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It’s Trash! #90 – Trashmas


  1. Guy Lombardo- He’ll be coming down the Chimney
  2. Fear- Another Christmas Beer
  3. Metal Mike- Deck the Halls
  4. Gruesomes- Santa Claus
  5. Humpers-Run Run Rudolph
  6. Sloppy Seconds- Hooray for Santa Claus
  7. No Bails- Garbage Day
  8. Weapon Man- Weapon Man
  9. Pool People- Spank your own ass
  10. Drains- Cyanide Love
  11. TV’D- I’d like to Kiss you but your Standing on my Bottom Lip
  12. Mud City Manglers- One More Mile
  13. Uranium Club- Small Fry
  14. Statues- Same Bodies Same Minds
  15. Suburban Homes- Welcome to Shitsville
  16. Beastman- Bad and Beautiful
  17. Mozart- The Tick
  18. Utah Jazz- Moontan
  19. Nots- New Structures
  20. Doxx- Rude Peen
  21. Toxic Thoughts- Mental Torture
  22. B1tchL0ve- All I want for Christmas is some White Stuff
  23. Fear- Fuck Christmas
  24. Damned- There ain’t no Santa Claus
  25. Dickies- Silent Night
  26. Yobs- Doggy
  27. Ramones- Merry Christmas , I don’t wanna fight tonight
  28. Nadroj and the Wolfrats- Forget It
  29. Suburban Nightmare- Schizophrenic Christmas
  30. Lost Systems- Medical Study
  31. Zoomers- From the Planet Moon
  32. Simply Saucer- Electro Rock
  33. Dub Rifles- No Town No Country
  34. Mickey DeSadist- All the Glitter
  35. Dishrags- Past is Past
  36. Hollywood Killers- Goodbye Suicide
  37. Havenots- Rock n Roll Weekend
  38. UIC- Lock Jaw Bay
  39. Chachi On Acid- Kiss My Ass

Originally Aired on December 23rd on 94.9fm CHRW.


It’s Trash! #85


  1. Last Words- No Music in the World Today
  2. Vains- The Faker
  3. Vains- The Loser
  4. Scabs- Leave Me Alone
  5. Stagebeast- Working Man
  6. Protruders- Jonny
  7. Nazis from Mars- American Express Dream
  8. Ausmuteants- Calculations
  9. Wierdonia- Nice Sloth
  10. Golden Trash- Jim Morrison’s Grave
  11. Fuzz- Schizophrenic Synopsis
  12. Sleeping Beauties- Hands across America
  13. Eat Skull- Waiting for Hesitation
  14. Alex Chilton- Snatch the World
  15. Marvelous Darlings- Shoot the Piano Player
  16. Makeout Videotape- Gigi Bungsu
  17. Kenneth- Executive Function
  18. Prom Nite- Eternity of Man
  19. Prom Nite- Condo
  20. Prom Nite- Friendly Boy
  21. Doxx- Slimer
  22. Nots- Blank Reflection
  23. Amyl and the Sniffers- Stole my Push Bike
  24. VCR- Murder City Rules
  25. VCR- Intro
  26. Lumpy and the Dumpers- Nix Nix Nix Nix
  27. Poser- Squatters Rights
  28. Poser- Reality Machine
  29. JJ Doll- Egotist
  30. Neos Neos Neos- Track 1
  31. Neos Neos Neos- Track 2
  32. Young Canadians- Beg Borrow and Steal
  33. Napalm Babys- Gun to my Head
  34. Pure Hell- Wild One
  35. Pity- No Gods to Judge me
  36. Pity- Face it off
  37. Toxic Thoughts- Leprechan
  38. Toxic Thoughts- trapped
  39. Shotgun Solution- I.K.Y.C.I.M.F.
  40. Johnny Dole and the Leatherscabs- Little Lord Punk
  41. Razar- Countdown Shutdown
  42. Chainsaw- What goes on
  43. Chainsaw- Nuclear Apocalypse

Originally Aired September 2nd, 2016 on 94.9FM CHRW.



