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The House of Wild Delights #51

A sweet ‘n’ sour musical postcard you can DOWNLOAD to rejoice your weary ears…

Playlist :

Jump Back- Eugene Blacknell and his Savonics
Eyes- Yvonne Baker and the Sensations
The Girl That Radiates That Charms- June Alexander
Go Away With Me- Hollis Dixon and the Keynotes
I Need You Baby- Phil Flowers with the T.N.T. Tribble Combo
Cheatin’ On Your Mind- Bill Mack
A Cheat- Sanford Clark ; Al Casey, Guitar
Deep Shadows- Little Ann
Brown Eyes (Come On Home)- Young Jessie, Junior Rogers Orch.
Come On Baby (Hold My Hand)- Marie Knight
Don’t Start Cryin’ Now- Slim Harpo
I’m Hungry For Your Lovin’- Danny Dill
Switchen’ In The Kitchen’- Pretty Boy, Lee Simms Orch.
Too Many Cooks- Jessie Fortune
There’s Something Wrong With You- Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Orch. under the dir. Of Leroy Kirkland
A la Carte- James ‘Red’ Holloway
Screwdriver- Michael & the Jesters
Hot Skillet Momma- Yochanan
She’s A Fat Girl- The Rock-A-Bouts
Fat Girl- The Embermen
Ugly- Pleasant Valley Tune Jammers
Dr Feelgood To The Rescue- Dr Feelgood and The Interns
Mojo Hannah- Tammi Lynn
The People Hater- Jerry and Brad
I Hate Men (Funchness)- Little Carolyn Sue with Highway Rythum Boys
I Said Hey- Little Lord

Thanks for listening.

Extra thanks to Kopper for the “Conga Girl” picture and to Natacha P. for the “Funky Lady” one.


The House of Wild Delights #49

The House of Wild Delights #49

The House of Wild Delights #49 on Radio Mutation, with your runaway host : The screamin’ Soul Preacher.

DOWNLOAD and get your kicks ‘n’ thrills before they catch you !!!

Here are the charges :

Intrusion- Danny James with his Planquin Guitar, Danny McKingley on Piano
Drum Talk- Al Rose Trio
Tiger Shark- The Viceroys
The Crusher- The Novas
…To The Ratmobile !!!

Bed : Atlantis- The Blue Bells

The Wobble- Bloodshot Bill
Automatic Reaction- Nino and the Ebb Tides
Voodoo Twist- Chrome Reverse
Wailin’- The Fabulous Mach Kung-Fu
Ammerette- Benny Spellman
I’ll Be In- The Answer

Bed : Driftwood- The Wailers

Heartless Woman- Ron Allers and his Rhythm Masters
Jealousy- The Delmonas
Naughty Mama- Johnny Reno
Here Lies My Love- Mr. Undertaker
Heartbreak Boulevard- Sheldon Allman
That Lonely Road- Edges Of Wisdom
It’s Cold Outside- The Choir
North Wind- Slim Whitman
Wanderlust- Tommy Castle
Running From The Law- Gene Nitz
John Henry (The Steel Driving Man)- Buster Brown
(I’ve Been Traveling The) Rough Road- Tony Gunner

Bed : Tremble- Jerry Warren and the Tremblers

That’s It Man- The Valentines

Thanks for listening.

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The House of Wild Delights #47


The House of Wild Delights #47 on GaragePunk Pirate Radio. A one-hour mixture of brown rum, hoodoo plants, sensuous rhythms and voluptuous feelings with your devoted host : The screamin’ Soul Preacher.

DOWNLOAD and get spellbound, Honey !!!

