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It’s Trash! #130 Request your own Band

Timmy’s Organism- Guzzle Gasoline
Saine Anthony’s Fyre- Get Off
Dboy- Dboy for President
Carbonas- Stoned to Death
Cowboys- Open Sores
Wlmrt- Roger’s Movie Idea
Liquids- Wanna Throw Up (when I see your face)
Sick Thoughts- Hammer
Clibbus- Botanical Briefcase
Closet Christ- Closet Christ
Vanilla Poppers- Get Away from Me
S.L.I.P.- Fast Living
MOM- I wish I was the Moon
Tenement Rats- Pigs and Dogs
Red Squares- Ottawa Today
Cheap Nasties- Hit and Run
Geza X and the Mommymen- The Paranoids are Coming
Dboy- Scouts Rule
Originally Aired on 94.9FM CHRW February 15th, 2019

It’s Trash! #122 Killed by Meth

S.L.I.P- Killed by Meth
Sweet Milk- Nervous
Obnox – Scenicide (off the meter)
Knowso- Energy Accident
The Resource Network- Fix my Hair
Werewolf Jones- False Prophet
Lost System- Late at Night
Flesh Rag- Inside your Mind
Sick Thoughts- Chainsaw
The Shit Dels- Araneus Quadratus
Spider Collection- Butterfly Chain Factory
Paul Jacobs- The Telephone Revisted
Trampoline Team- Drug Culture
Deaf Wish- Metal Carnage
Part Time Filth- God is Filth
Judy and the Jerks- Fight
Slug Salt- Trash Sore
Bloody Show- Magic Negro
Ouija Boys- Rolls Royce
Beauticians- Mouse or Man
Wlmrt- Deathsticks ruined my Life
Deathsticks- In the Motors
Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes- Six Licks
Fatal Figures- Brain Obsess
Muzzy- L.I.E.
The Dracu-lahs- Tennessee
Shark Toys- No Escape
Void Feelings- Terminal Strike
Carbonas- Blackout (Waiting to Happen)
Tenement Rats- Pigs and Dogs
Die Group- Old and Gross
Amyl and the Sniffers- Westgate
Bad Times- Listen to the Band
Terrestrials- A man Dude
Science Man- Science Man
The Bills- Run and Hide
Neo Neos- Politico Tempo
Neo Neos- Mid West Tour
Big Blood- Fever

Originally Aired on CHRW 94.9FM on October 5th, 2018

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It’s Trash! #118 – Red Mass

Red Mass- Kdavr
Red Mass- White Nights
Red Mass- Lord of the Rats
Red Mass- Rat Race
Protruders- N/A
Bad Times- Wrong way to Live
Erik Nervous- Grandma Petticoat
Neo Neos- Scary Island
Muzzy- Tazed and Confused
Skull Cult- U need
Gee Tee- Chill Cruze II
Cyber Bullies- Leather and Lazers
Cobra Cobra- Blobs
Slow- Bad Man
Rik and the Pigs- Don’t tell on me
Teenage Head- Picture my Face
The Number Ones- Breaking Loose
Red Mass- Space Rock n Roll
Red Mass- To all the Good People
Red Mass- Radio Radio
Red Mass- Today I Die
Red Mass- Aggressive Tendencies
Amyl and the Sniffers- Balaclava Lover Boogie
Normals- No Cigar
Perverts Again- Cereal Bowl
Knowso- Human Like Me
Strange Attractor- Comatose
Irritations- Schoolyard Justice
Cheating Hearts- Heart Attack
Les Sexareenos- I can’t
The Daylight Lovers- King of Useless Drinking
CPC Gangbangs- Teenage Crimewave
Towananda- The Anti Heroine

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It’s Trash! #116 – Friday the Trashteenth

D.O.A.- 13
Da Slyme- Trudeau
Personality Crisis- Vampire Dream
Napalm Babys- Mental Block
Toxic Reasons- Tomorrow Tonight
Chloroform- Walking Out
CPC Gangbangs- I want Blood/Life Support
Asexuals- Mr. Useless
Drains- No California
Neo Neos- Regualtors
Erik Nervous- I’m a Man
Seltzer- Can’t Hear That
Manager- Lower Companion
Knowso- King of Things
Perverts Again- Blockbusted
Perverts Again- Longlegger
Bleeding Gums- No Sir
Cracked Eye- Let’s Talk
Gee Tee- Fightin’ is Dumb
Wlmrt- Roadway to Heck
Unreal Thought- Menacing Shadow
Looping- Rubber Band
Painted Trends- Master’s Key
D.L.I.M.C.- N/A
Anteenagers M.C.- Krispy Kreme
Ugly Ducklings- Nothin
Blue Cheer- Doctor Please
Teenage Head- Get off my Back
Buzzcocks- You know you can’t help it
Nushu- Generation Nomophobe
The Panics- Best Band
Gruberger Brothers- Dirty Lies
Consumers- Your Problem

