Cut x Cut – Radio Free Alderaan – Maz Kanata

In a galaxy far far ago, rebels fought a great war in the stars against a vast imperial army. D.J. Erik and co-host RA-D10 were sent to the planet Alderaan to build morale for the rebel soldiers. Their strategy: keep ’em rocking. Their problem: staying beyond the reach of the evil Empire. Every other week, CUTXCUT and RadioMutation will host RADIO FREE ALDERAAN, a mixtape for the characters of the Star Wars universe. From soul to funk and metal to punk, Erik and Kris share their fascination with sci-fi’s most beloved space opera by playing host to soundtracks that speak to their favorite characters. This is Real Rebel Radio. This is Radio Free Alderaan. This week, Erik and his music protocol droid, RA-D10, field requests, take your calls, and send out an intergalactic audible podcast in honor of the pirate queen, Maz Kanata
Marta Ren and the Groovelvets – I’m Not Your Regular Woman
Etta James – Seven Day Fool 
Bo Diddley – You Can’t Judge a Book By The Cover
Jackie Shane – Sticks and Stones 
Delroy Wilson – Cool Operator 
Desmond Dekker – Beautiful and Dangerous 
Pupa Jim – I Need a Map 
The Magnificent Tape Band – Black Tiger 
Bee Gees – In My Own Time 
Little Willie Johnson – I’m Shakin’ 
Piney Brown & His Blues Toppers – Sugar in my Tea (Cream in my Coffee)
Creedence Clearwater Revival – It Came Out of the Sky 
The Monkees – Daily Nightly
The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Bold as Love 
Jefferson Airlplane – The Last Wall of the Castle 
La Luz – The Creature 
Voodoo Priestess – All Across the Sky 
Chicano Batman – Freedom is Free
Merrilee Rush – Angel of the Morning 


BIG ENCHILADA 129: Hillbilly Bop

Back to the hills and hollers for another Big Enchilada hillbilly episode. Real country music old as well as new, pure as well as mutated. For those who miss The Santa Fe Opry, hold this one close to your heart.

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Here’s the playlist:

(Background Music: Charlotte Breakdown by Don Reno)

Hillbilly Bop by Martha Fields

Hey Joe! by Carl Smith

That Little Honky Tonk Queen by Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley

Bottom Dollar Boy by Vandoliers

What Do You Do When You’re Lonesome by Wanda Jackson

Be Real by Freda & The Firedogs

Possum Man by The Brothers Covelle

(Background Music: Brownie’s Stomp by Milton Brown & His Musical Brownies )

Call Me Lucky by Dale Watson

Miss Atomic Bombshell 1949 by Miss Celine Lee

Hobo Bill’s Last Ride by Jason Ringenberg

Past the Ditch by Lonesome Shack

Wonky by Reverend Horton Heat

Poor Until Payday by The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band

(Background Music: Fort Smith Breakdown by Luke Hignight & His Ozark Strutters)

Room 309 by Reverend Billy C. Wirtz

Diddy Boppin’ and Motor Mouthin’ by Clara Dean

One Step Nearer to You by Margie Singleton

Don’t Fix Up the Dog House by George McCormick

Don’t That Road Look Rough and Rocky by The Osborne Brothers

(Background Music: Border Ride by Jim & Jesse)

Mottey’s Garage 90


thee cat burglar personality crisiS
firebirds sugar shack a gogo
wood chickens third eye blues

sonic death home punk fuken hits 2011-2017
parquet courts tody we love tomorrow the world
ramones cover from new york
The Spikeweed – I Love The Girl who loves The Ramones
work unit day job

Screaming Lord Sutch cause i love you
wild zeros i cn only give you everyhing
cold leather past remedy past remedy
lovin scoundrels baby
fuck yeah dinosaurs tar pit
straight arrows franchise
the dirtbombs i started a joke
the hex dspensers gates of steel winchester mystery house

uk sub roadrunner subversions
the 5 6 7 8 s hey hy ha ha my summer love japanese girl
the apers here comes the summer
a-Bones come on come on music minus five
american breakfast asscube
dave edmunds bad is bad
chinese millionaires stupid girl
chupa cabra my girl
ditches under the sun 1000 Elephants ep
gafatape sandy l’appel du vide smart dressed girl

mean jeans (lets go B4 I blow my) brains out
split with HOLLYWOOD
parks recall
sleep eaters ghost on fire
the kirks bulli blues

the legendary tigerman motorcycle boy
puppy and the hand jobs trash rock n roll
the dirtiest cento shot
the mighty jabronis put em in a headlock
prince daddy and the hyena brocker cheddie skip cutscenes!
the unlovables punk rock club,r i p ep

the pagans i cant explain
rat bites runnin on fumes
the prositutes hung by the phone
sad park ragically young / sleepsomewhere down the line
the lazy cowgirls / somewhere down the line
wilmer x motorbike driven / comp called a real cool time

