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Phantom Creep Radio #31: Black Flamingos

It’s time to Hang Ten…or more, if ya got ‘em. The sinister summer is in its dying months, but like a fiend possessed, it won’t go quietly. Instead, we surf, surf, surf against the dying of the light, reveling in the last screams of the sunny season before October rolls in to reign supreme. While our hearts are full of darkness and our bellies full of blood, we still can bob around and enjoy a day at the beach. After all, if the Creature from the Black Lagoon can hit up the waves, why not you?

Ahead of the Asbury Park Surf Music Festival, featuring SATAN’S PILGRIMS, THE MADEIRA, and more, take a trip in the BUCKET O’ BLOOD back to when BLACK FLAMINGOS played the MIDNIGHT MONSTER HOP. Grab your board, or use a spare coffin lid, to surf the sewers alongside radioactive rats and glow-in-the-dark superalligators. You might run into a C.H.U.D. or three, but don’t fret. They’re all headed to OTTO’S SHRUNKEN HEAD to party at the MIDNITE MONSTER HOP!

THE MIGHTY MOLOCH, DJ GREG-GORY and STRANGE JASON are on hand to creep about and make sure no one drowns in their drink (and if they do, they make their way home in an Uber…or a hearse.) In between the zombies and the scorpion bowls, the PHANTOM CREEPS will spin some moldy golden oldies that are sure to send you down a whirlpool of madness and mayhem. Rock and roll will take a bite out of your soul like one of the Deep Ones. So don’t get too Insmouthy. Instead, fill your mouth with something sweet while you fill your ears with PHANTOM CREEP RADIO.

Don’t get too frightened if we huff and we puff. The real wolves will be outside your door on August 25, 2018. THE BIG BAD will made their Midnight Monster Hop debut, along with Cheap Sneakers! It’s all going down at Otto’s, so don’t you dare miss it!

If you feel something brush against your leg while you’re out swimming, don’t be frightened. That’s just us coming up for air, because PHANTOM CREEP RADIO IS. ON. THE. SCARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Phantom Creep Radio #30: Thomas Torment

The moon is full during the summer sky, so why not go barking mad and howl, howl at the star-lit sky! FARMER SMITH, the PHANTOM CREEPS’ resident werewolf, takes to the DJ booth. He doesn’t say much, but with his dogbreath, be glad he’s a strong silent type. If you want someone who can’t hold his tongue, then get ready for the howling lunatic that is THOMAS TORMENT! He’s having a screamin’ good time in the back of OTTO’S SHRUNKEN HEAD, all part of the MIDNITE MONSTER HOP!

Join as THE MIGHTY MOLOCH, DJ GREG-GORY and the rest of the creeps dig up a night full of punk, junk, rock and roll that’ll steal your soul. If you’ve got fleas…BRING ‘EM! Everyone’s welcome at the Monster Hop.You never know who’ll you go home with.

If you want to transform into a snarling beast and get down on all fours, join us on July 28, where GENKI GENKI PANIC and THE UNDEAD will leave you spinnin’ and grinnin’ and beggin’ for more.

So, grow some fur, get a pentagram in your palm, find your pack or be a lone wolf. It’s about to get hairy, because PHANTOM CREEP RADIO IS. ON. THE. SCARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Phantom Creep Radio #29: THE DEMON SEEDS

So you say you have the devil inside of you? Just one? Get possessed, exorcised and RE-possessed all over again as the BUCKET O’ BLOOD, the PHANTOM CREEPS’ outta-space, outta-time pulmonary vessel travels back when the gates of hell opened up to spew forth a sound…of pure rock and roll temptation! The devil’s favorite sons, THE DEMON SEEDS, brought a bit of Beelzebub to the back of OTTO’S SHRUNKEN HEAD, leaving people speaking in tongues while ordering drinks and leaving lipstick pentagrams on the bathroom mirror.

