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It’s Trash! #122 Killed by Meth

S.L.I.P- Killed by Meth
Sweet Milk- Nervous
Obnox – Scenicide (off the meter)
Knowso- Energy Accident
The Resource Network- Fix my Hair
Werewolf Jones- False Prophet
Lost System- Late at Night
Flesh Rag- Inside your Mind
Sick Thoughts- Chainsaw
The Shit Dels- Araneus Quadratus
Spider Collection- Butterfly Chain Factory
Paul Jacobs- The Telephone Revisted
Trampoline Team- Drug Culture
Deaf Wish- Metal Carnage
Part Time Filth- God is Filth
Judy and the Jerks- Fight
Slug Salt- Trash Sore
Bloody Show- Magic Negro
Ouija Boys- Rolls Royce
Beauticians- Mouse or Man
Wlmrt- Deathsticks ruined my Life
Deathsticks- In the Motors
Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes- Six Licks
Fatal Figures- Brain Obsess
Muzzy- L.I.E.
The Dracu-lahs- Tennessee
Shark Toys- No Escape
Void Feelings- Terminal Strike
Carbonas- Blackout (Waiting to Happen)
Tenement Rats- Pigs and Dogs
Die Group- Old and Gross
Amyl and the Sniffers- Westgate
Bad Times- Listen to the Band
Terrestrials- A man Dude
Science Man- Science Man
The Bills- Run and Hide
Neo Neos- Politico Tempo
Neo Neos- Mid West Tour
Big Blood- Fever

Originally Aired on CHRW 94.9FM on October 5th, 2018

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It’s Trash! #118 – Red Mass

Red Mass- Kdavr
Red Mass- White Nights
Red Mass- Lord of the Rats
Red Mass- Rat Race
Protruders- N/A
Bad Times- Wrong way to Live
Erik Nervous- Grandma Petticoat
Neo Neos- Scary Island
Muzzy- Tazed and Confused
Skull Cult- U need
Gee Tee- Chill Cruze II
Cyber Bullies- Leather and Lazers
Cobra Cobra- Blobs
Slow- Bad Man
Rik and the Pigs- Don’t tell on me
Teenage Head- Picture my Face
The Number Ones- Breaking Loose
Red Mass- Space Rock n Roll
Red Mass- To all the Good People
Red Mass- Radio Radio
Red Mass- Today I Die
Red Mass- Aggressive Tendencies
Amyl and the Sniffers- Balaclava Lover Boogie
Normals- No Cigar
Perverts Again- Cereal Bowl
Knowso- Human Like Me
Strange Attractor- Comatose
Irritations- Schoolyard Justice
Cheating Hearts- Heart Attack
Les Sexareenos- I can’t
The Daylight Lovers- King of Useless Drinking
CPC Gangbangs- Teenage Crimewave
Towananda- The Anti Heroine

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It’s Trash! #109 – Killed by Meth #2

The Cowboys- If I Laugh Enough
Bloody Show- My Ways
Static Eyes- No Idea
Gun- Brains
Eroders- Wipers
Erik Nervous- Hit by a Truck
Golden Trash- Jim Morrison Son
Beastman- Ingrown
Teenage Hurricanes- Saturday Bedroom Rock n Roll
Perverts Again- My Embarrassment
Drug Thieves- Time to Bleed
City Slang- Cold Dead Nights
Flesh Rag- I’m Sick
Radiation Risks- No is the Way
Protruders- Your Whip
The Drains- If the Cops show up
Manager- Lower Companion
Real Regular- Communication Lost

Originally Aired on CHRW 94.9FM December 1st, 2017.

