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Smashin’ Podsistors 43: Building blocks of proteins

Many across the nation will be in a serious tryptophan coma on Thursday. Like every year, I hope to be out of mine come Sunday though for Grep Cup viewing.
What you’ll hear on episode 43
Blacktop – Blazing Streets
The Unholy Two – Moscow Doomsday Cloud
Movietone – Mono Valley
Roxy Music – Editions of You
Mauvais Genre – Pour Toi
-words from your host-
Leon Gardner – Farm Song
Jon Spencer – Hornet
Suburban Homes – Magazine
Remember Sports – Up From Below
Gino and the Goons – Early Retirement
-words from your host-
Timmy’s Organism – Wall Of Grey
Celebrity Handshake – Television Lips
O. Rex – Califawnia Girls
Crescent – Lightbulbs In The Trees
Missing Pages – Long Way Down
-words from your host-
U-Nix – Liberal Hardcore
Johnny Notebook and the Blue Screens – Go Bust
Urochromes – I’m Gonna Confront Ya
Pinch Points – Jelly Brain
The Prats – Disco Pope
-words from your host-

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Smashin’ Transistors 42: Sizzled

Sizzle. They say ya gotta sell it. Hard sell tactics are not a strong point for yours truly. I can guarantee that there’s plenty of sizzling soundwise on this latest episode of Smashin’ Transistors.

Bathe in the hiss!

What you’ll hear:
Fly Ashtray – The Man Who Stayed In Bed All Day
Mountain Movers – My Eyes Are Always Heavy
Obnox – Enter The Hater
J.C. Heavy – Do What You Like
Beauticians – Mouse or Man
words from your host
David Nance Group – 110 Blues
Monokultur – Äckel
Rocket 808 – Digital Billboards
Little Walter Trio – Bad Actin’ Woman
Water Trash – Fine
words from your host
Rex Wonderful & The Silk Sheets – Humidity
The Pink Noise – House Of Cards
The Randoms – ABCD
Jon Spencer – Wilderness
Brandy – Throw Out My Kitchen
words from your host
Mary Bell – Be a mom
Lysol – Chemical Reaction
Terrestrials – Teenage Waistband
Latex Bride – Puppet Head
Cows – Mine


Smashin’ Transistors 41: Like an emotional complex

Autumn makes hints of its arrival but never says exactly when. It may a subtle entrance. It can also crash down brazenly.

What you’ll hear in this October installment:
The Necros – Peer Pressure
Pious Faults – Field
Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band – Petrified Forest
Ruby Karinto – Chikotan
P-Model – Art Mania
-words from the host-
Brandy – Life Jail
Gen Pop – Din
Stereolab – Revox
George Brigman – I’ve Got to Know
Terrestrials – Rings
-words from the host-
School Damage – Isn’t Easy
The Uniques – You Ain’t Tuff
HONG! – Maruk
Purling Hiss – Passenger Queen
Violence Creeps – Ford Go Bikes
-words from the host-
Warmest Winter – We Should Go Out Tonight
Hawkwind – Lost Johnny
Siouxie and the Banshees – Jigsaw Feeling
Mope Grooves – Here Comes Another One
Television Personalities – The Glittering Prizes
-words from the host-
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Smashin’ Transistors 40: There are tins. There was pork. There are legs. There are sharks…

Staring out into the lake may cause hallucinations. A sure sign that’s happening when you understand the voltaic incantations.

What you’ll hear:
The Pop Group – Words Disobey Me
Obnox – Captain Blackeye
Roy Montgomery with Liz Harris– Landfall
The Lavender Flu – Dream Cleaner
The Deltrons – Tonya
-Dale talks-
Mudhoney – Paranoid Core
The Fatback Band – Wicky Wacky
Donkey Bugs – The Example
Pious Faults – Longevity
Giant Sand – Black Venetian Blinds
-Dale talks-
Spiritualized – On the Sunshine
Primo – Ticking off a List
Teenage Fanclub – Critical Mass
Seance Sisters – Rabid Moon
Boyracer – Denatured
-Dale talks-
Daytime Drugs – Beethoven Was A Bore
Mope Grooves – Last Seen
Flasher – Who’s Got Time?
Brian Eno – Third Uncle
Jerry Reed – Guitar Man
-Dale talks-
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Smashin’ Transistors 39: Hot rods pre-cleaned real fine nicotine

With August humidity comes agitation. To cool it means oscillations. The whirring can be hypnotic. It can also be an irritant.

