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Mottey’s Garage 88


nancy /me and the boys / Im a celebrity
pale lips im a witch / after dark
drakulas / neon town
Andy Cameron / I want to be a Punk Rocker
The Kids /This is Rock n Roll
department s /solid gold easy action
frut / snatch and grab
peter noon / oh you pretty face
slick! / coming down
Modernettes / Barbra
The Cowboys / Pie In My Eye / wet Behind the Eyes
Leyton Buzzards / We Make a Noise
The Wedding Present / Pleasant Valley Sunday
Vice Squad / Teenage Rampage
Sweet / Action
Alice Coooper / Clones
Hank Wood and the Hammerheads / you Could Have It
The Richmond Sluts / Yeah Right
Blondie / Rip Her to Shreds
New York Dolls / Great Big Kiss
Twentyith Century Tokyo Princess / Bring you Down
Placebo / 20th Century boy
House of Lilly / Turn Around
Charlie Drake / Super Punk
Generation x / youth youth youth
Bash Bang / S.O.S
Devious Ones / Little Intruders
Mike Krol / An Ambulance
David Bowie / Andy Warhol
The Vibrators / Automatic Lovers
Powersolo / Backstab
Ty Segal / Woodland Rock
Faz Waltz / Looking for a Ghost
The Replacements / Baby Strange
Tiger / The Bomb
Mott The Hoople / Whizz Kid


Savage Damage Episode 20

The Mondellos – Let’s Join
The Penetrators – Nervous Fingers
Shock – This Generation’s On Vacation
Lowlife – Leaders
X – Runaway
Teenage Head – Teenage Beer Drinking Party
The Zeros – Don’t Push Me Around
The Dogs – Younger Point Of View
Kiss – Shock Me
The Sweet – No You Don’t
Nick Lowe – I Love My Label
Flamin Groovies – Down Down Down
The Pleasure Seekers – What a Way To Die
The Blendels – La La La La La
The Gizmos – Regular Dude
Ozzie – Twist Away (live)
The Real Kids – My Baby’s Book (live)
Ramones – Glad To See You Go (live)
Motörhead – Doctor Rock (live)
Germs – Lexicon Devil


Mottey’s Garage 82


buddy Holly / rip it up

groupies / I’m a hog for ya baby

the lonesome billies / God Dmn it bill

tav flco’s panther burns / red headed woman

jon spencer / i got the hits

husku du / books abut ufo’s

the screws / shake it baby

hasil adkins / shake that thing

robert nighthawk / someday

Ruler / jeanie jeanie jeanie

Ruler / (its not) saturday night

errol flynn / lily of laguna

not sensibles / i’m in love with margarot thacher

laughin nose / crash street kids rock n roll

fyrd chucken / pizza-beer

los chicos / how you like it

the exbats / jamie

dexter romweber duo / heart of stone

phone jerks / town where nobody lives

drunk mums / urban cowboy

shady and the vamp / down at joe’s best power food

the cool jerks / skip a beat

the quickies / i wear glasses

bubble boys / need a lover

jhnny mafia / crystal clear

the skids / kings of the new frontier

bottle ups / ambush

ditches / under the sun

wild zeros / bare facts

rhoda lits / change

puppy and the hand job / tash rock n roll

royal dog / thingy

generation suicide / talk trash

the barking irons / oh yeah right

trash monkeys / clairvoyant houswife

television personalities / look back in anger

brother brother / must be blind

yak / white male carnivore

reverend beat man / i’m not gonna tell ya


Savage Damage Episode 15

Slade – Bangin’ Man
Thin Lizzy – Rocker
Chocolate Watchband – Sweet Young Thing
Status Quo – That’s A Fact
Elastik Band – Spazz
Turtles – Surfer Dan
Bruce Johnston – Surfer Stomp
Dee Dee Sharp –California Surfer
Greg Cahill & The Offbeats – Surfin’ Elephant
Chan Romero – Hippy Hippy Shake
The Coasters – I’m A Hog For You Baby
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Diddy Wah Diddy
The Archies – Feelin’ So Good (Scooby Doo)
Tommy Roe – Sweet Pea
Bonnie St. Claire with Unit Gloria – Clap Your Hands and Stomp Your Feet
Cardiac Kidz – Get Out
General Foods – Be So Funny
Crime – Hot Wire My heart
The Subtractions – It’s Exposed
999 – Homicide