Thanks for listening. Here’s the playlist :

Cozy and Bossa- Cozy Cole
Malanese- The Avalons
Dutch Treat- The Utopians
Oochie Coochie- Young Jesse
Hungry And Thirsty (For Your Love)- Jimmy Trotter
I Don’t Know- Ruth Brown
Tie Me Tight- Bob Kayli
I’m Gonna Put A Watch On You (24 Hours A Day)- Ruby Lee

Bed : The Hawk- Mike Hanks

The Big Fight- Ricky Allen
300 Pounds Of Joy- Howlin’ Wolf
Cha Jezebel- The Notes
Mascara Mama- The Tweeters
The Moon Over Cuba Was High Ansd So Was I- Antobal’s Cubans
Maboka Marie- Laurent Lomande
Denga Denga- Ashton Savoy and his Combo
Between The Night And Day- Professor Longhair

Bed : Soul House- Ed Pauling and the Exciters

I Found A Little Girl- Eddie Bo
Take A Trip- Jimmy Vick and the Victors
No Brags, Just Facts- Stacy Lane
Sassy- Frantic Johnny Rogers
Bad Boy- The Jive Bombers
This Must Be Love- Ruth Christie

Bed : Perdido Street- Herb Hardesty and the Rhythm Rollers


The House of Wild Delights #21

The House of Wild Delights #21

Welcome back to THE HOUSE OF WILD DELIGHTS on GARAGEPUNK.COM ladies and gentlemen !!!

This time, The screamin’ Soul Preacher sends you a mixed invitation to abandon yourself and taste the countless joys of Summer’s gorgeous forbidden fruits in his wicked company.
Are you ready for about 90 minutes of garage freaks, groovy chicks, mind blowin’ stoopidities and ass-shakin’ soul oddities ?
Are you ready to loose what’s left of your dignity on the wild road to ultimate pleasure and strange eargasms ?
Alright ! DOWNLOAD and let’s start the trip then…
Here’s the playlist :

Laisse jouer la batterie- Les Guitares du Diable

Egyptian shumba- The Tammys

Touch me- Johnny Burnette

till the end of  the day- The Shrinks

S.W.I.M.- Bobby Freeman


Give him a great big kiss- The Shangri-Las

Exotic blue soul- Al Garcia & the Rhythm Kings (Bed)

The best part of  breakin’ up- The Ronettes


Fuera de mi corazon- Los Salvajes

Up Here- Tony & Siegrid

Come on baby- Marie Knight

Keep down- The Briks

Everybody’s goin’ wild- International Kansas City Playboys

Don’t crowd me- Keith Kessler


Underwater- E.M. (Bed)

Psychedelic situation- Jimmy Curtiss


It ain’t necessary- Mamie Galore

No time to rhyme- The Spirit


There is- The Dells

House of kicks- The Cats Meow

Everybody let’s dance- The Denims


Hungover- The Martinis (Bed)

Oh devil- Danny & the Seniors

Un train- Benjamin

Suki sa suki sa suki sa- Nana Kinomi & Leo Beats

Exotic- The Renegades


Oh how she dances- J.L. Dickinson

Funnel of love- Wanda Jackson


Wiki wiki woo- The Four Finks

Isle of sirens- Jerry Butler

L’ultima volta- M.E. (Bed)

Daddy roll ‘em- Billy Strange


Don’t jump- Billy Fury

Everybody up- The Fender Four

La fermeture éclair- Delphine

It’ll make you holler- Arthur Noiel

Give me one more chance- The Rev-Lons

Half peeled banana- Chocolate Moose

The Mark of Zorro- The Banditos (Bed)

Summertime- Billy Stewart


Thanks for listening.

The House of Wild Delights #7

The House of Wild Delights #7

The House of Wild Delights #7

As you all know, night time is the right time …
So please, let The screamin’ Soul Preacher guide you through the narrow corridors and dark corners of THE HOUSE OF WILD DELIGHTS for this 7th episode, on GaragePunk Pirate Radio, join this nocturnal party and get ready to shake and shout all through the night !!!

Hear great classics by The Mighty Hannibal, The Sonics or Dwight Pullen mixed in an orgy of sounds with untamed rockabilly, moody depressed 60’s teenage punks, retarded limbo jungle beats, honkin’& wailin’ orchestras, lonely broken-hearted outcasts and even a few monsters songs for those who were expecting some kind of Halloween special !!!

