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Shadows In The Void #18

Shadows In The Void #18

Artwork by Joey Kolessides.


Shadows In The Void #18 on Radio Mutation…just another way to get f*ck’d up, lost and wandering wondering what’s all this fuzzed up fuss was all about…


Here’s the playlist :


Radio Dub- Midnight Mines (from the 7” on I Dischi Del Barone)

Radio Tay- Scrotum Poles (from the “Back To Front vol.2” lp compilation on Incognito)

International Rescue- Swell Maps (from the “A Trip To Marineville” cd reissue on Mute)

Underground Agent- Heavy Metal (from the “TOO OZ 4 I.T.” 7” ep on Total Punk)

Helen Fordsdale- Mars (from the “No New-York” lp compilation on Antilles)

Mitch, Mitch, Mitch (Huntsmen Reaction)- Spray Paint and The Rebel (from the “Charles And Roy’s Purple Wang” lp on Ever/Never)

Indolore- Euromilliard (from the 7” on Polly Maggoo)

Matar Dolores- Screamers (from the “In A Better World” cd on Extravertigo/Xeroid)

SMX20- Hash Redactor (from the “Drecksound” lp on Goner)

Action- Constant Mongrel (from the “Living In Excellence” lp on La Vida Es Un Mus)

Third And Fourth Ingredient- Tropical Trash (from the “Southern Indiana Drone Footage” lp on National Waste Products)

7 Xs- Liquids (from the “Evil” 7” ep on Weirdly)

F.U.2- F.U.2 (from the “Punk Rock” lp on Les Tréteaux)

Calculator- A Frames (from the “A Frames” lp on S-S/Dragnet)

In Glass- NOTS (from the “3” lp on Goner)

X Ray Eyes- Pscience (from the “Gonerfest 15 ” 7” on Goner/Easter Bilby)

Computer-Staat- Abwärts (from the 7” on ZickZack)

Lifeless Crisis- Constant Mongrel (from the “Living In Excellence” lp on Anti Fade)

Betting On Death- Black Abba (from the 7” on Goner)

Diggin’ My Own Grave- Bad Mojos (from the ‘I Hope You OD” lp on Voodoo Rhythm)

Verklighetens Klor- Skiftande Enheter (from the “Skiftande Enheter” lp Levande Begravd)

Corporate Hijack- The Suburban Homes (from the “E.P.3″ 7” on Neck Chop)

Insomnomaniac- Puppy and the Hand Jobs (from the 7 ” ep on Black Gladiator/Slovenly)

Morning Light- Sick Thoughts (from the “Sick Thoughts” lp on Goner)

Do The Void- The Terminals (from the “Making Losers Happy – Xpressway NZ Singles 1988-91″ lp compilation on Drag City)

I Hate The World- Vomit Visions (from the 7” on Wasted Vinyl)


Thanks for listening.

Thanks to all the bands and labels.

Special thanks to Beat-Man at Voodoo Rhythm records.

Super warm thanks to Lili and Jacko at Polly Maggoo records.

Super late thanks to Timmy V.

And extra special thanks to Joey Kolessides for the artwork.



Savage Damage Episode 21

Black History Month Show (orig. aired Feb ’18)

Chambers Brothers – Time Has Come Today
Bad Brains – Stay Close To Me
The Equals – Police On My Back
6IX – I’m Just Like You
Little Richard – Slippin and a Slidin’
Morry Williams & The Kids – Long Foot Jean
Kid Thomas – Wail Baby, Wail
Chris Kenner – I Like It Like That
Bo Diddley – Roadrunner
Cult Heroes – Prince and The Showgirl
Thin Lizzy – Bad Reputation
Chuck Berry –Back In The USA
Pure Hell – No Rules
X-Ray Spex – Identity
Death – Freakin’ Out
Love – A House Is Not A Motel
Sly & The Family Stone – Everyday People
Shirley Gunter & The Queens – Oop Shoop
Jimmy Hughes – Neighbor Neighbor
Sonny Taylor & Brownie McGhee – Ride & Roll
The Dirtbombs – Ode To A Black Man


Savage Damage Episode 20

The Mondellos – Let’s Join
The Penetrators – Nervous Fingers
Shock – This Generation’s On Vacation
Lowlife – Leaders
X – Runaway
Teenage Head – Teenage Beer Drinking Party
The Zeros – Don’t Push Me Around
The Dogs – Younger Point Of View
Kiss – Shock Me
The Sweet – No You Don’t
Nick Lowe – I Love My Label
Flamin Groovies – Down Down Down
The Pleasure Seekers – What a Way To Die
The Blendels – La La La La La
The Gizmos – Regular Dude
Ozzie – Twist Away (live)
The Real Kids – My Baby’s Book (live)
Ramones – Glad To See You Go (live)
Motörhead – Doctor Rock (live)
Germs – Lexicon Devil


