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It’s Trash! #131 Black Punk Trash

Negro Terror- The Voice of Memphis
S.C.U.M.- Beer Can Nightmare
Snuky Tate- Can you Dance It
N.Y. Niggers- Just like Dresden
Obnox- Scenecide (off the meter)
Bloody Show- Gendernaut
Bloody Show- My Ways
Dead Kennedys- Government Flu
Homo Picnic- How many Lives
Bad Brains- Supertouch/Shit Fit
X Ray Spex- I Live off you
Death- Freakin Out
Originally aired February 22nd, 2019 on 94.9FM CHRW

It’s Trash! #95 – Black Punk


  1. Bunker Hill- Hide and Go Seek
  2. Bloody Show- Non Alignment Pact
  3. Snuky Tate- Stage Speech
  4. Pure Hell- The Girl with Hungry Eyes
  5. UIC- Heartache
  6. Public Speakers- 1994
  7. Die Group- Joe Namath
  8. Grand Trine- Monochromatic Youth
  9. Obnox- Tia Vincent
  10. Homo Picnic- Two Eyes
  11. N.Y. Niggers- Just like Dresden
  12. Death- Keep on Knocking
  13. X Ray Spex- I am a Poser
  14. Kenneth- Traumz
  15. Sode Pop- Sleep
  16. Clacker- Beef Vindaloo

Originally Aired Feb 24th, 2017.


It’s Trash! #75 – Black Punk


  1. Pork Dukes- Loser
  2. Sex Pistols- No Feelings
  3. Cult Heroes- Berlin Wall
  4. Death- You’re a Prisoner
  5. Pretty Ghouls- Can you do the Ghoul?
  6. Soupcans- Siamese Brutality
  7. Cruelster- March of the Tenochtittan
  8. Andy California- Do what i want
  9. Satanic Rights- Evil Wipers
  10. Dead Ghosts- Can’t get No
  11. Isolation Party- Signals
  12. Jimmy and the Jerks- Critical Mass/Critical Trash
  13. Homo Picnic-Trouble in Paradise
  14. New York Niggers- Just like Dresden
  15. TV Freaks- Courtesy Oppression
  16. Real Regular- Doesn’t it Bleed
  17. Foam- Sludge
  18. Perverts Again- Brute in the Bathroom
  19. Scraper- Clones
  20. Flesh Rag- Turning Around
  21. House of Knives- It Came from Cambridge
  22. Steve Treatment- Step inside a Worn out shoe
  23. Screaming Urge- We are Mono
  24. Snuky Tate- New Time
  25. Noble Savages- Take some Pills and Drive around
  26. B Lines- Social Retard
  27. Klazo- You can have him
  28. Black Panties- Prophet of Hate

Originally Aired on 94.9fm CHRW Feb 26th, 2016

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