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It’s Trash! #75 – Black Punk


  1. Pork Dukes- Loser
  2. Sex Pistols- No Feelings
  3. Cult Heroes- Berlin Wall
  4. Death- You’re a Prisoner
  5. Pretty Ghouls- Can you do the Ghoul?
  6. Soupcans- Siamese Brutality
  7. Cruelster- March of the Tenochtittan
  8. Andy California- Do what i want
  9. Satanic Rights- Evil Wipers
  10. Dead Ghosts- Can’t get No
  11. Isolation Party- Signals
  12. Jimmy and the Jerks- Critical Mass/Critical Trash
  13. Homo Picnic-Trouble in Paradise
  14. New York Niggers- Just like Dresden
  15. TV Freaks- Courtesy Oppression
  16. Real Regular- Doesn’t it Bleed
  17. Foam- Sludge
  18. Perverts Again- Brute in the Bathroom
  19. Scraper- Clones
  20. Flesh Rag- Turning Around
  21. House of Knives- It Came from Cambridge
  22. Steve Treatment- Step inside a Worn out shoe
  23. Screaming Urge- We are Mono
  24. Snuky Tate- New Time
  25. Noble Savages- Take some Pills and Drive around
  26. B Lines- Social Retard
  27. Klazo- You can have him
  28. Black Panties- Prophet of Hate

Originally Aired on 94.9fm CHRW Feb 26th, 2016

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Phantom Creep Radio #14

Phantom Creep Radio

It’s time to RISE FROM THE GRAVE as PHANTOM CREEP RADIO is back on the air! We’ve clawed our way from six feet under to give bring you the news that LUX LIVES! Taken from the annual extravaganza at Otto’s Shrunken Head, THE MIGHTY MOLOCH, DJ GREG-GORY, ISADORA SPIVEY and the rest of the Phantom Creeps celebrate the life and legacy of LUX INTERIOR of THE CRAMPS!

Special guest DJ and LUX LIVES mastermind KOGAR THE SWINGING APE joins in for the party that also featured THE BRIMSTONES and THE LONELY TEARDROPS! Plus, all the rock and roll music to wake the dead! WE’RE BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER so tune your ears to that frequency of fear and celebrate the return of PHANTOM CREEP RADIO!


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It’s Trash! #66 – Rocktober

It's Trash

  1. Johnny Lowbow- Hot Water Corn Bread
  2. Frankie and Jimmy- Gallis Pole
  3. Walnut Kids- Bored Teenagers
  4. Zakery Slax- Money
  5. Heck Yeahs- I Always Hated
  6. Accelerators- I seen her somewhere before
  7. Pink Finger- Pink Finger Theme Song
  8. Suburban Homes- Television Spies
  9. All Blood- Wormy the Perv
  10. Eunuch- Pay the Price
  11. Dirty Work- Bloody Concrete
  12. Bike Cop- Pushed Aside
  13. Excelsior- Wildlife Deathmatch
  14. Ornerys- Keep on Dancing
  15. Hemingers- C’mon Shake
  16. Noble Savages- Take some Pills and Drive Around
  17. Onions- Alien Astronaut
  18. Artificial Dissemination- Fight
  19. Thee Nodes- Filthy Gaze
  20. Thing- Outta Control
  21. Louder- Dud
  22. Tranzmittors- Bigger Houses, Broken Homes
  23. Institute- Cheerlessness
  24. Sick Thoughts- Kept Boys
  25. Get off the Cop- Tennis Ball
  26. Manager- Excuse Me
  27. Frustrations- Freedom of Choice
  28. Reatards- You’re so Lewd
  29. Barf Bags- Beat it Up
  30. Crawlers- Black Monday
  31. Crawlers- Im gonna end it tonight
  32. Mick Futures- Hes Not for Us
  33. Phantom Head- Possession
  34. Flesh Rag- Is this Real
  35. Black Time- Girls in the Garage
  36. Snooty Garbage Men- You and Earnie
  37. Chloroform- Blown Out Ink
  38. GATGAS- Out of Time
  39. Disleksick- Nuke the Bruce

Originally Aired October 9th, 2015

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