Before you sign over your soul in exchange for a smokin’ scorpion bowl, listen as DJ GREG-GORY, THE MIGHTY MOLOCH and the rest of the PHANTOM CREEPS play some sinful sounds that would make Ol’ Scratch himself tap his cloven foot. Baphomet, Asmodeus and Belial all get carded at the front, but it’s Lucifer who greases the palms of the demon working the door and invited inside.

If this devilish episode is enough to tempt you, come down to Otto’s Shrunken Head in New York City on May 26. ARGYLE GOOLSBY AND THE ROAMING MIDNIGHT will play the Monster Hop, along with the THE LONG LOSTS. Plus, the Creeps will be on hand to spin the splatter platters that really matter.

Let down your hair, grow a pair of horns and take a deep breath of sulfur because it’s about to get hellacious. PHANTOM CREEP RADIO IS. ON. THE. SCARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Phantom Creep Radio #25: Tex Railer’s Doomtown

…it’s….it’s….it’s ALIVE! IT’S ALIVE! PHANTOM CREEP RADIO has clawed its way out from the dirt, through the rotted casket lid and into your ears. The frequency of fright sounds so right. The radio-active program from the MIDNITE MONSTER HOP at OTTO’S SHRUNKEN HEAD is back from the dead. THE MIGHTY MOLOCH has risen from his dirt nap, and he’s looking paler than ever before! He’s joined by the man with the X-Ray Eyes, DJ GREG-GORY and your friendly neighborhood gravedigger, STRANGE JASON, for a night of splatter platters that really matter.

All aboard, because it’s time to take the one-way trip to the end of the line. TEX RAILER’S DOOMTOWN is live and undead in the back of Otto’s Shrunken Head, so join the psycho-Americana twang punks as they give you a performance to die for! Punch your ticket, grab a drink from the bar car, and get ready to go all the way!

Before you reach your final destination, stop by Otto’s on January 27 for the annual LUX LIVES celebration! It’s a night celebrating the life and legacy of Lux Interior of THE CRAMPS. In addition to the sounds of THE PRIMITIVE FINKS and THE TARANTULA BROTHERS making you want to down some bop pills and do the ultra-twist, the Phantom Creeps will hold their yearly art auction. All proceeds go to Best Friends Animal Society in Lux’s name! Click here for all the details.

Stay Sick! Turn Blue! Pull out your hair because PHANTOM CREEP RADIO IS…ON….THE…SCARE!!!!!!!


Rock & Roll Rampage #262 – Halloween

#262 ‘Rockin at the graveyard!!’

1. John Zacherle – Halloween Hootenanny – 1960
2. Kenny & The Fiends – House On Haunted Hill Pt. 1 – 1996
3. Virgil Holmes – Ghost Train – 1961
4. Lee Denson – Devil Doll – 1958
5. Jackie Morningstar – Rockin’ In The Graveyard – 1959
6. Ike Turner – She Made My Blood Run Cold – 1957
7. The Coasters aka The Robins – Poison Ivy – 1959
8. The Johnson Brothers – Casting My Spell – 1959
9. Sister Ira Mae Littlejohn – Go Devil Go – 1948
10. Dorothea Fleming – The Devil Is Mad – 1955
11. Gentle Ben & his Sensitive Side-Spell of the Moon – 2004
12. Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs – Devil Do – 2007
13. C.W. Stoneking – Zombie – 2014
14. The Juke Joint Pimps – Wolfman’s Romp – 2008
15. Black Diamond Heavies – Fever In My Blood – 2007
16. Thurl Ravenscroft – The Headless Horseman – 1965
17. The Haunted Mansion – Grim Grinning Ghosts
18. The Upperclassmen – Cha Cha With The Zombies – 1959
19. Renato Rascel – Dracula cha-cha – 1959
20. Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savage – Dracula’s Daughter – 1964
21. Jerry Bryan – Vampire Daddy – 1960
22. Kay Starr – The Headless Horseman – 1948
23. The Tennessee Ramblers – Spookie Boogie – 1948
24. Gary Warren – Werewolf – 1958
25. Unknown Artist – I’m A Ghost
26. John Zacherley – The Bat – 1958
27. The Marketts – Out Of Limits – 1963
28. Randy Luck – I Was A Teenage Caveman – 1958
29. Things to Come – Speak of the Devil – 1966
30. Girlschool – Race With the Devil – 1980
31. The 45’s – The Devil Beats His Wife
32. Headless Horsemen – Can’t help to shake! – 1989
33. Otis Spann-It Must Have Been The Devil – 1954
34. The Poets-Dead (early recording)-1958
35. Shorty Long – Devil With The Blue Dress On – 1964
36. Big Boy Groves – Bucket o’ blood – 1962