Paul evere and the Raiders / kicks
radio birdmen / new race
steele poole bathtub / paranoid
wood chickens / rollin
the lovely eggs / i shouldnt have said that


It’s Trash! #131 Black Punk Trash

Negro Terror- The Voice of Memphis
S.C.U.M.- Beer Can Nightmare
Snuky Tate- Can you Dance It
N.Y. Niggers- Just like Dresden
Obnox- Scenecide (off the meter)
Bloody Show- Gendernaut
Bloody Show- My Ways
Dead Kennedys- Government Flu
Homo Picnic- How many Lives
Bad Brains- Supertouch/Shit Fit
X Ray Spex- I Live off you
Death- Freakin Out
Originally aired February 22nd, 2019 on 94.9FM CHRW

Smashin’ Transistors 48: Green

The calendar is full of rumors. The Vernal Equinox corroborates.

What you’ll hear.

Can – I’m So Green
Cameo – Alligator Woman
Obnox – Find My Way
Celebrity Handshake – It Takes All Kinds of Bones
Murderer – Tomorrow The World Is Yours
-words from your host-
Red Mass – Crooked
DANA – Cupid
Cold Feet – Buried in a Hole
Primitiv Parts – Internet
Ice Baths – Replacer
-words from your host-
Writhing Squares – Steely Eyed Missile Man
Martha and the Muffins – Paint by Number Heart
Andy Human &The Reptoids – Autism 4 2
Straight Arrows – Headache
The Cowboys – Wet Behind the Eyes
-words from your host-
Midnight Mines – Innocent Sorcerers
Low Life – Rave Slave
Wingtip Sloat – Gizzard Jett
The Yolks – Get Back
Let’s Active – In Between
-words from your host-



Find much more Smashin’ Transistors nonsense at

Mottey’s Garage 89


the stimulators / loud fast rules
zero boys / living in th 80’s
business dudes / vidio man

cannibals / good times
tell tale hearts / it’s not me
the crawdaddys / there she goes
shadows of the night / i got my mojo working
hypstry / midnight hour
cheter slicks / my little red book
renegades / thirteen woman
les sexareenos / everybody sexareeno

the crac / just dont sit there
turpentine brothers / all the same
paris street rebels / freakshow

hank haint / blackout
the replaceents / hitching a ride
the sloppy boys / tom collins
golden boys / yeah i wanna know
the creeps / down at the nightclub

pkew pkew pkew / 65 nickles / dont matter at all
urgent matter / so punk

king kahn / crakin up
the delta riggs / all the lil people
weird omen / out of my brain
the vicious cycles / see see rider
cooterfinger / rotten candy

the scaners / please abduct me
the yols / get back
the stoneage hearts / motor away
vegas kings / wait and see

van dammes / risky business
the creetings / waiting room
x / johnny hit and run
powersolo / boom babba do ba dabba

the cramps / bikini girls with machine guns



Way Past Cool – Episode 69 [Savage]

Wanna Get A Job In The City – The Black Mambas
The Spider – El Ray
Shake A Tail Feather – The Five Du-Tones
Age Difference – Wild Thing
A Fistful Of Dollars – The Brapidos IV
On Your Own – The Down ‘n’ Outs
Moon Riot – The Pistol Rays
Hoodoo Nitespot – The Bread Makers
Don’t Want You Either – The Mal Thursday Quintet
Suicide Clutch – The Mel-Tones
Pretty Plaid Skirt – Mel Smith & The Night Riders
Tesoura Voadora – Ted Boys Marinos
Flaming Mamie – Billy Hambric
Make It Right – The Omens
Barracuda – The Standells
Desperado – The Playboys
Haunted House – Marcel Bontempi
Straight To Hell – CHUM