Originally Aired on 94.9FM CHRW April 13th, 2018


It’s Trash! #106 – Interview with Johnny Terrien

Johnny Terrien and the bad Lieutenants- Dougall Drop
The Resource Network- MFK
Dracu lahs- Incubus
Honest Blue- So Sick of you
Sore Points- Forget It
Flesh Rag- Such a Fool
Soupcans- Facial Deconstruction
Prom Nite- Raw Meat
BSHC- Queen St. Stare
Consumers- Dream Hits
Gruberger Brothers- Chain Saw
Hammer Damage- Laugh
Hubble Bubble- Look Around
FU2- Out of School
Ramones- Danger Zone


It’s Trash! #97 – Live to Air with Dong Vegan

  1. Trash- Priorities
  2. Rik and the Pigs- Gimme Mick
  3. Twinkeyz- Alpha Jerk
  4. FNU Clone Inc.- Entropic Pop Game
  5. Devo- Jocko Homo
  6. Neo Neos- Jimmy’s Problem
  7. Protruders- Ice Cream
  8. Dow Jones and the Industrials- Dude in Direction Field
  9. Enemas- Easy Come Easy Go
  10. Manager- So n So
  11. The Cure- I want to be old
  12. Viletones- I hate you- without you
  13. Vice Squad- Scarred for Life
  14. Mad Virgins- I am a Computer
  15. New Bondage- Got no Job
  16. Hollywood Squares- Ashes and Dust
  17. Iggy Pop- Funtime
  18. Power- Electric Glitter Boogie
  19. Plates- At Sea
  20. Speck- Lips
  21. Bleeding Gums- Alone
  22. Macho Boys- Stone Cold
  23. Beta Boys- Silver Spoon
  24. Bike Cop- Bibliofucked
  25. Banana Clip- Blue Jeans
  26. Drains- Easy to Love
  27. Dry Heave- Slander! Libel! Slander!
  28. Poison Spur- Tornado of Teeth
  29. Acrylics- He wants a Baby
  30. Abandos- Blame it on the City
  31. Secrets- Teenage Rampage
  32. Drastic Measures- Flowers
  33. Luxury Units- Chilly Grover
  34. D.L.I.M.C.- Wicker Park
  35. Dong Vegan- Garbage Blood
  36. Dong Vegan- New Policy
  37. Dong Vegan- My Body is a Canvas
  38. Dong Vegan- Brat
  39. Dong Vegan- Cop Car
  40. Red Arms- Soviet Red White and Blues
  41. Radiation Risks- Caribbean Knights

Originally Aired March 24th, 2017 on 94.9fm CHRW


It’s Trash! #93 – Live to Air with Nervousmen

  1. Filth- Don’t Hide your Hate
  2. G.G. Allin- You Hate Me and I Hate You
  3. No Bails- Soundproof Room
  4. Wonder Bread- I Hate Punk Rock
  5. Neo Neos- Report of the Week
  6. Strange Attractor- Just Looking
  7. Tyvek- Mirror Image of
  8. Normals- What do you think of the USA?
  9. Nervousmen- 20 Bees
  10. Nervousmen- 6000 Pieces
  11. Nervousmen- New Break
  12. Nervousmen- Joy Decision
  13. Nervousmen- Stride Adjustment
  14. Boats- Heart of Gold
  15. Suburban Homes- Barbie and Ken
  16. Slow Cooker- Tub Apple
  17. Alarm Cat- Notches

Originally Aired on January 27, 2017.



It’s Trash! #89 – Where’s my Dingbat?


  1. Munks- Long Time Waiting
  2. Trmrs- Reality Waves/Interlude
  3. Comets on Fire- Black Poodle
  4. Adaptive Reaction- SOS
  5. Goggs- Falling In
  6. Couteau Latex- Demarche Favre
  7. Sick Thoughts- Choose Death
  8. Leather Jacuzzi- Here come Mr. Suck
  9. Shark Toys- Who Cares?
  10. Neutrals- You pay my Rent
  11. Syndicate- Partisan
  12. Composite- Pre Meditation
  13. UIC- Anything at All
  14. UIC- Light it and Fly
  15. Flesh Rag- Stay Away
  16. Synthetic ID- Forced Exhalations
  17. Utah Jazz- After the Bomb
  18. Fangs- Come On
  19. Lumpy and the Dumpers- Numbing Agent
  20. Liquids- Speed
  21. LS Dogs- You’re Done
  22. X45- Mad Laughter
  23. Darryl Read Group- Back Street Urchin
  24. The Scabs- U.R.E.
  25. Suburban Homes- Small Town Boredom
  26. Terminal Sunglasses- My cat got ran over with a Bus
  27. Limbo- Jenny
  28. Dik Van Dykes- Leave this City
  29. Hemingers- Diggy Diggy
  30. Dead Boys- What Love Is
  31. Prom Nite- Tied Down
  32. Raw Pony- Shattered
  33. Simply Saucer- Mole Machine
  34. 39 Clocks- DNS
  35. Buzzcocks- Hollow Inside
  36. Statics- Rebel like Me
  37. Pity- No God to Judge Me

Originally Aired December 2nd, 2016 on 94.9fm CHRW