What you’ll hear:
Crash Course In Science – Kitchen Motors
Midnight Mines – Stations
Pram – Ladder to the Moon
Counter Intuits – Vietnamese Lighter
Musical Linn Twins – Rockin’ Out The Blues
-words from your host-
Cruelster – Why Did They Do That to Me Back Then
Marc Riley With The Creepers – Teacher Travel
Parsnip – It Couldn’t Be True
Jefferson Airplane – 3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds
The Love-Birds – Kiss and Tell
-words from your host-
Caveman & Bam Bam – Let’s Start A Fire
Cement Shoes – Fruity Funhouse
Lysol -Teenage Trance
Obnox – Broke Socialite
Ragtime Frank – Shake ‘Em
-words from your host-
Donkey Bugs – Men in High Heels
Section 25 – It Don’t Get
Arndales – Half Thrash
ADULT. – Irregular Pleasure
Chrome – The Monitors
-words from your host-

Smashin’ Transistors 38: And life keeps getting stranger every day

It’s high summer here in the land of Smashin’ Transistors. Much to do. Sometimes too much.

Somehow though, episode 38 managed to get done in a somewhat timely fashion.

Set your ears upon the following:

Zounds – Can’t Cheat Karma
Shark Toys – Confusion
Ma Holos – Celebrity Boots
The Three O’Clock – I Go Wild
En Attendant Ana – (Not) So Hard

-words from your host-

The Resource Network – Psychographics
Psychlops Eyepatch – Melting Flowers
Cavern Of Anti-Matter – Feed Me Magnetic Rain
New Order – Procession
Rose Mercie – Spring and Fall

-words from your host-

The Liquids – Talking On The Phone
The Mistreaters – How Much for the Women?
Howlin’ Wolf – Who’s Been Talkin’
John Wesley Coleman – Breaking Up Crazy
School Damage – Scump Damage 2

-words from your host-

Outer Spacist – Push
Dumb Vision – The Fall
Water Trash – Guess 
The Lavender Flu – Like A Summer Thursday
The Yankee Dollar – City Sidewalks

-words from your host-


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Smashin’ Transistors 37: And all of the colors are black


The fish have been biting but adulting has kept me away from finding out for myself. Hell, I’ve only been to the beach twice this summer.

In episode 37 there are some Aussies contorting a mid 70’s Adult Contemporary smash, the Buzzcocks,  a couple things that cop the Buzzcocks, punk-psych, space-punk, bong-gazers and oodles more.

What You’ll Hear:

Superhelicopter – Rock ‘n ‘roll Nightmare
Daytime Drugs – Space Station Blues
Compulsive Gamblers – Quit This Town
Carol Jones – Don’t Destroy Me
The Lavender Flu – Leaking Past
-Your host speaks-
Slowcoaches – Found Down
Circle Jerks – Operation
Dead Meadow – Nobody Home
Patois Counselors – Terrible Likeness
Tang Soleil – Canadian Son (To Terry Jacks)
-Your host speaks-
Germ House – Crawl Into the Past
Outer Spacist – Gyrfalcon Flight
Rose Mercie – The End of Love
The Shifters – My Little Town
Country Teasers – Points of View

-Your host speaks-
Trash Knife – Locked Out
Liquids – Not Fun
Buzzcocks – Love Battery
Lassie – Zegway Cop
Elton Motello – Pogo Pogo
-Your host speaks-

Smashin’ Transistors 36: SPACE FORCE!!!

The term “Space Force” popped up in the news again a bit this week. All I keep picturing is some lame comic book published by Harvey or Charlton Comics. Either that or one of those comic books some kid down the block gave you and the story ends up having a “Come visit our Sunday School and get saved” message.

