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It’s Trash! #120 Canada Trash

North West Company- She’s a Woman
Our Generation- Cool Summer
Royal Family- Solitude
Ten Commandments- City of People
Wedge- Black Cloud
Weirdonia- Drone
Condo Christ- Patriotic Fever
Dayglo Abortions- I used to be in Love
Lowlife- Leaders
Lou Champagne System- Propagandha Frustration
Exxotone- Sideways
American Devices- Bay of Pigs
Tim Ray and the U.V.- Quarter to Eight
20/20- Yellow Pills
Zellots- Land of the Free
Dishrags- I don’t wanna walk around with you
Manager- Beautiful Day
Foam- OK get up and go to work
Trip Sitter- We’re on the Rag
Battlewulf- I don’t wanna touch your dick
Do Nothings- Lose City
Strange Attractor- Nite Stalker
TV Freaks- Hobby
Klazo- Restrictions
Astral Gunk- Herky Jerky
Dead Ghosts- Roky Said
Looping- Show Nothing
Doxx- Asshole
Dilettantes- Useless Babies
Durs Coeurs- Resigne-Toi
Soupcans- Soft Party
Decomposeur- Power ( I got the)
UJ3RK5- The Locator
Fits- Bored of Education
Valley Boys- Cop Sucker
VCR- Murder City Rules
Irritations- If you can’t rock with me


It’s Trash! #109 – Killed by Meth #2

The Cowboys- If I Laugh Enough
Bloody Show- My Ways
Static Eyes- No Idea
Gun- Brains
Eroders- Wipers
Erik Nervous- Hit by a Truck
Golden Trash- Jim Morrison Son
Beastman- Ingrown
Teenage Hurricanes- Saturday Bedroom Rock n Roll
Perverts Again- My Embarrassment
Drug Thieves- Time to Bleed
City Slang- Cold Dead Nights
Flesh Rag- I’m Sick
Radiation Risks- No is the Way
Protruders- Your Whip
The Drains- If the Cops show up
Manager- Lower Companion
Real Regular- Communication Lost

Originally Aired on CHRW 94.9FM December 1st, 2017.

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It’s Trash! #106 – Interview with Johnny Terrien

Johnny Terrien and the bad Lieutenants- Dougall Drop
The Resource Network- MFK
Dracu lahs- Incubus
Honest Blue- So Sick of you
Sore Points- Forget It
Flesh Rag- Such a Fool
Soupcans- Facial Deconstruction
Prom Nite- Raw Meat
BSHC- Queen St. Stare
Consumers- Dream Hits
Gruberger Brothers- Chain Saw
Hammer Damage- Laugh
Hubble Bubble- Look Around
FU2- Out of School
Ramones- Danger Zone


It’s Trash! #91 – Best of the Worst 2016


  1. Nihilist Spasm Band- Repetition
  2. UJ3RK5- Naum Gabo
  3. The Wad- Atomic
  4. New Fries- 90 Yr Old Girl
  5. Rik and the Pigs- Life’s a Bust
  6. Radiation Risks- The Sea of Love
  7. Paul Jacobs- Waiting for the Grave
  8. Flesh Rag- Tonight
  9. Manager- Excuse Me
  10. DD Owen- Suburban Nightmare
  11. Get off the Cop- Lipstick Tim
  12. Raw Pony- Shattered
  13. Nots- Fluorescent Sunset
  14. LS Dogs- Creeps
  15. X45- Mad Laughter
  16. Noble Savages- Take some Pills and Drive Around
  17. Never Betters- Fair Warning
  18. Mods- Year of Today
  19. Terminal Licks- You won’t see me go
  20. Suburban Homes- Part Time Punks 2016
  21. The Strand- I Understand
  22. Dow Jones and the Industrials- Ain’t Good Enough
  23. Revenge 88- Babylon
  24. Tommy and the Commies- So Happy
  25. Sik Rik- Holly is a Punk
  26. DD Owen- Son of the Devil
  27. UIC- Rich Kids
  28. Protruders- Fashion Party
  29. Heart Attack Kids- Deaf Dogs
  30. Goggs- Goggs
  31. Perverts Again- You’re not taking me to the Prom
  32. Ausmuteants- BOTF
  33. Everyday Objects- Fix Bayonets
  34. Plasmalab- Vancab
  35. Leather Jacuzzi- Here Come Mr. Suck
  36. Nervousmen- Nunspiration
  37. Doxx- Asshole
  38. Weapon Man- Everything is Shit
  39. Drains- I can’t see anything