It’s Trash! #130 Request your own Band

Timmy’s Organism- Guzzle Gasoline
Saine Anthony’s Fyre- Get Off
Dboy- Dboy for President
Carbonas- Stoned to Death
Cowboys- Open Sores
Wlmrt- Roger’s Movie Idea
Liquids- Wanna Throw Up (when I see your face)
Sick Thoughts- Hammer
Clibbus- Botanical Briefcase
Closet Christ- Closet Christ
Vanilla Poppers- Get Away from Me
S.L.I.P.- Fast Living
MOM- I wish I was the Moon
Tenement Rats- Pigs and Dogs
Red Squares- Ottawa Today
Cheap Nasties- Hit and Run
Geza X and the Mommymen- The Paranoids are Coming
Dboy- Scouts Rule
Originally Aired on 94.9FM CHRW February 15th, 2019

Cut X Cut Radio Free Alderaan – Bossk

Welcome to Radio Free Alderaan: The first and last Real Rebel Radio broadcasting across the galaxy to fuel the Resistance and make you shake your body.

Kris, and his reprogrammed Imperial DJ Droid K1-R3, are force choking the radio waves and bringing you some doom metal for everyone’s second favorite bounty hunter: Bossk

Track list:

black sabbath – children of the grave
pentagram – when the screams come
eagle twin – elk wolfv hymn
earth – engine of ruin
spazz – problems in the homeland
electric wizard – funeralopolis
bossk – atom smasher


Rock And Roll Dance Party 03/18/19

maximum beat…

Benny Joy: Wild Wild Lover (Norton)
Rio Rockers: Mexicali Baby (Capitol)
Bloodshot Bill: Do What You Do (Come Get Your Love Right Now)
The Color: Down The Road A Piece (Hodad Hootenanny Too)
Rolling Stones: Come On (Decca)
Kaisers: Little Devil (Rough n’ Rare)
Grey Strokes: The Ballad Of Tarzan (Tri-Com)
Monsters: Jungle Noise (Jungle Noise Recordings)
Manual Scan: Jungle Beat (All Night Scan)

Shutdown 66: She’s Itchy And Fabulous (Corduroy)
Yardbirds: I Ain’t Got You (Yardbirds Story)
Mama Guitar: A Certain Girl (In Mama Guitar Style)
Shindiggers: One Way Street (Maximum Beat)
New York Dolls: Don’t Start Me Talkin’ (Personality Crisis)
Tommy & the Commies: Straight Jacket (Here Come…)
Cheap Nasties: Destroy All Planets (s/t)
No Tomorrow Boys: Get Out Of Denver (Hound Gawd!)
Whiffs: She Lies (Take A Whiff)

Kneejerk Reactions: Bat Girl, I Love You (Indestructible Sounds Of…)
Batman & Robin: Be My Little Cat (Bachelor)
Falling Stars: Real Batman (Black)
X-Rays: Big Brother (Trojan)
Little Becky & the Rag Mops: The Itchy Scratch (CBM)
Les Sexareenos: Everybody Sexareeno (Live! In The Bed)
Midnight Snaxxx: Faded Pictures (Bachelor)
Losin’ Streaks: Time Has Come (This Band Will Self Destruct)

Suburban Homes: Magazine (Neck Chop)
Missing Links: Wild About You (Driving You Insane)
Radio Birdman: Aloha Steve And Dano (Radios Appear)
Eastern Dark: I Don’t Need The Reasons (Long Live The New Flesh)
Bad Sports: Constant Stimulation (Constant Stimulation)
Terry & Louie: I’m Looking For A Heart (Tuff Break)
Personal & the Pizzas: Brain Damage (Oops Baby)
Great Mongoose: Shake Outta Control (1993 -1998)

Stray Cats: Cat Fight Over A Dog Like Me (40)
Shaun Young & the Three Ringers: Things Will Never Be The Same (Movin’)
Arlie Neaville: Boppin’ the Bug (Dean Carter – Call Of The wild)
Johnny Burnette & the Rock And Roll Trio: Your Baby Blue Eyes (Coral)
Real Kids: Can’t Talk T That Girl (No Place Fast)
Devo: Penetration In The Centerfold (Turnaround: B-Sides And More 1978-1984)
Erik Nervous: Do-Do (Nervoloid)
Ruler: Gimme Some Noise (Mangrove/Secret Mission)
Reaction: Talk Talk (Talk Talk – Rare)

Slok: By The River (Holy Motor)
Amyl & the Sniffers: Pleasure Forever (Big Attractor/Giddy Up)
Plastic EP & the Records: Three Special Words (Xerox)
Spits: Wait (Kill The Kool)
Carbonas: Ripped Red Dress (Your Moral Superiors)
Cosmic Psychos: Feeling Average (Loudmouth Soup)