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It’s Trash! #108 – Klazo Tour

Slippy- Darkwing Cuck
Dumb Vision- Worm
Zellots- On the Dole
Spelling Mistakes- Feels so Good
Gushers- Trash
Judy and the Jerks- Gum
Beauticians- Robotic Creation
No Bails – Werthers Original
No Bails- Skate or Die
Manager- Pharm Boy
Tarantula- March of the Tarantula
Drac-ulahs- H8 Mom H8 Dad
Gun- Roadkill
Ornerys- I’m in a Band
Buttzz- Surfin on Mars
The Resource Network- Albatrose
Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes- Attack of the Bumblebees
Everyday Objects- Vulcanite
Klazo – G.T.F.O.
Klazo- This and That
Klazo- The Race
Klazo- Restrictions
Klazo- Job
Mom- Masturbation Station
Skull Cult- Crying like a Baby
Gel- Don’t wanna Play
Casual Burn- Channel 52
Rays- Ray Johnson
Plasmalab- Hitchhiker
Klazo- Guided by Lasers
Klazo- Germ Brain
Klazo- Med Functions
Klazo- Give me Eyes
Klazo- Poison Hand
Enoch Ramone- Human Bug
Ruz- Blame the Badge
The Wad- I’m so Terminal
Mr. Wax- ID Theft and Human Cloning
Latin Dogs- Go to the Window
Timmy’s Organism- Revolution Eyes
Unnatural Axe- Brain Damage
Perverts Again- My Accident
Cowboys- Learned a New Word
Cowboys- Actors

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Originally Aired on 94.9FM CHRW Friday, November 24th


It’s Trash! #103 – Eroders

  1. Noble Savages- Escape Plan
  2. Nervousmen- 20 Bees/600 Pieces
  3. Fake Surfers- n/a
  4. Blades- Had Enough
  5. Liquids- heart Beats True
  6. Cowboys- The Look on your Face
  7. Filth- Nothing for Me
  8. Savage Bastards- Teenage Wasteland
  9. Eroders- Doctor Says
  10. Eroders- Soup Kitchen
  11. Protruders- Poison Future
  12. Suzannes- Teenage Abortion
  13. Suzannes- Hippie
  14. Plasmalab- Mirror Machine
  15. New Doubt- I can’t feel it
  16. Soupcans- Wet Alien
  17. Bikini Cops- Shiver
  18. BSHC- Fake News for Fake Life
  19. Phone Jerks- Smokestack Lightning
  20. Cut Heroes- She’s got Nothin
  21. Candy Snatchers- Dead Beat
  22. Durango 95- What should I do ?
  23. Eroders- Searching for You
  24. Eroders- Lose my Mind
  25. Paul Jacobs- Born in a Zoo
  26. barbs Child- New Love
  27. Mom- Bam Bam
  28. Susans- Hank the Neighbour
  29. Dong Vegan- Switch Hitter
  30. Eroders- Searching for You
  31. Eroders- Lose my Mind
  32. Erik Nervous- 2 Jazz C
  33. Rubber Mate- I’m Living in Hell
  34. Tightlip- Don’t care
  35. Pokies- Woodstock 99
  36. Kaleidoscope- Cloud Control
  37. Borzoi- Surrender the Farm
  38. Flesh Rag- Blood on my Mind
  39. Banana Clip- Mongol Babe/Red Square
  40. Faction- Corpses in Disguise
  41. Noble Savages- Don’t Give a Fuck ( Hey Little Baby)

Originally Aired June 17th, 2017. on 94.9FM CHRW.