Savage Damage Episode 19

Nervous Eaters – Loretta
Joan Jett – I Want You
Slickee Boys – Attitude
GG Allin & The Jabbers – Loudenbomber
Strangeloves – I Want Candy
The Charlatans – Jack Of Diamonds
Levon & The Hawks – He Don’t Love You
Lee Dorsey – Ya Ya
The Kinks – Who Will Be The Next in Line?
The Barbarians – Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl
Wailers – Out Of Our Tree
The Weirdos – Solitary Confinement
Alice Cooper – I’m Eighteen
Scorpions – Robot Man
Ramones – Howling At The Moon (Sha La La La)
The Jars – Start Rite Now
Missing Links – Some Kinda Fun
Robert Parker – Barefootin’
Jerry Lee Lewis – Drinking Wine Spo Dee O Dee
Commander Cody & His Last Planet Airmen – Stems &
Seeds (Again)


Savage Damage Episode 18

Tav Falco & The Panther Burns – She’s The One That’s Got It
Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats – Rocket 88
The Dominoes – Sixty Minute Man
Lulu Reed – Rock Love
The Odds – I’ll Make You Sorry
The Embarrassment – Patio Set
Lamour – Sunglass Party
Unnatural Axe – The Man I Don’t Want To Be
Fuzzbox – Love Is the Slug
Roky Erickson – White Faces
Realtors – Where Is Bed
Wombats – Bye Bye Baby
Killer Kane Band – Don’t Need You
Dancer – Do Ya Blame Me
Deadly Weapons – Bad Habit
D.O.A. – Slumlord
Barriers – Stagnate
Blitz Boys – She Told My Friends
GG Allin – Livin’ Like An Animal
Flamin Groovies – Shakin’ All Over


Shadows In The Void #17

Shadows In The Void #17

Shadows In The Void #17 on Radio Mutation,

60 minutes of punk loneliness and trash emptiness, provided by some (g)host in distress.


Here’s the playlist :


Day Of The Rope- Spray Paint (from the “Punters On A Barge” lp on Homeless)

Get Excitement- Patois Counselors (from “Proper Release” lp on Ever/Never)

Sense Of Urgency- Counter Intuits (from the “Counter Intuits” lp on Pyramid Scheme)

Red Asphalt- Red Asphalt (from the “Red Asphalt” 7” on Egg And Anvil)

I’m Going Nowhere- Regulations (from the “Electric Guitar” cd on Cage Match Federation/ Ny Vag)

I’m Going Nowhere And I Don’t Care- Sick Thoughts (from the “Songs About People You Hate” lp on Neck Chop)

I Don’t Know Where I Am- Bernie and the Invisibles (from the “Cheese Borger’s Pie & Ears vol.2” cd compilation on Smog Veil)

Lost Cause- Negative Approach (from some unofficial cd but originally from the “Process Of Elimination” 7” ep compilation on Touch And Go)

I Don’t Mind- Toy Love (from the “Killed By Death #15” lp compilation on Redrum)

Don’t Give A Fuck About You- Liquids (from the “Hot Liqs Revenge” lp on Neck Chop)

Hate Me Hate Me- Spelling Mistakes (from the “Back To Front #2” lp compilation)

Erase You- Liquids (from the “Evil” 7” ep on Weirdly)

Nada- Frau (from the “Demo” mp3 album on their Bandcamp page)

No Face- Predator (from the 7” on Total Punk)

Be Alone- Sore Points (from the 7” on Hosehead)

Totally Useless- Liquids (from the “Evil” 7” ep on Weirdly)

Waste- Woodboot (from the “Krang Gang” lp on Neck Chop)

Reality (Is Laughing At You)- Vigil-Anti (from the “Not So Humdrum, The 2nd Aberrant Sydney compilaton” lp on Aberrant)

Survival (Is Killing Me)- Private Sector (from the “Cost Of Living” 7” ep on Byllepest)

Hanging From The Ceiling- Life Stinks (from the 7” Total Punk)

Nervous- Sweet Milk (from the “Killed By Meth #3” compilation on It’s Trash)

No I’m Not Alright- The Fritz (from “Demo” mp3 album on their Bandcamp page)

Can’t Control Myself- Subverts (from the “Killed By 7 Inch” lp compilation on Redrum)

Can’t Control Myself- Datenight (mp3 from the “Sonic Youth 18 Years On Earth” ep on their Bandcamp page)

