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The Novel Sound – WMUH and the Noise Machine



The Fratellis – Dogtown *
The Surfin’ Gorillas – Summertime Surf
The Undertones – Here Comes the Summer
The Pandoras – Hot Generation
Descendents – Silly Girl
Naked Raygun –Hips Swingin’
Pine Hill Haints – Can I Have Your Board When You are Dead
The Thermals – Now We Can See
The Mountain Goats – Choked Out
Tornadoes – The Popeye
The Mohawks –Beat Me Till I’m Blue
Kitty, Daisy & Lewis – Honolulu Rock a Roll a
Eli “Paperboy” Reed and the Trueloves – I’m Gonna Break Every Heart I Can
Black Joe Lewis & Honeybears – Big Booty Woman
The Bluebeaters – Toxic
Les Paul and Mary Ford – In the Good Old Summertime
Dinosaur Ghost – Jeff Goldblum
The Inciters – Hurt
Isaac Rother & The Phantoms – Mima Mounds
Howlin’ Wolf – Smokestack Lightnin’
Omar & The Stringpoppers – Shakes
The Kinks – Love Me Till The Sunshines


Bibliodiscoteque Ep 52 – The Corpse Wore Pasties



The Periscopes – Beaver Shot
The Genteels – Take It Off
Mel Smith – Pretty Plaid Skirt
Reverend Beat Man – Don’t Stop to Dance
Gold Dust Lounge – Bunny Yeager
The La Bombas – Taboo
Big Bo and the Arrows – Big Bo’s Twist
The Embers – Alexandria
The John Barry Seven – The Stripper
Earls of Suave – In My Dreams
Stinky Lou and the Goon Mat – Sexual Feeling
The Cramps – I’m Customized
Los Mambo Jambo – G String Murders
The Megatons – Shimmy, Shimmy Walk Pt 1
Eddi Platt – Cha Hua Hua
Miss Kitty and The Texas BS Band – The Pussy Cat Song
Arsen Roulette – Shake It All Around
Daddy Long Legs – Long John’s Jump
The Spellbinder – Casting My Spell
Syd Hale – The Hell Raisers
The Tremolo Beer Gut – The Sleaz e nator


This Island Surf Ep 8 – Bruce Lee Superstar


The Bahareebas – Asian Quickstop
Man or Astro-Man? – Calling Hong Kong
Messer Chups – Bruce Lee vs Christopher Lee
Los Straightjackets – Fortune Cookie
Chinese Surf – Some track
Jason Lee and the RIP tides – Sucker Punch
Shrimp Chaperone – Drunk Monkey
Thee Headcoatees – My Boyfriend’s Learning Karate
Manny Jr. and the Cyclones – Duel At Sunrise
Lefunders – El Killer Assassino
Aaron and the Burrs – Release the Bats
Way Out West – Surf Connection
The Telestons – There’s Only One God, Poseidon
The Swamp Coolers – Escape from El Diablo
The Allah-las – No Voodoo
The Shivas – Ride On
Los Coronas – Hang Five
The Concrete Rivals – Denim Tiger
Boss Fink – Snakebite
The Verbtones – Tiki Curse
The Huaraches – Bad for the World
Shockwave – Penetration from Space


Bibliodiscoteque: The Misfits Cover Collection Part 2

Collection II tracklist
The Misfits – Horror Business
Matthew DeVoll – We are 138/Comeback
The Slackers – Attitude
The Bricats – Last Caress
Cromosoma 3 – Return of the Fly
Alkaline Trio – Children in Heat
Allen Sherman – Rat Fink
Los Meesfits – Horror Hotel
The Ms. Fits – Hatebreeders
The Creepshow – Halloween
Don Pettit – Braineaters
Pajo – Devil’s Whorehouse
Hank Williams III – We Bite
Electric Frankenstein – Queen Wasp
TV Casualty – Who Killed Marilyn?
Shocking Fairy – Violent World
The Cooters – TV Casualty
Misftits mees the Nutley Brass Band – Some Kina Hate
Death Party Playground – Saturday Night
DJ Broken Records – Astro Zombies


This Island Surf Ep. 4


The Skurfs – Jaws Theme Misirlou
Los Coronas – Paint It Black
Man or Astroman? – Destination Venus
The Crimson Ghost – Attitude
The Wet Tones – Surfin’ the Casbah
The Anacondas – Guns of Brixton
Dinosaur Ghost – Push It
Johnny Aloha – Last Resort
Retrofoguetes – These Boots Were Made for Walking
The Crimson Ghost – Some Kinda Hate
The Secret Samurai – Istanbul
Los Straightjackets – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Fabulous Planktones – Surfin’ Holiday in Cambodia
Los Tiki Phantoms – Kalifornia
Surf Report – The Trooper
The Metalunas – Scooby Doo
The Revelaires – Theme from Star Trek
Hawaii Samurai – Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Man or Astroman? – Mystery Science Theatre 3000
Johnny Aloha – Gangster’s Paradise