GaragePunk Surfcast #37

Boo! Did we scare you? It’s HALLOWEEN, the best time of the year. Strange Jason of Phantom Creep Radio and Six Foot Plus is back to host this spooky, kooky, all together ooky episode of the GaragePunk Surfcast. It’s no fun-sized—you have a full-sized candy bar of an episode, featuring so many treats, you’ll think it’s a trick! Put on your costume, hit the beach and hang ten (or eleven) with this horror-riffic extravaganza!

Find Strange Jason and the rest of the Phantom Creeps at PhantomCreep.com. Tune in to Six Foot Plus at 6ftplus.com.

01. The Ghastly Ones, “Hangman Hangten”
02. Bobby’s Bar, “Night of the Vampires”
03. The Coffin Daggers, “Ghost Train”
04. The Guitaraculas, “Insomnia Of The Mummies”
05. The Evil Streaks, “The Creeper”
06. Famous Monsters, “Monster Stomp Bite Burn”
07. Guantanamo Baywatch, “Witch Stomp”
08. Thee Coremans, “Creature’s Crawl”
09. Genki Genki Panic, “976-EVIL”
10. Satan’s Pilgrims, “Haunted House Of Rock”
11. The Blackball Bandits, “The Flying Pumpkin’”
12. The Aquaholics, “Catacomb Curl”
13. Gein and the Graverobbers, “Haunted House”
14. The Krektones, “Vamp Camp”
15. Lee Kristofferson, “Night Of The Werewolf”
16. The Deadly Ones, “It’s Monster Surfing Time”
17. Messer Chups, “Boys In Skeleton Costumes”
18. Thee Imperials, “Presley Drank The Blood Of Starstruck Teens”
19. The Moontrekkers, “Return Of The Vampires”
20. The Sinisters, “Sinister Ritual”
21. Kill…Baby, Kill, “Psycho Beach Party”
22. The Tiki Creeps, “Tiki Creepin’”
23. Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion, “Unforgettable Skull Deformation”
24. The Apeman, “Surf Dracula”
25. Radium Cats, “The Munsters Theme”
26. The Coffin Wheels, “Halloween Theme”
27. X-Ray Cats, “WolfCop”
28. Go!Tsunami, “Hot Zombie”
29. The Ghouls, “Coffin Nails”
30. The Dyno-Tones, “Night Of The Ghouls”
31. The Von Drats, “Cemetery Stomp”
32. The Southern Beach Terror, “Dead Man’s Boogie”
33. Aaron & The Burrs, “Release The Bats!”
34. The Sloptones, “Demon Haunted”
35. The Mullet Monster Mafia, “Ghastly Stomp”
36. 13 Ghosts, “Halloween”


Phantom Creep Radio #24: The VooDuo

What is time, but a flat circle? And what is a flat circle but a record to be spun at the MIDNITE MONSTER HOP? It’s the scene where all the devils scream. Tear off your skin. Throw on a fright wig. Be the king in yellow, the queen in black, or whatever color you like. It’s PHANTOM CREEP RADIO, the program that tells you to turn blue, stay sick and drop dead!