Originally Aired December 30th, 2016 on 94.9FM CHRW


It’s Trash! #87 – Killed by Meth


  1. Big Star- Feel
  2. The Strand- You and Me
  3. Real Regular- Take your Pills
  4. No Bails- Garbage Day
  5. Senor Citizen and the Border Patrol- Walls
  6. Perverts Again- You’re Not Taking me to the Prom
  7. Ornerys- I’m in a Band
  8. Klazo- Smash the Letter
  9. BSHC- Generation Greed
  10. Pity-Pace it off
  11. Flesh Rag- Tonight
  12. The Wad- Wad Bag
  13. Useless Eaters- Moist Cuts
  14. DD Owen- I hate this City
  15. Protruders- Jonny
  16. Executives- Resistance
  17. Erik Nervous- Nervous Child
  18. Susans- 3D Me
  19. Raw Pony- Bo Diddley
  20. Drains- Still in Love
  21. Toxin III- Numb/It’s Dead/ Middle Class
  22. Pete Fender and the Four Formulas- I’ll never Believe
  23. No Alternative- Show em All
  24. Fun Things- Lipstick
  25. Chattering Class- 3D Hollywood
  26. Everyday Objects- Fix Bayonets
  27. Plasmalab- Vancab
  28. Cheetahs- Formula X
  29. Mud City Manglers- One More Mile
  30. Hemingers- Frenzy
  31. Noble Savages- Rock Bottom Tonight
  32. Purling Hiss- Fever
  33. Nots- Cosmetic
  34. Nervousmen- Nunspiration
  35. Yacht Patrol-Let me Know
  36. UIC- Leave me Alone
  37. Woodboot- Headcrack
  38. Doxx- baby Doomers
  39. Prom Nite- No Motivation
  40. Prom Nite- Tied Down
  41. Limbo- I always Win
  42. Sick Thoughts- 18 and Free

Originally Aired on 94.9FM CHRW on November 4th, 2016.


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It’s Trash! #84 – Euro Trash


  1. The Wead- And I And She
  2. Bloodshot Bill- Honey Time
  3. The Clean- Platypus
  4. Get off the Cop- Joy Device
  5. Kenneth- Shit talkin Goblin
  6. Giorgio Murderer- Theme from Giorgio Murderer
  7. Sick Thoughts- Stitches
  8. Foster Care- Sick of it(Are You)
  9. Vains- School Jerks
  10. Lumpy and the Dumpers- Looney
  11. Filth- Don’t Hide your Hate
  12. Tits- Daddy is a Pusher
  13. Molesters- Plastic
  14. Tommy and the Commies- Suckin in your 20s
  15. Sik Rik- Holly is a Punk
  16. Sick Rik- I don’t wanna go out
  17. VCR- Sportsboy 69
  18. VCR- Kill a Cop
  19. VCR- Bad NEws
  20. Heart Attack Kids- Deaf Dogs
  21. Zig Zags- No Brain No Balls
  22. Stagebeast- Belgium ain’t No Fun
  23. Revenge 88- Neon Lights
  24. Chainsaw- Kill in the Blanks
  25. Golden Trash- Puddle
  26. Amyl and the Sniffles- Pleasure Forever
  27. Useless Eaters- Human Waste Drug
  28. Gawker- My only Pants
  29. Decomposeur- Our Town
  30. Goms- Socialite
  31. Manager- Lil Pig
  32. Shotgun Solution- Shotgun
  33. Klaxon- Religion
  34. Sexface- Gotta Survive
  35. Chloroform- Track 6
  36. X45- Mad Laughter
  37. JJ Doll- She’s onto you
  38. Liquids- Howdy
  39. Husker Du- Turn on the News
  40. Scraper- rats in the House
  41. Scraper- Animal
  42. Radiation Risks- This and That
  43. Pankrti- Lepi in Prazni
  44. Pankrti- Metka

Originally Aired August 12th, 2016 on 94.9FM CHRW.



