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Savage Damage Episode 19

Nervous Eaters – Loretta
Joan Jett – I Want You
Slickee Boys – Attitude
GG Allin & The Jabbers – Loudenbomber
Strangeloves – I Want Candy
The Charlatans – Jack Of Diamonds
Levon & The Hawks – He Don’t Love You
Lee Dorsey – Ya Ya
The Kinks – Who Will Be The Next in Line?
The Barbarians – Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl
Wailers – Out Of Our Tree
The Weirdos – Solitary Confinement
Alice Cooper – I’m Eighteen
Scorpions – Robot Man
Ramones – Howling At The Moon (Sha La La La)
The Jars – Start Rite Now
Missing Links – Some Kinda Fun
Robert Parker – Barefootin’
Jerry Lee Lewis – Drinking Wine Spo Dee O Dee
Commander Cody & His Last Planet Airmen – Stems &
Seeds (Again)


Mottey’s Garage 83

immortal lee county killers / revolution summer

the stat!t / hiding in the shed

the entbl / rocker

the living end / 10:15 saturday night

ty segal / the loner

problem child / platform

obits / i cant loose

cheater slicks / refried beans

pennymart / snacks

th dixxx / in your face

devious ones / trouble seems to find me

burning peppermints / a ghost named milk

sports bar / never coming home

dark webb / alien vacation

oeter zaremba and Paul Johnson / cross the walker

the cramps / bikini girls with machine guns

th losing streak /ordr of the day

archie and the bunkers / problem child / sick of this an that

jacques le coque / only want to r n r /no worries / roller girl

john wesley coleman / fighting a room

the prissteens / are you ready

charlie foxtrot / cut the line

miesha and the spanks / be alright

tim timebomb / in th city

armitage shanks / 1977

gino and the goons / dont wanna work today

puke spit and guts / keep slashing your wrists

phone jerks / go go somestack lighting

sore points / breakdown

laurie marshall / when christy comes around

ramones / go mental

digger and the pussycats / what you say what you do

the leaving trains / diggin you

brimestone howl / shngri la

nipple erectors / so pissed off

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Mottey’s Garage 81


gino and the goons/she was crushed

gino and the goons / early retirement

phone jerks / get jerked

phone jerks / revolution

the control freaks / i hate your face

the contro freaks /mhatelist

pychotic youth / johnny too bad

rocket 808 / mystery train

the bitty / something else

the bitty / what do i get

puppy and the hand jobs / i eat abortions

the dirtiest / macaroni

the faboous fairies / motorhead

sick thoughts / headache

tommie and the commies / straight jacket

the mark vodka group / everyones punk again

sports bar / never coming home

the exbats / i got fights

eye jammy / crooked letta youth

beach gons / hrsb

ditches / loosing touch

reiz / erfog

mad macka & panh andler /dead man

los chicos / church of los chicos

reverend horton heat / whole new life

wilmer x /motorbike drivin

the mings / do the ming the mings

Drunk Mums / RWTP


vegan doughnuts / top nachos

monitor shocks quickblooded walter lure and the waldos / crazy kids

johnny thunders let go /thunderstorm in detroit/emastered

the cannibals / nadine

hakan /tv mood /hangover girl 2

crimps crimps/ demo nyc

deathcats / saturday night golden retriever

mott the hoople /keep a knockin

x /breathless

didjits /lucille hey judster

jerry lee lewis /real wild child

supercarger/ cindy lou


Motteys Garage 76




monsters / drug train
the experimental tropic blues band / i dig you much and more
the crumbs / alien girl
black sabbath / gypsy
lightning hopkins / come back baby
the troublemakers / i hope she’s satisfied
tim timebomb and friends / lip up fatty
the skids/ kings of the new world order
the hentchmen / skylark
bleached / poison ivy
armitage shanks / another beer
baked goods / beach shirt
the devil dogs / its not easy
troubled boys / rock n roll is dead
automatic / no big deal
toys that kill / the nervous rock
the cavemen / lust for evil
the grizzly adams band / girls cant wait
shady and the vamp/ youre so loud
brimestone howl / like a dog
ugly miss piggy / kiss me piggy
wild wing / the hole
flemmings / the rats are back
peter and the test tube babies / silicone beer gut