A better ending would be where the villain is a brand named squatter and he gets hurled towards the sun. Sure, the universe will smell really gross for a little while after he is burnt to nothing but ash. Then though we can clean up and move forward again.

What you’ll hear:
Electric Eels -Cyclotron
Germ House – Bedroom Walls
The Eyes – I’m Rowed Out
The Sueves  – Drifting
Raspberries – Tonight
-words from your host-
School Damage – Scump Damage 3
Josef K – The Angle
Chronophage – 13th Ward
Solex – Peppy Solex
Jon Spencer – Do The Trash Can
-words from you host-
Private Sector – Survival (Is Killing Me)
Johnny Tyler – Devil’s Slate
Counter Intuits – Edge
Construction Paper – Edge of the Sidewalk
Kid Chrome – Pall Mall 100’s
-words from your host-
En Attendant Ana – This Could Be
Dead Meadow – I’m so Glad
Shark Toys – Maze
Gino and the Goons – Watch You Shine
The Cramps – Mystery Plane
-words from your host-

Smashin’ Transistors 35: They measure the beat to understand the situation

Did pop music’s king have has Kool Aidanimated film when he was a child?

What happens when a son discusses proto-punk history with his dad?

Are those questions answered? That is for all of us to surmise. Let your eardrums chew on the sounds of episode 35 of the Smashin’ Transistors podcast and gather for yourself what they concluded.

What you’ll hear:
Nikki Sudden – Channel Steamer
Iceage – Pain Killer
Patois Counselors – The Modern Station
Times New Viking – New Times, New Hope
T-Model Ford – Can’t Be Touched
-words from your host-
Gen Pop – No Identify
Set-Top Box – Company Time
Wooden Shjips – Red Line
Vertigo – Smoked
Glass Traps – Super Protected
-words from your host-
Outer Spacist – Peripheral Visions
The Total Rejection – Party Seven
Füxa – Our Lips Are Sealed
Jackson 5 – I’ll Bet You
The Mystery Girls – Quit Your Flying Around
-words from your host-
Red Mass – Rat Race
Gallery Night – Young Love Doesn’t Last
Sonic’s Rendezvous Band – City Slang
Pineapple RnR – Rain Cage
Spacemen 3 – I Love You
-words from your host-

Smashin’ Transistors 34: It’s A Bob Seger-Free Weekend!

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend in the US of A. In the state of Michigan, it marks the unofficial start of summer. “A Bob Seger free weekend” is probably against the law to declare in this state on such a weekend (or any weekend for that fact.)

I bet right now there are weird uncles, creepy dads and dirty grandfathers making some ultimate 3 day weekend Bob Seger mix to celebrate with while they scorch hot dogs and then serve them on a paper plate with the American flag printed on them.

I will hopefully avoid such situations this weekend. Oh. and don’t waste your time or mine commenting stuff like “but the System ruled, dude.” Yeah, I know they did. I grew up here and have heard Bob everyday of my life so I am well aware of that. Just for one day though, it would be nice to not hear any Silver Bullet Band anywhere, y’know?

In other words, you will not hear anything from the Seeg’ in this episode of Smashin’ Transistors. It could be worse. Y’know, like an ALL Kid Rock weekend.

What you will hear:
Jerry Cole & His Spacemen – Deep Surf
Deadbeat Beat – Bar Talk
Todd Rundgren – Couldn’t I Just Tell You
The Lice – He’s the Chair
Subsonics – You Got Eyes
-words from the host-
En Attendant Ana – Night
Carlton Melton – Way Back When
Bad Habit – The Garden
The Sueves – The Button
Razorbumps – Workin’ Bees
 -words from the host-
Wire – Map Ref 41 N 93 W
Iceage – The Day The Music Dies
Silver Apples – I Have Known Love
Hookups – Go Find It
Gen Pop – Din
-words from the host-
Gasoline – I Just Low
Jessie Fortune – Too Many Cooks
Patois Counselors – Last Heat
The Hecks – In The Dirt
The Mo-Dettes  – White Mice
-words from the host-


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