It’s Trash! #87 – Killed by Meth


  1. Big Star- Feel
  2. The Strand- You and Me
  3. Real Regular- Take your Pills
  4. No Bails- Garbage Day
  5. Senor Citizen and the Border Patrol- Walls
  6. Perverts Again- You’re Not Taking me to the Prom
  7. Ornerys- I’m in a Band
  8. Klazo- Smash the Letter
  9. BSHC- Generation Greed
  10. Pity-Pace it off
  11. Flesh Rag- Tonight
  12. The Wad- Wad Bag
  13. Useless Eaters- Moist Cuts
  14. DD Owen- I hate this City
  15. Protruders- Jonny
  16. Executives- Resistance
  17. Erik Nervous- Nervous Child
  18. Susans- 3D Me
  19. Raw Pony- Bo Diddley
  20. Drains- Still in Love
  21. Toxin III- Numb/It’s Dead/ Middle Class
  22. Pete Fender and the Four Formulas- I’ll never Believe
  23. No Alternative- Show em All
  24. Fun Things- Lipstick
  25. Chattering Class- 3D Hollywood
  26. Everyday Objects- Fix Bayonets
  27. Plasmalab- Vancab
  28. Cheetahs- Formula X
  29. Mud City Manglers- One More Mile
  30. Hemingers- Frenzy
  31. Noble Savages- Rock Bottom Tonight
  32. Purling Hiss- Fever
  33. Nots- Cosmetic
  34. Nervousmen- Nunspiration
  35. Yacht Patrol-Let me Know
  36. UIC- Leave me Alone
  37. Woodboot- Headcrack
  38. Doxx- baby Doomers
  39. Prom Nite- No Motivation
  40. Prom Nite- Tied Down
  41. Limbo- I always Win
  42. Sick Thoughts- 18 and Free

Originally Aired on 94.9FM CHRW on November 4th, 2016.


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It’s Trash! #77 – Terminal Licks


  1. Prom Nite- Its Boring
  2. Pretty Ghouls- Slither
  3. Pretty Ghouls- Cool Girls
  4. Pretty Ghouls- I Need You
  5. Jimmy and the Jerks- Fake old Lady
  6. Flesh Rag- Electric Dream
  7. Soupcans- Punish or be Damned
  8. Get off the Cop- Lipstick Tim
  9. Phone Jerks- Damage your Health
  10. Manager- Mutations
  11. Terminal Licks- Not Today
  12. Terminal Licks- You won’t see me go
  13. Terminal Licks- Diggin a Grave
  14. Incredible Kidda Band- Bullet in my Heart
  15. Accelerators- She’s so fine
  16. Drowned Hampster- D.A.Y.
  17. Scraper- Under my Tongue
  18. Lowlife- Thinking naturally
  19. Human Eye- Human Eye
  20. Ton Ton Macoutes- Vete de Aqui
  21. Terminal Licks- Come over Tonight
  22. Terminal Licks- I’ll miss you
  23. Greivances- Deathcraze
  24. October Crisis- Indecsions
  25. October Crisis- PCBs
  26. Subhumans- Firing Squad
  27. Stiff Little Fingers- Rough Trade
  28. Ordinarys- I wanna be an Ordinary
  29. Little Bob Story- Little Big Boss
  30. Cowboys- Brutalia
  31. Das Boot- Devil Soul Supermarket
  32. Rev Norb and the Onions- She’s a Stain
  33. Silicon Injections- At War with Peace
  34. The Punks- Drop Dead
  35. Real Regular- Joy to the World
  36. Epileptix- Underground Sounds
  37. Disasterbaters- Waste of Time
  38. Disasterbaters- Searchin

Originally Aired April 22nd, 2016.


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It’s Trash #70 – Flesh Rag


  1. Trashwomen- I’m Trash
  2. Flesh Rag- It ain’t Enough
  3. Flesh Rag- Ugly Death
  4. Syndrome- Borrowed
  5. Problem Children- 1-24
  6. Klazo- Why Would I?
  7. TV Freaks- Thirteen
  8. Flesh Rag- Electric Dream
  9. Black Flag- Bang my head against the wall
  10. Soupcans- Crimes
  11. Riky and the Butts- Riky and the Butts
  12. Riky and the Butts- Im Poor
  13. Television Personalities- Conformity in the UK
  14. Snivelling Shits- isgodaman?
  15. Pork Dukes- Throbbing Gristle
  16. Moderns- Suburban Life

Originally Aired December 4th, 2015

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