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GaragePunk Surfcast #36

¡Cinco de Mayo! It’s time to celebrate  on the Surfcast with a playlist full of music from south of border. Strange Jason of Phantom Creep Radio — another one of many great shows on Radio Mutation — and Six Foot Plus is back, and he’s speaking Spanish horribly!  Surf goes well with your fiesta, so tune in for La mejor música de Mexico!

Find Strange Jason and the rest of the Phantom Creeps at PhantomCreep.com. Tune in to Six Foot Plus at 6ftplus.com.

01. Danny Amis & Lost Acapulco, “Terremoto”
02. Greengo, “Novia Por A Noche”
03. Los Mabbers, “Suicida”
04. Los Tormentosos, “No Tengo Idea”
05. Los Sicoticos, “Surfera”
06. Los Apson, “Viaje Submarino”
07. Los Cambridge Stones, “El Martillito”
08. Espectroplasma, “H”
09. The Mexican Weirdohs, “Gorilla Twist
10. Telekrimen, “Hombre Al Agua”
11. Los Atascados, “Le llaman Maicol Nait”
12. Los Matematicos, “El Gato Mexicano”
13. The Cavernarios, “El Gran Sur”
14. Twin Tones, “El Mexicano”
15. Sr. Bikini, “Calypso A Go-Go”
16. Dr Tritón, “Detetive de Bikinis”
17. Los Caguama, “Autopista Chapala”
18. Los Astros Surf, “ZAYRA NO 4”
19. Los Grainders, “Sharp Stone”
20. Los Galerna, “Toneladas De Reverb”
21. Los Elasticos, “Estratagema”
22. Los Magnificos, “Cometa Vomito
23. Fenómeno Fuzz, “La Noche De La Barracuda”


GaragePunk Surfcast #34

The GaragePunk Surfcast comes roaring back to life!

In the first episode of 2017,  Strange Jason of Phantom Creep Radio and Six Foot Plus returns with a retrospective — of sorts — of 2016, playing some of the best music from lat year. Even if it’s way too early to be nostalgic for ’16, the music is still killer (no filler.)

Find Strange Jason and the rest of the Phantom Creeps at PhantomCreep.com. Tune in to Six Foot Plus at 6ftplus.com.

01. Aaron & The Burrs, “They Mostly Come Out At Night”
02. Robotron, “The Bending Of Space-Time”
03. The Tsunamibots, “Theme Code”
04. The Hang Ten Hangmen, “Destination Saturn”
05. The Terrorsurfs, “Surf Bomb”
06. The Mullet Monster Mafia, “Surf’n’Goat”
07. Genki Genki Panic, “When Bats Cry”
08. The Primitive Finks, “Spookini”
09. King Ghidora, “Curse Of Poseidon”
10. Odicolon, “Dracula’s Love Gone”
11. Blackball Bandits, “The Gillins Beach Secret”
12. The Isotopes, “Bikini Wax Poetic”
13. The Coffin Daggers, “Instigator”
14. The Surfing Munsters, “The Munster Revenge”
15. The Aqua Barons, “Into The Deep”
16. Toxic Mutants, “Surf Machine”
17. The Volcanics, “Bullseye
18. Phantom Operators, “Cannibal Run”
19. The Mermers, “Seven Deadly Swims”
20. The Phantom Dragsters, “Surfin’ After Death”


Rock & Roll Rampage #237

#237 ‘Let’s Jump’
1.Viparat Piengsuwan-Yok Yok (Jump Jump)
2.Rosita Bloom-Kees Van Mars-1969
3.All Girl Summer Fun Band-Grass Skirt-2003
4.The Mentalettes-Fine Fine Fine-2011
5.Bobbyteens-Backseat Lover-1998
6.O’Nita Hammond & Group-Mighty Fine-1962
7.Tony Borders-Pass The Word-1964
8.The Dynamics-Misery-1963
9.Ella Mae Morse & Tennessee Ernie Ford -False Hearted Girl-1952
10.The Starlettes-Jungle Love-1958
11.C.W. Stoneking -Zombie-2014
12.Leroy Dallas-Jump Little Children Jump-2007
13.Guitar Jr (Lonnie Brooks) -The Crawl-1958
14.Mickey & Sylvia-No Good Lover-1956
15.The Gories-Sister Ann-1994
16.Shannon And The Clams-The Cult Song-2011
17.The Exterminators-The Beetle-bomb-1964
18.The St. Johns-She’s So Fine-196
19.Jim Jones & the Chaunteys-If You Know How To Start
20.The Monks-Oh, How To Do Now-1966
21.The Routes-Tell Me Ain’t So-2006
22.Sister Rosetta Tharpe-Jericho-2008
23.Ike & Tina Turner-I can’t believe what you say-1964
24.Baby Jean-I’ve got a feeling-1962
25.Roy Head-Treat Her Right-1965
26.Joey Dee & The Starliters-Peppermint Twist (part 1)-1961


GaragePunk Surfcast #29

Just escaped from his Prison of Wild Delights, The drownin’ Surf Preacher is glad to be the guest host of the GaragePunk Surfcast episode 29.

Being so mentally retarded by centuries spent locked in a dark cave, it was hard for him to face the light of the Sun and work on a whole playlist inspired by the munificence of the Ocean, the haunting chant of the Waves and the spirit of Freedom…that’s why he sent the special signal and called for his special fiends and friends to bring you this special episode.

Now, beware sweeties and gremmies coz here are 5 crude rude dudes from the Surf Dimension !

Here are Tsunami AmyDale the Squale, the Rev. HerbTidal Dave and the Bitch Preach from the Peach Beach ready to bring you the tuff surf stuff that’ll make your board spinning round and round as if it was sucked down by some ultra cool whirlpool you stoopid fool !!!

Five mighty selecters for 500% more reverb’ explosion, kiddies !!!

Get ready, wax your boards or whatever and ENJOY !!!

More details and playlist on GARAGEPUNK.COM.