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Norton House of Wax (Billy Miller RIP)


In memory of Billy Miller of Norton Records who passed away this past weekend, I thought I’d post this one-off podcast produced and hosted by Miriam Linna that was posted on the Orchard back in July of 2009. Miriam spins a lot of great wax that’s part of the Norton corral.

Following on the heels of their intergalactic collection of 45 pile drivin’ tracks digitized from 45s, I Still Hate CD’s: Norton Records 45 RPM Singles Collection Vol. 2, Miriam at Norton has hit the mic with the brand new podcast series, “Norton’s House of Wax.”  Episode 1 kicks off with an introduction to Nortonville’s creepy house on the hill where the rain never stops, and neither do the killer tunes – from gut-bustin’ garage to groovin’ R&B to roilin’ rockabilly. And as the gatecrashing gateway to NHOW’s podwave takeover, Miriam spins a bunch of the stand-out tracks on I Still Hate CD’s for our listening pleasure, including Gino Washington’s “Out Of This World,” Pleasure Seekers’ “What A Way To Die” and T. Valentine’s “Hello Lucille, Are You A Lesbian?”

This first podcast blast also includes an exclusive phone interview with bassist Jared Swilley of Black Lips, who dishes on his favorite Norton artists and one of the band’s first New York shows, which was attended by Miriam and her husband, Norton co-founder Billy Miller. Jared describes the show as “dark and dank and fun,” and also remembers a request from Miriam for his John Hancock, which he says was “probably the first time we were ever asked for an autograph”!

And what does he have to say about those nutty Nortonian numbers? He calls Gino Washington’s Out Of This World, “one of the funnest records I’ve ever heard,” and when it comes to Mighty Hannibal’s Hannibalism he says that he, “can’t believe those songs aren’t American classics.” Listen to the rest of the interview and all the juicy tunes that go with it by playing the podcast below!

The Norton Jukebox of Wild Delights

The Norton Jukebox of Wild Delights

The Norton Jukebox of Wild Delights

The Norton Jukebox of Wild Delights on Radio Mutation.

As you all probably know by now, NORTON RECORDS has been hit real hard by hurricane Sandy a few weeks ago and is still trying to recover. More details HERE.

The other day, as I wondering how could a lonely sick freak lost in a lonely dark cave (that’s me !) could help his long time Rock’n’Roll Heroes, I’ve heard ol’ Steve Terrell play a Norton records set in THE BIG ENCHILADA #54.

“Yep, that’s the idea boy !”, I’ve told myself. “Thank you Steve ! Let’s do a NORTON  special and pay tribute to one of the greatest record company ever !”

As I was pretty down and ill, I’m sorry I couldn’t find the energy to record a “proper” (proper ??? Ahahahaha !?!) episode of The House of Wild Delights. The positive thing is that I couldn’t scream, get fucked up and smash things all around !

But I’m sure you’ll dance and shake and wail and party hard to the loud Norton sounds blasting from THE NORTON JUKEBOX OF WILD DELIGHTS sweeties !!!

DOWNLOAD and get Norton’d !!!

Enjoy !

And don’t forget to check NORTON RECORDS and help as you can…

You still can order tons of great stuff (wooooow, check these killer limited edition collectible 45 hurricane Sandy special sleeves !!! I need them all !!!), donate or whatever could help the loud sound rebounds.

Thank you.

Special thanks to Kogar the Swinging Ape for some of the Mad Mike and Mad Daddy audio clips I’ve used to enlighten that real amateur cheap pseudo mix !

And, most of all : Huge thanks to the wonderful people at NORTON RECORDS !!!