Fix My Brainwash- X-Discos (from the “Xecuted” 7” ep on Episode Sounds)

I Lost My Mind- Lumpy and the Dumpers (from the “Collection” lp on Episode Sounds)

Sad And Crazy For A Long Time- Carbonas (from the “Your Moral Superiors : Singles and Rarities” double lp compilation on Goner)

Fall Of Man- Timmy Vulgar’s Genetic Armageddon (from the soon to be released “Music From The Other Side Of The Swamp” lp on Mind Meld)

Mouse Or Man- Beauticians (from the “Killed By Meth #3” compilation on It’s Trash)

Still Waiting- Aquarian Blood (mp3 from the “Aquarian Blood” digital album on their Bandcamp page, originally released as a tape on ZAP Cassettes)

Rewinder Blues- Tropical Trash (from the “A Dent In The Forever Can” ep cassette on Loki)

What Its Really About Is…- Suburban Homes (from the “E.P 3″ 7” ep on Neck Chop)


Thanks for listening.

Extra thanks to all the bands I’ve played.

And super special extra thanks to Peter from It’s Trash ! and It’s Trash ! records.



Savage Damage Episode 16

Razor Boys – Toys
Flamin Groovies – Teenage Head
Slaughter & the Dogs – Victims Of the Vampire
The Saints – Swing For The Crime
AC/DC – She’s Got Balls
The Demics – New York City
Dee Dee King – The Crusher
Subhumans (Canada) – Firing Squad
The Achtungs – You Don’t Know
GG Allin – Dead Or Alive
Wreckless Eric –Take The K.a.s.h.
Time Flys – Bronzo’s A Bruiser
13th Floor Elevators – Levitation
Link Wray – Growling Guts
The Humans – Warning
The Illusions – City Of People
Big Boys – Let’s Play God
Mooneater – Let Me
The Dictators – Who Will Save Rock n Roll


Savage Damage Episode 15

Slade – Bangin’ Man
Thin Lizzy – Rocker
Chocolate Watchband – Sweet Young Thing
Status Quo – That’s A Fact
Elastik Band – Spazz
Turtles – Surfer Dan
Bruce Johnston – Surfer Stomp
Dee Dee Sharp –California Surfer
Greg Cahill & The Offbeats – Surfin’ Elephant
Chan Romero – Hippy Hippy Shake
The Coasters – I’m A Hog For You Baby
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Diddy Wah Diddy
The Archies – Feelin’ So Good (Scooby Doo)
Tommy Roe – Sweet Pea
Bonnie St. Claire with Unit Gloria – Clap Your Hands and Stomp Your Feet
Cardiac Kidz – Get Out
General Foods – Be So Funny
Crime – Hot Wire My heart
The Subtractions – It’s Exposed
999 – Homicide


Savage Damage Episode 14

Summertime Blues – Eddie Cochran
Let’s Have A Party – Wanda Jackson
Willie And The Hand Jive – The Johnny Otis Show
Do You Wanna Dance – Bobby Freeman
You Don’t Own Me – The Pirates
Paper Dolls – Rubber City Rebels
Bish Bash Bosh – Jook
No Time To Loose – Shakin Street
Puss ‘N’ Boots – Red Cross
Moulty – The Barbarians
Lies – The Knickerbockers
Little Black Egg – The Nightcrawlers
Fight Fire – The Golliwogs
Cream Puff War – Grateful Dead
Can’t Stop Loving You – Last Word
Life On The Line – Eddie & The Hot Rods
Safety In Numbers – The Adverts
Carolina – Jesse Hector & The Gatecrashers
Kari Anne – Curtains
I Braineater – The Braineaters
Here Comes The Night – Ducks Deluxe


Savage Damage Episode 13

My Girlfriend Is A Rock – The Nervebreakers
Earthquake Shake – The Skunks
Eniwetok – The Eyes
Laser Boys – The Bizarros
Can’t Stand the Midwest – Dow Jones & the Industrials
California Man – The Move
Pushin’ To Hard – The Seeds
Fall On You – Moby Grape
You’re Gonna Miss Me – 13th Floor Elevators
Boy What’ll You Do Then – Denise & Co.
My Friend Jack – The Smoke
Till The Night Is Gone (Let’s Rock) – Rob Tyner & The Hot Rods
Fascist Pig – The Nose Bleeds
Snaps – Chinas Comidas
Tracers – Der Stab
Babylonian Gorgon – The Bags
Voodoo Voodoo – Laverne Baker
Beg, Borrow & Steal – The Rare Breed
Soul Kitchen – X
Summertime – Unnatural Axe
Second Generation Rising – Jackie Shark & The Beach Butchers
We Are The Roadcrew – Motörhead