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The House of Wild Delights #49

The House of Wild Delights #49

The House of Wild Delights #49 on Radio Mutation, with your runaway host : The screamin’ Soul Preacher.

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Here are the charges :

Intrusion- Danny James with his Planquin Guitar, Danny McKingley on Piano
Drum Talk- Al Rose Trio
Tiger Shark- The Viceroys
The Crusher- The Novas
…To The Ratmobile !!!

Bed : Atlantis- The Blue Bells

The Wobble- Bloodshot Bill
Automatic Reaction- Nino and the Ebb Tides
Voodoo Twist- Chrome Reverse
Wailin’- The Fabulous Mach Kung-Fu
Ammerette- Benny Spellman
I’ll Be In- The Answer

Bed : Driftwood- The Wailers

Heartless Woman- Ron Allers and his Rhythm Masters
Jealousy- The Delmonas
Naughty Mama- Johnny Reno
Here Lies My Love- Mr. Undertaker
Heartbreak Boulevard- Sheldon Allman
That Lonely Road- Edges Of Wisdom
It’s Cold Outside- The Choir
North Wind- Slim Whitman
Wanderlust- Tommy Castle
Running From The Law- Gene Nitz
John Henry (The Steel Driving Man)- Buster Brown
(I’ve Been Traveling The) Rough Road- Tony Gunner

Bed : Tremble- Jerry Warren and the Tremblers

That’s It Man- The Valentines

Thanks for listening.

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The House of Wild Delights #46

The House of Wild Delights #46

The House of Wild Delights #46.

Better watch out for the bats it’s…The House of Wild Delights #46 on GaragePunk Pirate Radio with your flappin’ host : The screechin’ Ghoul Preacher.

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Art by Joe Kolessides.


Playlist :
Loupgarou- Wizzard Sleeve
The Psychedelic Cemetary- Haunted George
The Morgus Creep- The Daringers
Creature’s Crawl- Thee Cormans
Ghost Train- The Swanks
Ghost Guitars- Baron Daemon
Dracula- Zane Brothers
Dracula- Christine Pilzer
Voices Green And Purple- The Bees
Anxious Colour- Painted Faces

Bed : Lonely Before Dawn- Night People

Ghost Power- The Cords
Channel 13 Is Haunted- The Hex Dispensers
Satan’s Little Pet Pig- Demon’s Claws
Haunted Hill- Bassholes
Cementerio- Los Saicos
Zombie Dance- The Cramps
Count Dracula- The Rockin’ Continentals
Halloween- Ron Haydock
Satan Is Her Name- Steve King
Swinging On A Chandelier- Bobby Beck
Bucket O’ Blood- Big Boy Groves
The Skeleton Fight- Mack Allen Smith
Do The Zombie- The Symbols

Bed : Fright- B. Brock & The Vibratos

I Was A Teenage Brain Surgeon- Jack The Ripper.

Thanks for listening.

The House of Wild Delights #21

The House of Wild Delights #21

Welcome back to THE HOUSE OF WILD DELIGHTS on GARAGEPUNK.COM ladies and gentlemen !!!

This time, The screamin’ Soul Preacher sends you a mixed invitation to abandon yourself and taste the countless joys of Summer’s gorgeous forbidden fruits in his wicked company.
Are you ready for about 90 minutes of garage freaks, groovy chicks, mind blowin’ stoopidities and ass-shakin’ soul oddities ?
Are you ready to loose what’s left of your dignity on the wild road to ultimate pleasure and strange eargasms ?
Alright ! DOWNLOAD and let’s start the trip then…
Here’s the playlist :

Laisse jouer la batterie- Les Guitares du Diable

Egyptian shumba- The Tammys

Touch me- Johnny Burnette

till the end of  the day- The Shrinks

S.W.I.M.- Bobby Freeman


Give him a great big kiss- The Shangri-Las

Exotic blue soul- Al Garcia & the Rhythm Kings (Bed)

The best part of  breakin’ up- The Ronettes


Fuera de mi corazon- Los Salvajes

Up Here- Tony & Siegrid

Come on baby- Marie Knight

Keep down- The Briks

Everybody’s goin’ wild- International Kansas City Playboys

Don’t crowd me- Keith Kessler


Underwater- E.M. (Bed)

