Shock Therapy

SHOCK THERAPY is a (mostly) punk-rock show hosted by Køpper.
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Shock Therapy #6 – Play Ball!

Here’s the windup and the playlist…

The Rip Offs – Rip Your Heart Out (Got a Record/Rip Off – 1994)
The Mummies – Your Ass (Is Next in Line) (Never Been Caught/Telstar – 1992)
Loli & the Chones – I Think I’m Gonna (P.S. We Hate You/Rip Off – 1997)
The Child Molesters – I’m Gonna Punch You (In the Face) (7”/SFTRI – 1989)
The Dogs – Slash Your Face (7”/Detroit Records – 1978)
Filth – Don’t Hide Your Hate (7”/Plurex – 1978)
Hunx and His Punx – You Think You’re Tough (Street Punk LP/Hardly Art – 2013)
The King Khan & BBQ Show – Kiss My Sister’s Fist (Bad News Boys LP/In The Red – 2015)

The Angel Sluts – Lock and Load (Hot Teen Action (7”/Wrecked ‘Em Wreckords – 2005)
Birdland with Lester Bangs – I’m in Love With My Walls (Add On Records – 1986)
Chain Gang – Son of Sam (7”/Kapitalist Records – 1977)
Miss Ludella Black & The Masonics – I Swear From This Witness Stand (From the Witness Stand/Damaged Goods – 2008)
Les Lullies – Don’t Look Twice (7”/Slovenly – 2017)
Mac Blackout – Pocket for Everything (The Rabid Babies LP/Dead Beat – 2008)
WolfWolf – The Blind Butcher (The Cryptid Zoo LP/Lux Noise – 2017)
Skip Church – Bad Anyways (Out of Tune, In Touch With the Devil/Randy Records – 2017)

Ellen and the Degenerates – My House (Herb Alert 7”/What’s for Breakfast Records – 2017)
Wheels on Fire – Midnight School (Get Famous!/Big Legal Mess Records – 2009)
Wipers – Can This Be (Youth of America/Park Avenue Records – 1981)
Personal and the Pizzas – Rock and Roll (Personal and the Pizzas LP/Slovenly – 2016)
The Spits – Tonight (Vol. IV/In The Red Records – 2010)

Big Boys – Baby Let’s Play God (Lullabies Help the Brain Grow/Moment Productions – 1983)

Music Bed: The Witchdoktors – Eat My Eye (Spaceship Girl EP/One Louder – 1996)


Shock Therapy #5

Kopper’s back with Episode #5 of Shock Therapy…


Chrome Reverse – Sinner Not a Saint
Os Courettes – Boom! Dynamite!
Tommy and the Rockets – Rock ’n Roll Wrecking Machine
Leadfoot Tea – Coronet Hemi
Mary’s Kids – Time Has Come
Shitstorm – EVIL

Suburban Homes – Cul-De-Sac
Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers – Pinetree Boogie
Rick Shaffer – Necessary Illusion
The Hunches – Watcha Gonna Do
Pony Time – Put You There
Bummers Eve – I Want Your Drugs
The Loons – Blue Ether
bAd bAd – Dead Ends

The Venus Flytraps – X-Ray Eyes
Life Stinks – Strange Prison
Foster Care – Solo Tryst
Spray Paint – Heavy Loiter
Black Panties – Piece of Shit
Shark Toys – City Lights

The Wildebeests – Heart of Lead
Shady and the Vamp – My Baby Can’t Take It


Shock Therapy #4

After a long delay, here’s episode #4 of Shock Therapy. Enjoy (and FUCK TRUMP)!


The Hipshakes – Brain Numb
Cosmo and the Counts – I’m a Little Mixed Up
Pussy Riot – Vagina
Robert Crumb & His Cheap Suit Serenaders – My Girl’s Pussy
The Light Crust Doughboys – Pussy, Pussy, Pussy
Devo – Pink Pussycat
Child Molesters – 13 Is My Lucky Number
DC Fallout – Nazi Trumps Fuck Off

The Humpers – Mutate With Me
Zodiac Killers – Genetic Mutation
The Bolides – Genetic Make Up (Don’t Help You Much)
NoMeansNo – It’s Catching Up
Espectrostatic – Dead End City
Boss Hog – Wichita Grey
Baby Woodrose – Dandelion

Spray Paint with Ben Mackie – Friendly Moving Man
Useless Eaters – Electrical Outlet
Meatbodies – Disorder
Mudhoney – Touch Me I’m Sick

Music beds taken from “Pornosonic Featuring Ron Jeremy”


Shock Therapy #3

Shock Therapy Trois Playlist:

The Vultures – Shock Therapy Blues (The Vultures, Big Muddy Records, 2008)
Ike & Tina Turner – Nutbush City Limits (Nutbush City Limits, United Artists, 1973)
Black Diamond Heavies – Happy Hour (A Touch of Some One Else’s Class, Alive Records, 2008)
OBN IIIs – No Time for the Blues (Third Time to Harm, Tic Tac Totally, 2014)

Destination Lonely – Gonna Break (No One Can Save Me, Voodoo Rhythm, 2015)
Cheap Time – Exit Smiles (Exit Smiles, In The Red, 2013)
Ex-Cult – Clinical Study (Cigarette Machine, Castle Face Records, 2015)
Moon Duo – Zero (Shadow of the Sun, Sacred Bones, 2015)
Night Beats – Right/Wrong (Who Sold My Generation, Heavenly, 2016)

The Hunches – Watcha Gonna Do (The Hunches, Almost Ready Records, 2001)
Dead Boys – All This and More (Young, Loud and Snotty, Sire, 1977)
The Beguiled – I Walk Alone (Blue Dirge, Crypt Records, 1994)
The Cramps – Dr. Fucker M.D. (Musical Deviant) (Fiends of Dope Island, Vengeance Records, 2003)
bAd bAd – Dead Ends (bAd bAd, S-S Records, Nov. 2016)

Kinks – You Really Got Me (Kinks, Pye Records, 1965)
The Fanatics – I Will Not Be Lonely (45, Gina, 1965)
Felony – The Fanatic (The Fanatic, Rock’n’Roll Records, 1983)
Registrators – School’s Lust (Sixteen Wires From the New Provocate, Rip Off, 2000)
Teengenerate – Mess Me Up (Get Action!, Crypt Records, 1994)

Thee Headcoatees – Spineless Little Shit (The Sisters of Suave, Damaged Goods, 1992)


Shock Therapy #2


Playlist: Shock Therapy – Deux

The Spongetones – Shock Therapy (Torn Apart EP, Ripete Records, 1984)
Ramones – Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment (Leave Home LP, Sire, 1977)
Gino and the Goons – __________ Tamed (Play Loud LP, Total Punk, 2013)

Really Red – I Refuse to Sing (Teaching You The Fear: The Complete Collection 1979-1985 LP, Alternative Tentacles, 2015)
DD Owen – I Hate This City (Plane EP, Ken Rock, 2016)
Musk – Wet Brain (Musk 2: The Second Skumming, 12XU, 2016)
Bazooka – Epanalipsi (Useless Generation LP, Slovenly, 2016)

The Cavemen – School Sucks (The Cavemen, 1:12 Records, 2015)
The Donnas – I Don’t Want to Go to School No More (The Donnas, Lookout Records, 1998)
Icky Boyfriends – Frank’s Mom (7”, C&P Records, 1991)
Thee Headcoats – I’m Hurting (In Tweed We Trust, Damaged Goods, 1996)
The Rockin’ Ramrods – She Lied (Bon-Bon Records 45, 1964)

Meet Your Death – Elephant Man (Meet Your Death LP, 12XU, 2016)
NoMeansNo – Body Bag (You Kill Me EP, Alternative Tentacles, 1991)
Scraper – Misery (Misery LP, Slovenly, 2016)
Leather Towel – The Message (Leather Towel VI 7”, Anti Fade Records, 2016)
Devo – Fraulein (Hardcore Devo Vol. 2, Rykodisc, 1991)
The Cambodian Space Project – Monster Fuzz (Electric Blue Boogaloo, no label, 2015)

Dwarves – Lick It (Lick It [The Psychedelic Years] 1983-1986, Burger Records, 2016)
Lumpy and the Dumpers – Numbing Agent (Huff My Sack LP, Lumpy Records, 2016)
Sick Thoughts – 18 and Free (Sick Thoughts 7”, Total Punk, 2016)
John Cale – Chicken Shit (Animal Justice LP, Illegal Records, 1977)

Jello Biafra and the New Orleans Raunch and Soul All-Stars – Land of 1,000 Dances (A Walk on Jindal’s Splinters, Alternative Tentacles, 2015)


Shock Therapy #1

In the summer of 2016 I started working on a new podcast called Shock Therapy. I basically created a couple of playlists on my Soundcloud account and was using those to “lay out” the songs that I’d include. Then I started putting the shows together using GarageBand on my MacBook Pro, which then decided to crash, taking the original podcast production files with it. Kinda shelved the idea at that point, until about a month ago when a friend of mine was able to save the data from the old hard disc and load it onto a new one for me, and lo and behold, there were the Shock Therapy GarageBand files I’d been working on. So I decided to go ahead and finish them up and post them here. This is the first episode, originally started in May/June 2016. Enjoy!


