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The House of Wild Delights #54

The House of Wild Delights #54

The House of Wild Delights #54 on Radio Mutation, a psych-o-derelict trip with primitive beats provided by your downfallin’ host : The screamin’ Soul Preacher.

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Here’s the playlist :

Boneyard- The Dead Of Nights (unreleased yet)

Bones By My Bedside- Hexxers (from the “Freaks With The Savage Beat” cd on Golly Gee records)

Bad Rituals- Paint Fumes (from the “If It Ain’t Paint Fumes, It Ain’t Worth A Huff” lp on Get Hip recordings)

In The Cellar- The Morlocks (from the “Emerge” lp on Midnight records)

Into The Primitive- The Futures Primitives (from the “Into The Primitive” lp on Voodoo Rhythm/Groovie records)

NonToxicGreenCheapJellyBoy- The Vagoos (from the soon to be released “Psychic Action” lp)

Where- The Blue Chips (from the “Sixties Rebellion vol.7” lp compilation on Way Back records)

Anyday, Anywhere- The Es Shades (from anywhere in the shades…)

Mary Mary- Shandels (from the “Back From The Grave vol.6” lp compilation on Crypt records)

SweetGina- Things To Come (from “The Chosen Few” lp compilation on A-Go-Go)

I Need You Near- John English III and the Heathens (from the “Back From The Grave vol.10” lp compilation on Crypt records)

I Believe (The Man Loves Me)- The Petites (from the “Basement Beehive : The Girl Group Underground” lp compilation on Numero Group)

I Lost You In My Mind- Painted Faces (from “The Magic Cube” 10” lp compilation reissue on Feed The Mind)

Don’t Blow Your Mind- Spiders (from the “Back From The Grave vol.7” lp on Crypt records)

Don’t Fall Down- The 13th Floor Elevators (from “The Psychedelic Sounds Of…” lp mono reissue on Sundazed)

Gallis Poll- Thee Milkshakes (from the “Still Talking ’bout…” lp on Vinyl Japan)

Blackeyed Woman- Dee-Jays (from the “Trans-World Punk Rave-Up ! 1964-1966 ! ” lp compilation on Crawdad Wreckords)

Revenge- The Kinks (from the “You Really Got Me” reissue on Rhino)

I’m Still Mad At You- The Soul Agents (from the “Hot Generation ! 1960s Punk From Down Under” cd compilation on Big Beat records)

Suzy Creamcheese- Teddy & Patches (from the “Pebbles vol.3″ lp compilation on BFD)

The Far Side Of Your Moon- The Fourth Way (7” on Soul City)

The Dark Side Of The Moon- The Dead Of Nights (yet to be released)

My House Of Grass- The Potted Palm (from The “Technicolor Paradise: Rhum Rhapsodies & Other Exotic Delights” lp compilation on Numero Group)

Marijuana, The Devil Flower- Johnny Price (from the “Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wastelands vol.4, Hippie In A Blunder” cd-r compilation on Trailer Park records)

Psychic- The Quest’s (from the “Scream Loud !!! The Fenton Story” lp compilation on Way Back records)


Thanks for listening.

Thanks to all the bands and labels.

Extra thanks to ixnaray.

Special thanks to Xerox the Kidd for the “screamin’ Soul Preacher” logo.

And super extra special mucho thanks to THE DEAD OF NIGHTS.