Psychedelic situation- Jimmy Curtiss


It ain’t necessary- Mamie Galore

No time to rhyme- The Spirit


There is- The Dells

House of kicks- The Cats Meow

Everybody let’s dance- The Denims


Hungover- The Martinis (Bed)

Oh devil- Danny & the Seniors

Un train- Benjamin

Suki sa suki sa suki sa- Nana Kinomi & Leo Beats

Exotic- The Renegades


Oh how she dances- J.L. Dickinson

Funnel of love- Wanda Jackson


Wiki wiki woo- The Four Finks

Isle of sirens- Jerry Butler

L’ultima volta- M.E. (Bed)

Daddy roll ‘em- Billy Strange


Don’t jump- Billy Fury

Everybody up- The Fender Four

La fermeture éclair- Delphine

It’ll make you holler- Arthur Noiel

Give me one more chance- The Rev-Lons

Half peeled banana- Chocolate Moose

The Mark of Zorro- The Banditos (Bed)

Summertime- Billy Stewart


Thanks for listening.

The House of Wild Delights #15

The House of Wild Delights #15

The House of Wild Delights #15

Will you dare tune in The Phantom Channel of Space Delights with your intergalactic host, The screamin’ Space Guru, you lost children of dying Earth ???

Are you really ready for this space trip through spooky galaxies and unknown destinations ???

You’ll probably regret it…

DOWNLOAD and get hiiiiigh in orbit !

The House of Wild Delights #9

The House of Wild Delights #9

Oops Bibi , this is episode 9 of The House of Wild Delights on the GaragePunk Podcast Network and this time your devoted host The screamin’ Soul Preacher invites you to take a trip to the legendary Middle East !!!

So sit down comfortably on your carpet, have a good pull at your hookah and enjoy the rejoicing view of delicious creatures belly dancing to the exotic sounds of  Ganimian and his Orientals, The Sheiks and so much more, here in the Oasis of Oriental Delights !!!

DOWNLOAD and get spellbound…

Here’s the playlist :

“Jelly Belly”- Jelly Baby
“Come with me to the Casbah”- Ganimian and his Orientals

Bed : “Baghdad rock”- The Sheiks

“Camel walk (part II)”- The Saxons
“Sound of Mecca”- The Blazers
“Sahara”- Jan Davis
“Scorpion”- Jimmy McConville
“Sheeba”- The Shan-Tones

Bed : “The Sheik of Araby”- The Super-Sonics with Third Dimensional Sound

“Arabia”- The Delcos
“Bila”- The Versatones
“Ahab, the Arab”- Ray Stevens
“Desert boots”- The Vi-Kings
“Scorpion”- The Carnations (I didn’t know which version to choose so I played both !)

Bed : “Sultan’s delight”- The Sheiks

“Turkish coffee”- Tony Osborne with his Piano and Orchestra
“Shish-kebab”- Ralph Marterie
“Loukoum”- Kemal Rachid
“Turkish taffy”- Terry Snyder
“Ya ha Bi bi”- The Sheiks

Bed : “Arabian surf”- The Atlantics

“Pharaoh-a-go go”- Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs
“Camel walk (part I)- The Saxons
“Oasis”- The Majestics
“Mo-rockin”- The Arabian Knights
“Blue pepper (Far East of the blues)- Duke Ellington

Bed : “Desert land”- The Checker Board Squares

“Arabian jerk”- The Merits
“Belly dance a go-go”- The Sheik and his Men
“Arabian love call”- Art Neville
“The Mummy”- Bob McFadden and Dor
“The Mummy’s bracelet”- Lee Ross

Bed :”Harem orgy”- Mohammed and his Robed Rockers

“Two hump dual bump camel named Robert E. Lee”- Gary Paxton and the ?s

That’s it.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the show and you’ll come back for more belly twistin’ and camel jerkin’ here in The House of Wild Delights on GaragePunk.com with your host : The screamin’ Soul Preacher.

Thanks for listening.



One more extra thanks to Kopper who made all this possible.