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It’s Trash! #64 – Goner’d

    1. The Spits- Terrorist Attack
    2. Catholic Spray- Plane Crash
    3. Broken Talent- Nuclear Bomb
    4. Vomit Comet- Enemies w/Benefits
    5. Misfits- Static Age
    6. Cuntz- Deep Gelato
    7. Ty Rex- The Slider
    8. Sheiks- Wasted Time
    9. Tongue Fu- James Street North
    10. Flesh Rag- Burning Sands
    11. Manager- Breastfeeder
    12. Syndrome- Up Front
    13. Germ Attack- Detention without Trial
    14. Reatards- No one Stands me
    15. Clorox Girls- I Like Drugs
    16. 0:30 Second Flash- Another Time
    17. Sonny Vincent- Hey You
    18. Blind Shake- Mildew
    19. Giorgio Murderer- Lazer Outro
    20. Spaceshits- She’s Fine
    21. Astral Gunk- Street Level
    22. Moby Dicks- Whiskey and Palm Trees
    23. Thee Nodes- Mirror
    24. Valley Boys- Down the Hole
    25. Porcelein Forehead- Q
    26. Unknowns- Teenage Terrorist
    27. Obnox- Hang on Sloppy
    28. Timmys Organism- Squeeze the Giant
    29. Pampers- Head Bag
    30. L/A/Z/Y-  Creeps
    31. L/A/Z/Y- Count on you
    32. L/A/Z/Y- Time Works
    33. Institute- Cheerlessness
    34. Teenage Head- Tearing me Apart
    35. Condo Christ- Im Eighteen
    36. Fear- We got to get out of this place
    37. Execution- Car Crash
    38. Dyoxyen- Citizen Soldier
    39. Dyoxyen- Abuse

Originally aired on September 11th, 2015


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Savage Kick #46

Savage Kick

Ike Turner, R.I.P.

Staying up half the night and trying not to wake everyone up, Yours Truly delivers a hush-hush version of Savage Kick that features a 7-song tribute to the late, great Ike Turner, plus music from Blacktop, The Screws, The Hall Monitors, Thee Midniters, The Bomboras, The Pastels, Sonny Raye, new stuff from The Good Time Charlies, The Maharajas, The Daily Void, and a whole lot more. Happy holidays!


Savage Kick #43

Halloween Special!

It’s the annual Halloween special on Savage Kick, featuring enough musical madness to give you nightmares for the next two weeks! This episode features creepy and deranged cuts from King Automatic, The Hex Dispensers, The Invisible Eyes, Dan Melchior’s Broke Revue, Ric Rhythm and The Revengers, Black Time, The Staggers, The One Way Streets, Haunted George, Thee Headcoats, Roky Erickson, Sugar Shack, The Defectors, Things to Come, Ron Haydock and plenty more… Happy Halloween, kids! MUHAHAHA…