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It’s Trash! #113 – Trash It!

Fast Cars- Everyday I make the same mistakes
Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants- I lost my mind
Muzzy- Moron
Explosives- I’m an Explosive
Booji Boys- Locked up in the City
Nushu- Generator Nobophobe
Nightbummerz- Assembly
Black Orphan- Video Kids
Neo Neos- Do’n Noth’n
Throbbin Urges- I’m so Sick
Aluminum Knot Eye- My Life as an Eel
Government- Shootout
Drains- Code Rule
Artificial Dissemination- Sell you Shit
PVC- Telephones
Dead Kennedys- Religious Vomit
Pure Hell- America
Vicious Cycle- I Hate Cops

Originally Aired February 16th on 94.9FM CHRW


It’s Trash! #101 – Psycho Caller Qu’est-ce que c’est?

  1. Tubeway Army- My Love is a Liquid
  2. Basczax- Karleean Photography
  3. Swell Maps- Real Shock
  4. Puncture- Mucky Pup
  5. Carsickness- My and My Cruiser
  6. Kitchen People- Trendoid
  7. Protruders- Cold Energy
  8. Banana Clip- Brain Jar
  9. Nag- I’m so small
  10. Ty Segall- Thank you Mr.K
  11. Mystreated- I try so hard
  12. Pokies- Out of the Blue
  13. Cavegurls- Just out of Reach
  14. Susans- BBQ
  15. Live Fast Die- Forged in Flames
  16. Dong Vegan- Cop Car
  17. Vypers- Mr. Girl
  18. The Jermz- Powercut
  19. The Mekons- 32 Weeks
  20. The Rings- I wanna be free
  21. Pork Dukes- Stuck Up
  22. Timmy’s Organism- Sweet Tooth
  23. Flesh Rag- Tonight
  24. Noble Savages- Who’s gonna solve the Mystery Girls?
  25. Neo Neos- Geriatric Insight
  26. Rubber Mate- Bloody and Drunk
  27. Tightlip- Pushed Around
  28. Cell- Contempt
  29. Macho Boys- Slam ( Decadence)
  30. Ekman and Owen- Gonna go Downtown
  31. Dilettantes- Late to the Party
  32. Chloroform- Walking Out
  33. Klazo- Smash the Letter
  34. Manager- Did It
  35. Drains- Dumpster Town
  36. CCTV- Bob EE

Originally Aired May 19th, 2017 on 94.9FM CHRW


It’s Trash! #94 – Love Trash

  1. Neo Neos- Love Trash
  2. D.L.I.M.C.- Wicker Park
  3. Erik Nervous- I’m a Brick
  4. Tyvek- Choose Once
  5. Sonic Avenues- Future
  6. Alarm Cat- Notches
  7. Undertones- True Confessions
  8. Mr. Science- Popeshat
  9. Man with Job- Sex World Girls
  10. Synthetic Lout- Kitty Bite
  11. New Fries- Gertrude Stein Greeting Card
  12. Lost System- Future Shock
  13. Suburban Homes- Paranoia + Frustration = Constipation
  14. Chachi On Acid- Spring Beasts of Death
  15. WLMRT- Von Hammer
  16. Bleeding Gums- Lotus
  17. Pity- How to be a Better Ally
  18. Acrylics- Waiting
  19. Valley Boys- Pills
  20. Toxic Thoughts- The Void
  21. Human Eye- They came from the Sky
  22. Klazo- Unnamed
  23. Beta Boys- 3308
  24. Everyday Objects- Fixed Bayonets
  25. Stoned- Nazi
  26. Nuclear Crayons- Outsider
  27. Starshooter- Quelle Crise Baby
  28. UIC- Green Lady
  29. Do Nothings- Lose City
  30. Retros- High Energy Love
  31. Jon Wayne- Orange Blossom Special
  32. Might Caesars- Why don’t you try my Love
  33. Luxury Units- Amber Dean
  34. Dong Vegan- Swallow
  35. Slow Cooker- Who Broke the Window
  36. Trenchmouth- The Future vs. Centrifugal Force
  37. Bugg- Track 1
  38. X45- I don’t Mind
  39. Ripcordz- Goodbye, So Long, Get Lost

