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GaragePunk Surfcast #32

Beware those deadly waves from beyond the grave because it’s a Halloween episode of the GaragePunk Surfcast.

Hosted by Strange Jason of Phantom Creep Radio and Six Foot Plus, it’s a creepy collection of surf sounds and screams, perfect for this time of year.

What monsters are lurking beneath the waters, ready to sink their teeth into your soft flesh? What horror sounds await to make your bones dance right out of your body?

Grab your costume and get on your board, because there’s only one way to find out!

Find Strange Jason and the rest of the Phantom Creeps at PhantomCreep.com. Tune in to Six Foot Plus at 6ftplus.com.

Happy Halloween!

01. The Moontrekkers, “Night of the Vampire”
02. The Deadly Ones, “It’s Monster Surfing Time”
03. The Sinisters, “Zombie Waltz”
04. The Ghouls, “Voo Doo Juice”
05. Lee Kristofferson, “Night of the Werewolf”
06. Famous Monsters, “Lone Wolf Massacre”
07. Satan’s Pilgrims, “Gravewalk”
08. Guitarraculas, “Vampira’s Curse”
09. The Evil Streaks, “Return of the Children of the Candy Corn”
10. The Ghastly Ones, “Surfin’ Spooks”
11. Thee Cormans, “Surf Shack of Doom”
12. The Von Drats, “Cemetery Stomp”
12. Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion!, “Unforgettable Skull Deformation”
13. The KBK (aka Kill Baby Kill) “Psycho Beach Party”
13. Mummula, “Mummula Vs. Moon Men”
14. The Tiki Creeps, “Bottom Feeder”
15. The Primitive Finks, “Horror Party Stomp”
16. Coffin Daggers, “Spooky”
17. Speedball Jr., “Halloween”
18. The Crimson Ghosts, “Halloween”