Savage Damage Episode 06

Miss Faye Regrets – Pretty Things
Metropolis – Motorhead
No Emotions – the Business
Bad Boy For Love – Rose Tattoo
Dictators Radio Spot #1
Running Free – Iron Maiden
Don’t Jump Me Mother – DMZ
Rococo – Firewood
Blood on Fire –the Aphrodisiacs
Dictators Radio Spot #2
No – The Human Switchboard
Indestructible Man – Xmas Eve
I.U.D. – Plastic Idols
Decent Set Ups – Michael Psycho
ACDC – the Sweet
I Love You – Mabel
Ooh Lah – Tears
The Kids a Punk – Slik
The Telephone Rings Again – Not-Sensibles
Dictators radio Spot #3
Why – the Idylls


Savage Damage Episode 04

Let’s get the party Started – Warwick
Aint Got No Sense – Teenage Head
Dance To The Music – The Vibrators
I Don’t Ever want The Night To End – Nick Lowe
Softly, Softly – The Equals
Can’t get Over You – The Undertones
Save My Soul – Lord High Fixers
24 Hours Every Day – The Headstones
Thirteen Women – The Renegades
Everything Turns Gray – Agent Orange
Whips & Paddles – Trend
American Kan Kan – Rox
Black Leather – The Runaways
Crazy Kids – Trevor White
Barbara – The Modernettes
Burn The Flames – Roky Erickson


Mottey’s Garage 77

Friday Night Glam Shop

the replacements / fox on the run
the sweet / ballroom blitz
jeff dahl / little willie
naked raygun / twentieth century boy

eater / Jeepster
the shazam / helen wheels
the damned / anything
ace frehley / new york groove
the cry / discoteque
Material Issue / blockbuster

me first and the gimme gimmes / rocket man
iggy pop / i’m bored
angel / little boy blue
mick ronson / white light white heat
new york dolls / subway train
ty segal / buick mackane

mott the hoople / the golden age of rock n roll
mott the hoople / sweet jane
yo la tengo / dreaming
redd kross / dancing queen
sonic youth / ca plane pour moi
the pukes / jet boy jet girl

BBQT / play rock n roll
joan jett / nag
suzi quatro / race is on
gore gore girls / man and a donkey
the dollyrots / brand new key
juliette seizure & the tremor dolls / hotdog
fastbacks / hit or miss
the sirens / 123 rock n roll

the weirdos / happy people
ash / everybody’s happy nowadays
glow kit / do you really
cockney rejects / blockbuster
999 / homicide
sweet / rebel rouser