Here’s the playlist :

Bed :  Caravan – The Zodiacs
(The Primitive Instrumental Sounds of the Zodiacs 7 EP / Norton)
Wild – The Gentrys (V/A Wild ! Wild !! Wild !!! 7 EP / Norton)
Bad Times – Scotty McKay (V/A Party Date ! 7 EP / Norton)
Rosalyn – The Pretty Things (7″/Norton)
You’re Running Wild – Ron Haydock and the Boppers (99 Chicks LP / Norton)
Rockin’ out the Blues – The Musical Linn Twins (7″/Norton)
Goo Goo Muck – Ronnie Cook and the Gaylads (7″/Norton)
El Telecote – Calvin Cool (V/A Mad Mike Monsters vol.1 LP / Norton)
The Shadow Knows – Link Wray and the Raymen (7″/Norton)
A Cutie named Judy – Jerry McCain and his Upstarts (7″/Norton)
Judy is a Punk – Ramones (7″/Norton)
Marie – The Alarm Clocks (7″/Norton)
The Hunch – Mad Mike and the Maniacs (7″/Norton)
In and Out – Larry and the Blue Notes (V/A Fort Worth Teen Scene vol.1 LP / Norton)
I’m Blue – The Rising Suns (7″/Norton)
Hipsville 29 B.C. (I  Need Help) – The Sparkles (V/A Hipsville 29 B.C. LP / Kramden)
Out of this World – Gino Washington and the Rochelles with the Atlantics (Come Monkey with Gino Washington and the Atlantics 7 EP / Norton)
Surfside Date – Triumphs (Surfside Date 7 EP / Norton)
My Own True Love – Bobby Fuller (El Paso Rock vol.2 LP / Norton)
Esquerita and the Voola – Esquerita
Little Girl Gone – Mogen David and the Grapes of Wrath (7″/Norton)
I Hear Voices – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and the Chicken Hawks (7″/Norton)
My Love for You is Petrified – Jack Starr (Born Petrified LP / Norton)
Wild Wild Lover – Benny Joy (Crash the Party LP / Norton)
Break Time – TheYetti -Men (The Ready Men meet the Yetti -Men 7 EP / Norton)
Big Sandy – Bobby Roberts (V/A Sin Alley LP / Big Daddy)
Bed : Hurricane – Wade Curtiss and the Rhythm Rockers (7″/Norton)
Camel Walk (part one) – The Saxons (7″/Norton)
Dancing Doll – Art Adams (Rock Crazy Baby 7″/Norton)
Downshiftin’ – The Ree -Gents (V/A Concussion LP / Mr. Manicotti)
The Girl Can’t Dance – Bunker Hill (7″/Norton)
Put de Pot on Mary – Poontang Perkins (7″/Norton)
Zoola Zooky – Johnny Alderson (V/A The Big Itch vol.8 / Mr. Manicotti)
Hot Lips Baby – Herbie Duncan (7″/Norton)
What a Way to Die – The Pleasure Seekers (7″/Norton)
Zombie – C.J. and the Casuals (7″/Norton)
She Said – Hasil Adkins (Out to Hunch LP / Norton)
The Evil Hurricane – Nervous Norvus (Stone Age Woo CD / Norton)
Shake Um Up Rock – Benny Cliff (V/A Shake Um Up Rock LP / Norton)
(Take me from this) Garden of Evil – Jimmy Wages (7″/Norton)
Walking Beside You – The Mighty El Dukes (V/A Northwest Grease 7 EP / Norton)
Trick Bag – The Artesians (7″/Norton)
Busy Body – Jolly Green Giants (7″/Norton)
Space Stroll – Don (Dino) Dean (Rocket Ship Rock LP / Norton)

+ Audio clips from : “Wild Guitar” by Arch Hal, Jr. and the Archers (cd / Norton);
“Mad Daddy – Wavy Gravy ! Atom Smashin’ Zoomeratin’ Mello Jello Radio Broadcasts 1958 -1964” (cd / Norton);
“Mad Mike Monsters” vol. 1 to 3 (lps / Norton);
and from Kogar’s Jungle Juice amazing blog.

Thanks for listening and supporting NORTON RECORDS !