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Savage Kick #66

RIP, Lux!
RIP, Lux!

Kopper returns from sick leave to deliver a 68-minute episode #66 that pays tribute to recently departed enormously influential rockers Lux Interior and Ron Asheton with music from both The Cramps and Stooges, plus requested stuff by The Revelators, Los Hories and the Ooga Boogas, as well as Demon’s Claws, Golden Triangle, The Weakends, Flamin Groovies, Ian and the Aztecs and loads more.


The Purple Knif Show

Host: Lux Interior

The Purple Knif Show is a highly sought-after, classic Hollywood radio show from July 1984 hosted by Lux Interior of The Cramps. The Purple Knif is in reference and in tribute to Cleveland’s horror TV show host from 1963-’66 and former DJ Ernie (Ghoulardi) Anderson who used to say: “Stay Sick!,” “Cool it with the boom-booms,” and “The whole world is a purple knif” (“knif” being the word “fink” spelled backwards, of course). What works so well on this wonderful DJ mix which runs the gamut from raw ’60s punk, garage, and rockabilly, to Polynesian jungle rhythms and jazz themes is that Lux has picked some great music and DJs in an appropriate, heavily reverbed DJ’s voice. This not only enhances the whole thing perfectly, but also helps to take us back to the era of the early rock’n’roll DJ personality. Lux did a wonderful job DJing this set of music which no doubt inspired The Cramps. He was certainly ahead of his time in regard to how a lot of what he played on radio back in 1984 went on to be compiled in our age of the compilation. This show is finally available on CD from the fine folks at Munster Records.