david bowie / where have all the good times gone


It’s Trash! #97 – Live to Air with Dong Vegan

  1. Trash- Priorities
  2. Rik and the Pigs- Gimme Mick
  3. Twinkeyz- Alpha Jerk
  4. FNU Clone Inc.- Entropic Pop Game
  5. Devo- Jocko Homo
  6. Neo Neos- Jimmy’s Problem
  7. Protruders- Ice Cream
  8. Dow Jones and the Industrials- Dude in Direction Field
  9. Enemas- Easy Come Easy Go
  10. Manager- So n So
  11. The Cure- I want to be old
  12. Viletones- I hate you- without you
  13. Vice Squad- Scarred for Life
  14. Mad Virgins- I am a Computer
  15. New Bondage- Got no Job
  16. Hollywood Squares- Ashes and Dust
  17. Iggy Pop- Funtime
  18. Power- Electric Glitter Boogie
  19. Plates- At Sea
  20. Speck- Lips
  21. Bleeding Gums- Alone
  22. Macho Boys- Stone Cold
  23. Beta Boys- Silver Spoon
  24. Bike Cop- Bibliofucked
  25. Banana Clip- Blue Jeans
  26. Drains- Easy to Love
  27. Dry Heave- Slander! Libel! Slander!
  28. Poison Spur- Tornado of Teeth
  29. Acrylics- He wants a Baby
  30. Abandos- Blame it on the City
  31. Secrets- Teenage Rampage
  32. Drastic Measures- Flowers
  33. Luxury Units- Chilly Grover
  34. D.L.I.M.C.- Wicker Park
  35. Dong Vegan- Garbage Blood
  36. Dong Vegan- New Policy
  37. Dong Vegan- My Body is a Canvas
  38. Dong Vegan- Brat
  39. Dong Vegan- Cop Car
  40. Red Arms- Soviet Red White and Blues
  41. Radiation Risks- Caribbean Knights

Originally Aired March 24th, 2017 on 94.9fm CHRW


Voix de Garage #7


Dee Dee agrees, here comes a very punk issue of Voix de Garage ! This month for our seventh podcast we take some time to listen to the Cramps with Manu. We discover the finest Glam Punk bands straight off some random Wikipedia page by Diégo. And Marlon is at its best with the perfect selection of tracks between Power Pop and Junk Shop Glam. Also the latest (and strangest-danciest) single of Turbonegro !

Voix de Garage, your favorite french baroque bordello of glam, punk, glitter, pop and power !


Know Your Product / The Saints / Eternally Yours / 1978 / Australie (Brisbane)

Right Time / The Crowd / A World Apart / 1981 / US, Huntington Beach, California / Posh Boy

One Man Party / Atomic Suplex / 14 Inches Of Fist / 2015 / UK, London / Dirty Water Records

*The Norwegian Lesson*
Special Education / Turbonegro / Single / 2016 / Oslo, Norway / Scandinavian Leather Recordings

Tomorrows Girls / UK Subs / Single / 1979 / UK, London / RCA

Soda Pressing / The Boys / The Boys / 1977 / USA, New York City, New York / NEMS

Shakey Sue / The Devil Dogs / Saturday Night Fever / 1993 / USA, NYC / Crypt Records

Rock’n’Roll Must Be Destroyed / Flash Bastard / Rock N’ Roll Must Be Destroyed / 2011 / France / Black Cat Records

Zombie Dance / The Cramps / Songs The Lord Taught Us / 1980 / USA, Akron, Ohio / IRS

Mystery Plane / The Cramps / Songs The Lord Taught Us / 1980 / USA, Akron, Ohio / IRS

Gamma Ray! / The Sons Of Bido Lito / Single / 2013 / UK, Sunderland / Dirty Water Records

Married to a Chimp / The Bophins / X-Ray Action / 2015 / UK, Northampton / Clearly Deluded Records

*The Quiet Momentum*
The Cops are Coming / The Outcasts / Self Conscious Over You / 1979 / Belfast, Northern Ireland / Good Vibrations Records

Jackhammer / Slash City Daggers / Backstagger Blues / 2001 / US, Tempe, Arizona / Unity Squad Records

*The Glitter Momentum*
Bish Bash Bosh / The Jook / single / 1974 / UK / RCA

It’s True / The Meanies / single (B-side) / 1979 / UK / Vendetta Records

Make Her Mine / Bare Wires / Cheap Perfume / 2011 / USA, Oakland, California / Southpaw Records

Master Race Rock / The Dictators / Go Girl Crazy! / 1975 / US, NYC / Epic

Fire it Up / The Road Vultures / The Road Vultures / 2002 / USA, NYC, New York / Self-produced

People-Vultures / King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard / Nonagon Infinity / 2016 / Australia, Melbourne / ATO Records