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It’s Trash! #133 Interview w/ Ian Graham of Nowhere Fest

Priors- New Pleasure
Messrs- Slop Meat
Cheater Slicks- Flashback
Timmy’s Organism- Spirit Spiller
Bloodshot Bill- Keep Movin On
Big Blood- Intensify
Schpazz- Schpirit
Tommy T- I Hate Tommy T
Strange Boys- Shoulda Shot Paul
The Daughters of Eve- Don’t waste my Time
Susans- Distractions
Erik Nervous and the Beta Blockers- State Line
Burning Itch- Say it Again
The Cowboys- Wet Behind the Eyes
Clibbus- Marble Mouth
Beauticians- Roomates
TBC- Lill Babs
F.U. 2- Come on Strong
Fast Cars- What Can I do
Tommy and the Commies- Devices
Hubble Bubble- Come with Us
Lou Champagne System- Do Something
Radio 4- The Remedy
Interview w/ Ian Graham
Screaming Urge- Homework
Interview w/ Ian Graham
Erik Nervous and the Beta Blockers- Make Up to Break Up
Big Hog- metallica
Drunks with Guns- Beautiful Submission
Et Explore Me- H.S. Statue
Originally Aired March 22nd, 2019 on 94.9FM CHRW