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GaragePunk Surfcast #34

The GaragePunk Surfcast comes roaring back to life!

In the first episode of 2017,  Strange Jason of Phantom Creep Radio and Six Foot Plus returns with a retrospective — of sorts — of 2016, playing some of the best music from lat year. Even if it’s way too early to be nostalgic for ’16, the music is still killer (no filler.)

Find Strange Jason and the rest of the Phantom Creeps at PhantomCreep.com. Tune in to Six Foot Plus at 6ftplus.com.

01. Aaron & The Burrs, “They Mostly Come Out At Night”
02. Robotron, “The Bending Of Space-Time”
03. The Tsunamibots, “Theme Code”
04. The Hang Ten Hangmen, “Destination Saturn”
05. The Terrorsurfs, “Surf Bomb”
06. The Mullet Monster Mafia, “Surf’n’Goat”
07. Genki Genki Panic, “When Bats Cry”
08. The Primitive Finks, “Spookini”
09. King Ghidora, “Curse Of Poseidon”
10. Odicolon, “Dracula’s Love Gone”
11. Blackball Bandits, “The Gillins Beach Secret”
12. The Isotopes, “Bikini Wax Poetic”
13. The Coffin Daggers, “Instigator”
14. The Surfing Munsters, “The Munster Revenge”
15. The Aqua Barons, “Into The Deep”
16. Toxic Mutants, “Surf Machine”
17. The Volcanics, “Bullseye
18. Phantom Operators, “Cannibal Run”
19. The Mermers, “Seven Deadly Swims”
20. The Phantom Dragsters, “Surfin’ After Death”


GaragePunk Surfcast #33


The dream of the ’90s is alive in the GaragePunk Surfcast.

Strange Jason of Phantom Creep Radio and Six Foot Plus is back, and he has a episode wrapped in flannel, smelling of coffee and full of angst. The 1990s are back in vogue and so this episode is full of surf tracks released during that decade.

What crazy tunes came out of the decade of Friends, Lolapalooza and the first Clinton presidency? Tune in to find out.

Find Strange Jason and the rest of the Phantom Creeps at PhantomCreep.com. Tune in to Six Foot Plus at 6ftplus.com.

01. The Trashwomen – Nightmare At The Drag
02. The Del-Vamps – Undertow
03. Jackie & The Cedrics – Thunder Struck
04. Monster Pete and The Chiefs – Six Degrees
05. The Satans – Satan Surf
06. The Tiki Men – Tiki Torcher
07. Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet – Spy School Graduation Theme
08. The Alewives – Flight of the Flea*
09. The Neptunas – Mummy Walk
10. Human Tornados – Shempin’ Surfari
11. The Halibuts – Banzai Washout
12. The Tarantulas – Amazon-Legged Women
13. The Tiki Tones – Man or Mancini
14. The Mulchmen – Demanding The Impossible
15. The Boss Martians – More Booze, Less Ice
16. Gravity Trio – Cocktails With The Gravity Girl
17. Mustang Lightning – Texas Voodoo Surf
18. Huevos Rancheros – Cindy With An S


Way Past Cool – Episode 50: Instro Killers Special


The Napoleon Solo – The Meteors
Machinations – Cee Bee Beaumont
The Outer Limits – The Marketts
Wounded Knee – The Milkshakes
El Tortura – The Apemen
God Forgives, I Don’t – The Bloody Tomahawks
Trouble Shooter – Bob Miller & The Millermen
The Persuaders Theme – The Charles Napiers
The Victor – Dick Dale
Le Saboteur – El Ray
El Guano – The Jamming Arabs
Swedish Erotica – The Tremolo Beer Gut
Tempest Buick – The Strip Kings
Structo – Man… Or Astroman?
The Galloping Goblin – The Masonics
Tiki Torcher – The Tiki Men
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Robert Johnson & The Punchdrunks
Ichabob Crane – Satan’s Pilgrims
Malaguena – The Puta Madre Brothers
Werewolf – The Frantics
Flying Fortress – Destination Earth
Cocktails With Bond – The Surf Trio
The Ghost Of Baghdad – The Flaming Stars



GaragePunk Surfcast #32

Beware those deadly waves from beyond the grave because it’s a Halloween episode of the GaragePunk Surfcast.

Hosted by Strange Jason of Phantom Creep Radio and Six Foot Plus, it’s a creepy collection of surf sounds and screams, perfect for this time of year.

What monsters are lurking beneath the waters, ready to sink their teeth into your soft flesh? What horror sounds await to make your bones dance right out of your body?

Grab your costume and get on your board, because there’s only one way to find out!

Find Strange Jason and the rest of the Phantom Creeps at PhantomCreep.com. Tune in to Six Foot Plus at 6ftplus.com.

Happy Halloween!

01. The Moontrekkers, “Night of the Vampire”
02. The Deadly Ones, “It’s Monster Surfing Time”
03. The Sinisters, “Zombie Waltz”
04. The Ghouls, “Voo Doo Juice”
05. Lee Kristofferson, “Night of the Werewolf”
06. Famous Monsters, “Lone Wolf Massacre”
07. Satan’s Pilgrims, “Gravewalk”
08. Guitarraculas, “Vampira’s Curse”
09. The Evil Streaks, “Return of the Children of the Candy Corn”
10. The Ghastly Ones, “Surfin’ Spooks”
11. Thee Cormans, “Surf Shack of Doom”
12. The Von Drats, “Cemetery Stomp”
12. Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion!, “Unforgettable Skull Deformation”
13. The KBK (aka Kill Baby Kill) “Psycho Beach Party”
13. Mummula, “Mummula Vs. Moon Men”
14. The Tiki Creeps, “Bottom Feeder”
15. The Primitive Finks, “Horror Party Stomp”
16. Coffin Daggers, “Spooky”
17. Speedball Jr., “Halloween”
18. The Crimson Ghosts, “Halloween”