Bands, labels, and “musicians” are welcome to share their music with our team of Radio Mutation podcasters, and, who knows, maybe get some virtual “spins” on one or more of our shows.

Bands (or labels who don’t do the digital online promotion thing) can submit your stuff to us via our “Submit your music” form located below. Please do NOT email us your songs. Email sucks. NOTE: Please make sure you’re sending us MP3s, not WAVs or any other file format. Thanks!

Labels: If you do digital online promotion via download from your website, please contact us at with instructions on how we can be granted access to your promotional materials.

Submit your music

That's it! That's all ya gotta do.

P.S. Please don't forget to include the NAME of the band/artist and the SONG TITLE, where you're from, etc. in the description section... A brief description of who you are and where you're from is always a good idea when requesting plays.

Our podcasters will be checking our submitted-music library frequently for some good stuff to play on their shows, so be sure to listen or subscribe.

"Podsafe Music"

Bands and labels should also consider submitting their music to one of the sites listed below. These sites are specifically set up to provide podcasters like us with access to "podsafe" music (royalty-free music for podcasts).