It’s Trash! #83 – Permanent Vacation


  1. New Models- Permanent Vacation
  2. Killer Lady- Learn to hate in the 80’s
  3. Cheap Thrills- Im Useless
  4. Fucked Up- Job
  5. Cola Freaks- Plus Alicja Trout- Surfin with Steve Edamin
  6. CPC Gangbangs- L.A Sleeze
  7. Foam- man Im totally not Asleep
  8. Deathsticks- Bark Bark
  9. Plasmalab- Blackout
  10. Manager- Jewel
  11. Rik and the Pigs- Im so Bored
  12. Pet Sun- Demo Spunk
  13. Sleeping Beauties- 50s Haircut/Golden Shoes
  14. Paul Jacobs- How did you find out
  15. Golden Trash- Booze Whos
  16. Painted Fruit- Kitchen of Love
  17. Cavegurls- Little Lover
  18. Honey Radar- Fort Wayne Mermaids
  19. Flyin Saucers- Killbilly
  20. King Creep- Telephone
  21. Nasal Boys- Hot Love
  22. Demics- I wanna Know
  23. Nothing- Scream n Cry
  24. Buzzcocks- Boredom
  25. Lumpy and the Dumpers- Spiderbite
  26. JJ Doll- Dirge
  27. Amyl and the Sniffers- Mandalay
  28. VCR- Shut Up
  29. VCR- One Trick Dogcatcher
  30. Stalin Video- Fur Koat
  31. Foster Care- Sterilization
  32. Foster Care- SCD
  33. Synthetic ID- An Interpose
  34. Urinals- Return of Jake Boodler
  35. Sik Rik- Party Tonite
  36. Sik Rik- Pizza Faced
  37. The Nipple Erectors- Starvordale Rd N5
  38. Last Four Digits- Another Sex Crime

Originally Aired on 94.9FM CHRW July 15th, 2016.


It’s Trash! #80


  1. Submerged Objects- Metropolis
  2. Neon Knives- Acid Eater
  3. Neon Knives- Clorox
  4. Useless Eaters- Industrial Park
  5. Paul Jacobs- Trapped Inside
  6. Wolfcow- Lawless Graveyard
  7. Noble Savages- Hard Hard Life
  8. Bippy- Clipboard
  9. Decomposeur- Geezer
  10. Deathsticks- Ghosts Aren’t Real
  11. BSHC- Destroy Davos
  12. Radians- Alberta Advantage
  13. Black Orphan- Circuits
  14. Prom Nite- I See Red
  15. Radiation Risks- This
  16. Wire- No Christmas for John Quays
  17. Manager- Lil Pig
  18. Anti- Freeze- Anal teeth
  19. Painted Fruit- Kitchen of Love
  20. Demons Claws- Fucked on K
  21. True Sons of Thunder- Butt Bong
  22. Dixie Buzzards- Bald
  23. Blowtops- Living for Depression
  24. Sick Thoughts- Stitches
  25. Poser- Ian’s Song
  26. Poser- Reality machine
  27. Last Sons of Krypton- I want Ass
  28. Misantropes- Why do you Treat me So Bad?
  29. The Last- She don’t know why Im here
  30. BTP Folder- All of a Sudden
  31. Ambulance- I Remember
  32. Bad Sports- All the Time
  33. GG King- Metaphysical Problems
  34. City Slang- I can’t let go
  35. City Slang- Drag me Around

Originally Aired June 10th, 2016 on 94.9fm CHRW


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It’s Trash! #75 – Black Punk


  1. Pork Dukes- Loser
  2. Sex Pistols- No Feelings
  3. Cult Heroes- Berlin Wall
  4. Death- You’re a Prisoner
  5. Pretty Ghouls- Can you do the Ghoul?
  6. Soupcans- Siamese Brutality
  7. Cruelster- March of the Tenochtittan
  8. Andy California- Do what i want
  9. Satanic Rights- Evil Wipers
  10. Dead Ghosts- Can’t get No
  11. Isolation Party- Signals
  12. Jimmy and the Jerks- Critical Mass/Critical Trash
  13. Homo Picnic-Trouble in Paradise
  14. New York Niggers- Just like Dresden
  15. TV Freaks- Courtesy Oppression
  16. Real Regular- Doesn’t it Bleed
  17. Foam- Sludge
  18. Perverts Again- Brute in the Bathroom
  19. Scraper- Clones
  20. Flesh Rag- Turning Around
  21. House of Knives- It Came from Cambridge
  22. Steve Treatment- Step inside a Worn out shoe
  23. Screaming Urge- We are Mono
  24. Snuky Tate- New Time
  25. Noble Savages- Take some Pills and Drive around
  26. B Lines- Social Retard
  27. Klazo- You can have him
  28. Black Panties- Prophet of Hate

Originally Aired on 94.9fm CHRW Feb 26th, 2016

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