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It’s Trash! #133 Interview w/ Ian Graham of Nowhere Fest

Priors- New Pleasure
Messrs- Slop Meat
Cheater Slicks- Flashback
Timmy’s Organism- Spirit Spiller
Bloodshot Bill- Keep Movin On
Big Blood- Intensify
Schpazz- Schpirit
Tommy T- I Hate Tommy T
Strange Boys- Shoulda Shot Paul
The Daughters of Eve- Don’t waste my Time
Susans- Distractions
Erik Nervous and the Beta Blockers- State Line
Burning Itch- Say it Again
The Cowboys- Wet Behind the Eyes
Clibbus- Marble Mouth
Beauticians- Roomates
TBC- Lill Babs
F.U. 2- Come on Strong
Fast Cars- What Can I do
Tommy and the Commies- Devices
Hubble Bubble- Come with Us
Lou Champagne System- Do Something
Radio 4- The Remedy
Interview w/ Ian Graham
Screaming Urge- Homework
Interview w/ Ian Graham
Erik Nervous and the Beta Blockers- Make Up to Break Up
Big Hog- metallica
Drunks with Guns- Beautiful Submission
Et Explore Me- H.S. Statue
Originally Aired March 22nd, 2019 on 94.9FM CHRW

It’s Trash! #127 – Trash Trades #2

Plan 9- Merry Christmas
Drunks with Guns- Hell Hole
Tenement Rats- Shit for Brains
Peace Corpse- Breach Birth
The Dull- I Hate Motorcyclist
P.O.S.- Intercourse
Flesh Rag- One Foot in the Grave
Shark Toys- Walking Song
Cheepskates- Christmas Time with you
Liquids- Think too Much / Shitty DA
Muzzy- Arby’s Creep
Erik Nervous- Future Kick
Sros Lords- Doom Dragon
Soupcans- Drip Zone
Soupcans- Murder Parade
Goggs- Morning Reaper
Sick Thoughts- Nothin in this World
Mom- Proof is in the Pudding
Baby Hairs- Cemetary
Cruz Somers- Alone
Suburban Nightmares- Schizophrenic Xmas
Gee Tee- Livin’ in the Future
The Resource Network- Absorb
Big Hog- Metallica
Waterheads- I love Speed
S.L.I.P.- The Dealer
Science Man- Jesus Clip
Caged Animal- The World is Four Walls
Gang of Four- Love like Anthrax
Abwartz- Mehr
Dogmatics- Xmas Time
The Thyme- Love is Love
13th Floor Elevators- Scarlet and Gold
Jon Wayne- Texas Funeral
Country Teasers- Panty Shots
The Milkshakes- Carol
The Soft Boys- There’s Nobody Like you
Originally Aired December 21st on CHRW 94.9FM

It’s Trash! #119 Weekend in the Rust Belt

Eric and Steve- Rust Belt Blues
Bloody Show- American Pimp
Knowso- Me and my Friends Town
Quitman- Skull Base
Cyber Bullies- You don’t care about New Wave
Erik Nervous- People Falling Over
Gen Pop- Din
Cobra Cobra- Primeria Decada
Protruders- N/A
Looping- In your Orbit
U.I.C- 2 +2=?
Simply Saucer- I can Change my mind ***
The Child Molesters- I wanna see some wholesale murder
Real Regular- I am Handsome
Devo- Jocko Homo
Folded Shirt- Eleven and a Bucket
Neo Neos- Asexualickally
Perverts Again- Cereal Bowl
Red Mass- Today I Die
Red Mass- Aggressive Tendencies
Geza X- Pony Ride II
Muff Divers- Does the pope shit in his hat
Gee Tee- Fightin is Dumb
Big Hog- Big Frog
Cruelster- March of Tenochtitlan
X_X- No Non Cents
Electric Eels- Sewercide
Bad Times- Glitter Boys
Skull Cult- Mr. Soul
Donkey Bugs- ABCs of Lust
The Resource Network- Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Resource Network
Rik and the Pigs- Rat’s Behind
Beta Boys- Littered Streets
Pig Flayer- Ghost in the Rain
Splat- Negmo
Splat- Takin a Bath
Gun- No Good


It’s Trash! #102 – The Show When I Talked About Stuff and Played Music

  1. Plasmalab- The Rule
  2. Dead Moon- 54/40 and Fight
  3. Rippers- Piece of my Heart
  4. Kijiji Allin- Tommy
  5. Psykik Volts- Totally Useless
  6. Susans- Cool by the Pool
  7. Noble Savages- Who’s gonna solve the mystery girls?
  8. Phone Jerks- You got my number
  9. Protruders- Hot Glue
  10. Paul Jacobs- Changing
  11. Barb’s Child- Old Love
  12. Sweet Dave and the Shallow Graves- Mind Disease
  13. Soupcans- Pleasure Overdose
  14. Eddie and the Hot Rods- Teenage Depression
  15. GG Allin and the Jabbers- NYC Tonite
  16. Rivals- Bastard Blues
  17. UK Subs- Rockers
  18. Disorder- Identity Parade
  19. Adverts- One Chord Wonders
  20. Cortinas- Fascist Dictator
  21. Kaliedoscope- Activation
  22. Proxy- Fountain of Youth
  23. B.A.R.F.- Welcome to Us
  24. Napalm Babys- Bullet/Gun Control
  25. Tightlip- Piss on you
  26. Enemas- Gang War
  27. Draggs- Hearse
  28. Lou Champagne System- Don’t say I’m Here
  29. FNU Clone Inc.- Start Up City Blues
  30. Manager- Beautiful Day
  31. New Doubt- Nightstan

Originally Aired on 94.9FM CHRW June 9th, 2017.


It’s Trash! #91 – Best of the Worst 2016


  1. Nihilist Spasm Band- Repetition
  2. UJ3RK5- Naum Gabo
  3. The Wad- Atomic
  4. New Fries- 90 Yr Old Girl
  5. Rik and the Pigs- Life’s a Bust
  6. Radiation Risks- The Sea of Love
  7. Paul Jacobs- Waiting for the Grave
  8. Flesh Rag- Tonight
  9. Manager- Excuse Me
  10. DD Owen- Suburban Nightmare
  11. Get off the Cop- Lipstick Tim
  12. Raw Pony- Shattered
  13. Nots- Fluorescent Sunset
  14. LS Dogs- Creeps
  15. X45- Mad Laughter
  16. Noble Savages- Take some Pills and Drive Around
  17. Never Betters- Fair Warning
  18. Mods- Year of Today
  19. Terminal Licks- You won’t see me go
  20. Suburban Homes- Part Time Punks 2016
  21. The Strand- I Understand
  22. Dow Jones and the Industrials- Ain’t Good Enough
  23. Revenge 88- Babylon
  24. Tommy and the Commies- So Happy
  25. Sik Rik- Holly is a Punk
  26. DD Owen- Son of the Devil
  27. UIC- Rich Kids
  28. Protruders- Fashion Party
  29. Heart Attack Kids- Deaf Dogs
  30. Goggs- Goggs
  31. Perverts Again- You’re not taking me to the Prom
  32. Ausmuteants- BOTF
  33. Everyday Objects- Fix Bayonets
  34. Plasmalab- Vancab
  35. Leather Jacuzzi- Here Come Mr. Suck
  36. Nervousmen- Nunspiration
  37. Doxx- Asshole
  38. Weapon Man- Everything is Shit
  39. Drains- I can’t see anything

Originally Aired December 30th, 2016 on 94.9FM CHRW