Originally Aired Feb 17th, 2016 on 94.9FM CHRW



It’s Trash! #87 – Killed by Meth


  1. Big Star- Feel
  2. The Strand- You and Me
  3. Real Regular- Take your Pills
  4. No Bails- Garbage Day
  5. Senor Citizen and the Border Patrol- Walls
  6. Perverts Again- You’re Not Taking me to the Prom
  7. Ornerys- I’m in a Band
  8. Klazo- Smash the Letter
  9. BSHC- Generation Greed
  10. Pity-Pace it off
  11. Flesh Rag- Tonight
  12. The Wad- Wad Bag
  13. Useless Eaters- Moist Cuts
  14. DD Owen- I hate this City
  15. Protruders- Jonny
  16. Executives- Resistance
  17. Erik Nervous- Nervous Child
  18. Susans- 3D Me
  19. Raw Pony- Bo Diddley
  20. Drains- Still in Love
  21. Toxin III- Numb/It’s Dead/ Middle Class
  22. Pete Fender and the Four Formulas- I’ll never Believe
  23. No Alternative- Show em All
  24. Fun Things- Lipstick
  25. Chattering Class- 3D Hollywood
  26. Everyday Objects- Fix Bayonets
  27. Plasmalab- Vancab
  28. Cheetahs- Formula X
  29. Mud City Manglers- One More Mile
  30. Hemingers- Frenzy
  31. Noble Savages- Rock Bottom Tonight
  32. Purling Hiss- Fever
  33. Nots- Cosmetic
  34. Nervousmen- Nunspiration
  35. Yacht Patrol-Let me Know
  36. UIC- Leave me Alone
  37. Woodboot- Headcrack
  38. Doxx- baby Doomers
  39. Prom Nite- No Motivation
  40. Prom Nite- Tied Down
  41. Limbo- I always Win
  42. Sick Thoughts- 18 and Free

Originally Aired on 94.9FM CHRW on November 4th, 2016.


New record out! ITS-008 – Killed By Meth/Rust Belt Rockers – Various Artists LP

It’s Trash! #86 – Goner’d


  1. The Strike- Anthem for the 80’s
  2. UK Subs- C.I.D.
  3. UK Subs- I couldn’t be you
  4. Emergency- What ya gonna do?
  5. Emergency-Won’t tell you again
  6. Hat Trickers- Clockwork Soldiers
  7. Vapids- Blueprint for the Future
  8. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants- Enigma Machine
  9. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants- Eyes
  10. Spray Paint- Shit me to Tears
  11. Nots- Cold Line
  12. Bloodshot Bill- Crazy Party
  13. Reigning Sound- Straight Shooter
  14. Dik Van Dykes- Lost in Space
  15. Fritz- Track 1
  16. Fritz- Track 2
  17. Fritz- Track 3
  18. Prom Nite- Missionary
  19. Prom Nite- Snakes
  20. Paul Jacobs- Under the Stairs
  21. Synthetic ID- Silhouettes
  22. Useless Eaters- Industrial Park
  23. Buck Biloxi and the Fucks- Rats of Trantor
  24. Sick Thoughts- I’ll say Goodbye
  25. Black Lips- Take me Home
  26. Alex Chilton- Can’t seem to make you mine
  27. Soft Boys- Underwater Monnlight
  28. Nosebleeds- Face Value
  29. Doxx- Baby Doomer
  30. Goggs- Smoke the Wurm
  31. The Drains- Learning Disability
  32. Tumbas- Placeres Innecesarios
  33. Ausmuteants- Mr. Right
  34. Yacht Patrol- Let me Know

Originally Aired September 9th, 2016 on 94.9FM CHRW.



It’s Trash! #88 – Buffalo Rock City


  1. Susans- BBQ
  2. Susans- Hey Mom
  3. Flail- Stop Smiling
  4. In School- Bloodlust
  5. Disco 3000- Designed to Contextualize
  6. Silent Era- What Else
  7. Facility Men- The Whip
  8. Radiation Risks- Prayers
  9. Radiation Risks- A Man about Town
  10. Drains- If the cops show up
  11. Plates- Priveledge of Boredom
  12. Rocket Reducers- Waste Away
  13. Beta Boys- Peace Love Chaos
  14. Woodlot- Headcrack
  15. Vapids- Dangerous Game
  16. Ausmuteants- Coastal Living
  17. Ausmuteants- Cross Eyes
  18. Freeze- Don’t foregt about me Tommy
  19. Alex Chilton- Walking Dead
  20. Mystics- Can’t be Happy
  21. Leather Jacuzzi- Don’t Touch Me (I’m a Punk)
  22. Sick Thoughts- Somethin for you
  23. Dilettantes- Non-Alignment
  24. Homostupids- Caveman
  25. Everyday Objects- Immovable Force
  26. Modern Pets- Pilsator
  27. Shark Toys- Who Cares?
  28. Sik Rik- Do not top Knot
  29. Submerged Objects- Cloud Level
  30. Adaptive Reaction- Suffragette
  31. Zellots- Soldiers
  32. Nach Dem Tode- Heaven has Eyes
  33. Atomic Buddha- Cosmic Bond
  34. Brown Sugar- Candy
  35. Radiation Risks- The Sea of Love
  36. Plates- Day Planner
  37. Puberty- The Cream Cheese on Gordon’s Hairline
  38. Beastman- Bad and Beautiful
  39. Valley Boys- Feeding Time
  40. Kremlin- No hope for you
  41. Pity- B7
  42. Pity- A Blatant Lack of Respect for Authority
  43. Hassler- Imprisoned
  44. BSHC- Generation Greed

Originally Aired November 25th, 2016 on 94.9fm CHRW.