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It’s Trash! #132 Interview with Bad Mojos

Tommy and the Commies- Reggie Rocks
Erik Nervous and the Beat Blockers- Blasted Heath
Wlmrt- C.U.T.V.
Abwarts- Unfall
Food and Money- Kiss of Death
Lester Bangs and the Delinquents- I’m in Love with My walls
Dead Kennedys- Riot
Mex- Whispers in the Night
Chachi on Acid- Everyone’s a Urinal
Clibbus- Crowning the Dog
Cowboys- Doghouse Rag
X- Nausea
Die Group- Nothing Good Today
Crisis Man- Superlunary
Sadie and the Wives- Toy You
Timmy’s Organism- God of Comedy
Bad Mojos Interview
Bad Mojos- I Hope you OD
Bad Mojos Interview
Bad Mojos- Commit a Crime
Bad Mojos Interview
Bad Mojos- I wanna be Dead
Isolation Party- Fibre optic Holiday
Priors- Destroyer
Fried Egg- Transient
S.L.I.P.- Theres no hope for the USA
The Dull- Reach and Grab
Psychic Boredom- Infinite Significance
Vanilla Poppers- A Stranger

Originally Aired on Radio Western 94.9FM CHRW March 15th, 2019