Alright ! Are you ready for this ?
Please, dare step in….

DOWNLOAD and get dark…

Here’s the playlist :

“Midnight stroll”- The Revels

Bed : “You, the night…and the music”- Gallon Drunk

“All night”- Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
“All nite long”- The Mighty Hannibal
“Witch for the night”- Sugar Pie DeSanto
“In the night”- Benny Spellman
“All night long”- Joe Houston

Bed : “Big city after dark”- Link Wray

“All night through the Buttobase”- Guitar Wolf
“Cry in the night”- Q65
“Night driver”- Big Foot Chester
“Don’t be afraid of the dark”- The Sonics
“Night of the phantom”- Larry and the Blue Notes

Bed : “Night rider”- Ed Burkey

“I had too much to dream (last night)”- The Electric Prunes
“Every night”- The Human Expression
“In the cover of the night”- Don & Jerry with the Fugitives
“Sleepless nights”- The Ravens
“One night in the darkness”- Frut of the Loom

Bed : “Night beat”- The Phantoms

“I walked all night”- The Embers
“Midnight limbo”- The Tides
“Midnight rain”- Gary Warren
“Cold dark night”- Geo. Lester
“Midnight sun”- Dean Carter

Bed : “Moonbow”- Duke Ellington

“Black night”- Tommy Angel
“Night mare”- Billy Sills
“Midnight dreams”- Tommy Bell
“Sunglasses after dark”- Dwight Pullen
“Midnight monster hop”- Jack & Jim

Bed : “ Otis in the dark”- Otis Spann

That’s it.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the show and you’ll come back for more dark twistin’ and night howlin’, here in THE HOUSE OF WILD DELIGHTS with your host : The screamin’ Soul Preacher on GaragePunk.com !!!

Thanks for listening.

Super extra thanks to Kopper who keeps posting these stooooopid shows of mine (and all the others) whatever the weather !



The House of Wild Delights #6

The House of Wild Delights #6

The House of Wild Delights #6 on GaragePunk Pirate Radio.

Pounding trash to get rid of your square neighbors !!!

DOWNLOAD and get sweaty !!!

Here’s the playlist :

“Hillbilly wolf”- The Revelators
“Motherlode”- Cheater Slicks
“Pull my trigger”- Le Face
“Out of sight”- Teengenerate
“We give a rat’s ass”-The New Bomb Turks

Bed : “Stompede”- The Atlantics

“Cuttin’ grass”- Caretakers of Deception
“I’m down today”- The Drones
“Look for me babe”- Unknown band
“Soul searchin’”- The Electras
“Baby”- Tasmanians

Bed : “Hate”- The Bed of Roses

“Big Foot”- Googie Rene
“Land of promises”- Eddie Cash
“Stop the world”- Gary Shelton
“How come you do me ?”- Junior Thompson
“Traveling Sam”- Robert Smith with Bailey’s Nervous Kats

Bed : “Tree stump jump”- Garland the Great

“Baby let me bang your box” (part 1)- The Bangers
“Saturday night”- Roy Brown
“I’m gonna spend my money”- Poor Boys
“Scuffling”- Magic Slim
“She made my blood run cold”- Ike Turner

Bed : “Twitchy”- René Hall’s Orchestra feat. Willie Joe

“Hot blonde cocktail”- The Chrome Cranks
“Twist, grind, rock ’n’ burn”- The Necessary Evils
“Won’t be the one”- The Double Naught Spys
“You piss me off”- The Buffets
“Shut up”- The Stranglers

Bed : “Flash flood”- The Woggles

“What’s so good about Goodbye”- Jimmy Day & the Knights with the Jesters

That’s it.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the show and you’ll come back for more brain damaging and ears bleeding with your host : The screamin’ Soul Preacher !

Thanks for listening.