Join as THE MIGHTY MOLOCH, DJ GREG-GORY and DJ NIEDERSTADT open up a portal back to the October Country, when THE VOODUO joined the Phantom Creeps for the Halloween installment of the Hop! It’s the rott and roll that even the stiffest of undertakers can dig. So, plug in, turn the dial to the red until you lose your head!

Time may have no meaning, but don’t you miss out on the next MIDNITE MONSTER HOP! The Phantom Creeps come back from the dead at Otto’s Shrunken Head on May 27, bringing along TEX RAILER’S DOOMTOWN! If you need more of the spookshow that shakes you to your very soul, catch PHANTOM CREEP THEATRE at CONEY ISLAND! July 8 is the GLAMOUR GHOUL GALA! See here for more details.

So it’s time to click play and twist your head – and the night – away! Phantom Creep Radio is BACK. ON. THE. SCARE!!!!!!!!

Website: PhantomCreep.com
Twitter: PhantomCreepNYC
Instagram: PhantomCreepNYC
Facebook: MidniteMonsterHop
Facebook: PhantCreepTheatre


Phantom Creep Radio #23: The Long Losts

What was lost, now am found – and what you found, deep underground, is that cra-a-a-a-zy sound that’s going around! This ain’t no fever. This ain’t no cold. It’s a twice-terrifying tale that’s too strange to behold. It’s PHANTOM CREEP RADIO, broadcasting live and undead from the back of Otto’s Shrunken Head!

Travel through time and space in a devious race back to when THE LONG LOSTS tempted you to lose control and sell your soul in the greatest ever Trick ‘R Treat of all time. Listen in delight – and in fright – as these they terrify and exhilarate. Even the shadows had to dance along. The music is so enchanting, you may run screaming off into the woods, never to be seen again. But we’ll find you. We’ll always find you.

What does the future hold for PHANTOM CREEP RADIO and the MIDNITE MONSTER HOP? Only THE MIGHTY MOLOCH knows. He and DJ GREG-GORY spin the splatter platters that really matter, making everyone lose their minds (and really, who needs it anyway?) Don’t lose your way – follow the Midnite Monster Hop on Facebook for all the upcoming events so you can come get lost, too.

So tear off your face, run screaming off into space because it’s time to press play. PHANTOM CREEP RADIO is back ON. THE. SCARE!!!!!!

Website: PhantomCreep.com
Twitter: PhantomCreepNYC
Instagram: PhantomCreepNYC
Facebook: MidniteMonsterHop
Facebook: PhantCreepTheatre


Phantom Creep Radio #22: Little Lesley & The Bloodshots

The blood…the blood is the life! And your radio has come back to life with that groovy sound coming six feet underground: PHANTOM CREEP RADIO! Jump into the outta space, outta time pulmonary vessel, the BUCKET OF BLOOD, to travel back to when LITTLE LESLEY AND THE BLOODSHOTS painted the town red! Or, at least, the back of OTTO’S SHRUNKEN HEAD!

Before listening to the rock and roll worth selling your soul, listen to THE MIGHTY MOLOCH get literary while pondering existence and oblivion before joining DJ GREG-GORY to find a universe inside a spinning record. If things get too heavy, don’t worry. Just remove your brain and leave it behind the bar.

Mindless zombies and disembodied brains are welcome to join the MIDNITE MONSTER HOP on February 25 th, when THE MAD DOCTORS blend fuzz and science to produce ROCK AND ROLL. They’ll be joined by the masked marauders of horror surf rock, GENKI GENKI PANIC, whose sinister guitars will show no mercy!

So don’t oh-so-negative. Be the positive type and get your veins pumping. Because the hemoglobin is fresh and so are the tunes, because PHANTOM CREEP RADIO is on the scare!

Website: PhantomCreep.com
Twitter: PhantomCreepNYC
Instagram: PhantomCreepNYC
Facebook: MidniteMonsterHop
Facebook: PhantCreepTheatre