It’s Trash! #74 – It’s Sports


  1. D.L.I.M.C.- DB Explodes
  2. Pretty Ghouls- Mask of Satan
  3. Timmy’s Organism- Hey Eddie
  4. VCR- Boris the Spider
  5. VCR- Bad News
  6. Scraper- 9 Minutes in Hell
  7. Show Business Giants- Always the last one to know
  8. Dilettantes- Late to the Party
  9. Mick Futures- Tentative Places
  10. Grievances- Cool to you for awhile
  11. Protex- Forever
  12. Stiv Bators- Ready Anytime
  13. Everyday Objects- Retreatist Front
  14. TV Freaks- Act of Contrition
  15. Gillooly- Spoken Herd
  16. Protomartyr- Milk Drinkers
  17. Dirtiest- It’s all Coming back
  18. Artificial Dissemination- Dirty Glass
  19. Vanilla Poppers- Pleasure Rush
  20. Blobs- Shitheaded

Originally Aired on 94.9fm CHRW Feb 19th, 2016

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It’s Trash! #72 – What Wave Archives


  1. Uncle Wally’s Basement- Answer my Email
  2. Hanson Brothers- My Girlfriends a Robot
  3. Show Business Giants- Always the last one to know
  4. Life Stinks- You’ll never make it
  5. B Lines- Burnt CDs
  6. Dummies- Outerspace Women
  7. The Strap- Brat
  8. Soupcans- Drip Zone
  9. Asexuals- Mr. Useless
  10. The Left- Attitude
  11. Scraper- Misery
  12. Wretched Ones- Save my Place
  13. Laffing Gas- Tough Luck
  14. Laffing Gas- Tough Guy
  15. Mummies- Out of our Tree
  16. Janitor Scum- Gummequin
  17. Splintered-
  18. VCR- Shut Up
  19. Candy Snatchers- Ass, Gas or Crack
  20. Osterberg- Burn it Down
  21. Regulations- Crispy Nuts

Originally aired January 22, 2016.


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It’s Trash! #71 – Best of the Worst 2015

It's Trash

  1. Hawkwind- Motorhead
  2. Motorhead- Overkill
  3. Motorhead- Sharpshooter
  4. Motorhead- Ace of Spades
  5. Zig Zags- Sunken City
  6. Mighty Fevers- Dead Boy
  7. Cal and the Calories- Pain in my Ass
  8. Ornerys- Wanna get Dead
  9. Noble Savages- Fire in the World
  10. Nobles Savages- Take some Pills and Drive around
  11. Perverts Again- Figgy Pudding
  12. Soupcans- Nice Nife
  13. Plasmalab- Alien Grey Hole
  14. Klazo- Get the Fuck Out
  15. TV Freaks- Love Fade
  16. Timmy’s Organism- Back in the Dungeon
  17. Pretty Boys- Gorm Shelves
  18. Useless Eaters- Plastic Mask
  19. Manager- Jewel
  20. Flesh Rag- Too Fucked Up
  21. Kappa Chow- SBTD
  22. Dead Ghosts- Rat Race
  23. Jim Nothing- Oceans
  24. OBN IIIs- 4KD
  25. Snooty Garbagemen- Don’t Know how to play Guitar
  26. Achtungs-Problems
  27. Institute- Cheaptime Morals
  28. Pronto- No Balance
  29. Thing- Junior Found Out
  30. CCTV- Anxiety
  31. Mick Futures- My Machine Gun
  32. Coneheads- 1982
  33. Spray Paint- I hate your Paintings
  34. Television Personalities- Television Spies
  35. Giorgio Murderer- Lazer Lord
  36. Minneapolis Uranium Club- Misadventures of Pissy Chrissy
  37. Raw McCartneys- Midwest Eject
  38. Dilettantes- Useless Babies
  39. Syndrome- Tough Guy
  40. Surveillance- Jonso

Originally Aired January 1st, 2016

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It’s Trash #70 – Flesh Rag


  1. Trashwomen- I’m Trash
  2. Flesh Rag- It ain’t Enough
  3. Flesh Rag- Ugly Death
  4. Syndrome- Borrowed
  5. Problem Children- 1-24
  6. Klazo- Why Would I?
  7. TV Freaks- Thirteen
  8. Flesh Rag- Electric Dream
  9. Black Flag- Bang my head against the wall
  10. Soupcans- Crimes
  11. Riky and the Butts- Riky and the Butts
  12. Riky and the Butts- Im Poor
  13. Television Personalities- Conformity in the UK
  14. Snivelling Shits- isgodaman?
  15. Pork Dukes- Throbbing Gristle
  16. Moderns- Suburban Life

Originally Aired December 4th, 2015

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