comes the Cyborg Part 1
  23. Manager- Ether Creep
  24. Disasterbaters- Got me Thinkin
  25. Mighty Caesers- It’s a Natural Fact
  26. Electric Pencils- Extra Curricular
  27. Steve Treatment- Temperature Change
  28. Dead Ghosts- I want you back
  29. Isolation Party- Signals
  30. Cruelster- Magma
  31. Cruelster- I want a Gumball
  32. Flesh Rag- I Gotta Go
  33. Jimmy and the Jerks- Critical Mass/Critical Trash
  34. Plasmalab- Nightime USA
  35. Phone Jerks- Time Bomb
  36. Paul Jacobs- Im into what your into
  37. Pretty Ghouls- Mask of Satan
  38. Bleeding Gums- 1
  39. Bleeding Gums- 2

Originally Aired March 25th, 2016

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It’s Trash! #71 – Best of the Worst 2015

It's Trash

  1. Hawkwind- Motorhead
  2. Motorhead- Overkill
  3. Motorhead- Sharpshooter
  4. Motorhead- Ace of Spades
  5. Zig Zags- Sunken City
  6. Mighty Fevers- Dead Boy
  7. Cal and the Calories- Pain in my Ass
  8. Ornerys- Wanna get Dead
  9. Noble Savages- Fire in the World
  10. Nobles Savages- Take some Pills and Drive around
  11. Perverts Again- Figgy Pudding
  12. Soupcans- Nice Nife
  13. Plasmalab- Alien Grey Hole
  14. Klazo- Get the Fuck Out
  15. TV Freaks- Love Fade
  16. Timmy’s Organism- Back in the Dungeon
  17. Pretty Boys- Gorm Shelves
  18. Useless Eaters- Plastic Mask
  19. Manager- Jewel
  20. Flesh Rag- Too Fucked Up
  21. Kappa Chow- SBTD
  22. Dead Ghosts- Rat Race
  23. Jim Nothing- Oceans
  24. OBN IIIs- 4KD
  25. Snooty Garbagemen- Don’t Know how to play Guitar
  26. Achtungs-Problems
  27. Institute- Cheaptime Morals
  28. Pronto- No Balance
  29. Thing- Junior Found Out
  30. CCTV- Anxiety
  31. Mick Futures- My Machine Gun
  32. Coneheads- 1982
  33. Spray Paint- I hate your Paintings
  34. Television Personalities- Television Spies
  35. Giorgio Murderer- Lazer Lord
  36. Minneapolis Uranium Club- Misadventures of Pissy Chrissy
  37. Raw McCartneys- Midwest Eject
  38. Dilettantes- Useless Babies
  39. Syndrome- Tough Guy
  40. Surveillance- Jonso

Originally Aired January 1st, 2016

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