Black Panties – Future (Windian)
No Limit – Moving Out/Radiation Poison/Say That Again/Zilch (Goodbye Boozy)

David Peel – The Master Race (HoZac Archival Records)
Upheaval – Paradise Lost (Love Records, 1979)
Dirty Fences – Heaven Is Tonight
Jeffrey Novak – Pictures on a Screen (Trouble in Mind)
Hydeouts – Doom & Gloom (Custom Made Music)

Candy Dogs – Palewave
Brat Farrar – Feel This Way (Hound Gawd! Records)
Distractor – Spaceman (Burger Cassette)
Suburban Homes – Conformity in the U.K. (Total Punk)
Giorgio Murderer – I Ain’t Doing So Hot (Pelican Pow Wow)

The Tough Shits – Cats & Dogs (Burger Records)
Timmy’s Organism – Cats on the Moon (In the Red Records)
Timmy’s Organism – Get Up, Get Out (Third Man Records)
White Fang – Wrecked (Burger Records)
Great Dismal Swamis – I Wanna Get Ripped (Windian Records)
Soda Boys – Burgers & Fries (Total Punk)

Fuzz – Rat Race (In The Red Records)


Carburetor Dung #3


Side A:
Stalins of Sound – Rules for Your Mouth (Slovenly Records)
Fidlar – 40 oz. on Repeat (Mom+Pop Music)
Mudhoney – Behind the Door (live via
The Plasmatics – Monkey Suit (Stiff Records)
Jacuzzi Boys – Happy Damage (Mag Mag Records)
Black Lips – Funny (VICE Records)
The Dictators NYC – Supply and Demand (self-released)
The Living Eyes – Eat it Up (Goodbye Boozy Records)
King Salami and the Cumberland Three – Ma Juju Girl (Off the Hip Records)
Lydia Lunch – Atomic Bongos (ZE Records)
Rudy Ray Moore & The Soul Rebellion Orchestra – Dolemite Theme (Traffic Entertainment Group)

Side B:
Thee Blind Crows – Boom Boom Baby (KOTJ Records)
Urban Junior – Backdoor Boogie (Voodoo Rhythm Records)
Little Big Bangs – Pet Store (Eat Tapes)
Timmy’s Organism – Cats on the Moon (In the Red Records)
Guantanamo Baywatch – Pina Colada (Bone Soup)
Nightmare Boyzzz – Problem Child (Slovenly Records)
Dirty Fences – Heaven Is Tonight (Volcom Entertainment)
Shannon and the Clams – It’s Too Late (Hardly Art Records)
Crawlers – I’m Gonna Kill You (Slovenly Records)
Shitstorm – 666 (self-released)
Magnetix – I Drink (But My Guitar Doesn’t) (Slovenly Records)


Carburetor Dung #2



Side A:
The Monsieurs – Young Gun (Slovenly Recordings)
Nots – Reactor (Goner Records)
Gateway Drugs – Head (Cobraside)
Monkeywrench – Flashy New Dance Steps (Birdman Records)
Shadow in the Cracks – Timeless (Goner Records)
Rik & the Pigs – Pig Sweat (Total Punk Records)
Jeffrey Novak – Pictures on a Screen (Trouble in Mind Records)
Nikki Corvette and the Romeos – He’s Gone (Premium Otis Recordings)
The Coathangers – Springfield Cannonball (Suicide Squeeze Records)

Side B:
Ty Segall – Drug Mugger (Famous Class Records)
The Dirtbombs – Daddy Rockin’ Strong (Norton Records)
Gino and the Goons – Babydoll (Slovenly Recordings)
Manges – I Tried to Die Young (It’s Alive Records)
Isotopes – Ballad of Rey Ordoñez (Stomp Records)
Zig Zags – The Fog (In the Red Records)
Ex-Cult – Cemetery Secretary (Goner Records)
Cheater Slicks – Love Ordeal (Columbus Discount Records)
King Tuff – I Love You Ugly (Sub Pop Records)
Buck Biloxi and the Fucks – Rock and Roll Sucks, Pt. 2 (HoZac Records)
Bazooka – Bye Bye Girl (Slovenly Recordings)


Carburetor Dung #1


Mixtape-style podcast featuring modern-day trash punk/garage noise. Produced by . These shows will all fit nicely onto one 60-minute cassette tape.

Side A:
Cal and the Calories – Plop (Rat King Records)
The Brainstems – Nervous Conditions (self-released)
Acid Baby Jesus – Homo Sapiens (Slovenly Records)
Nobunny – Blow Dumb (Goner Records)
Lumpy and the Dumpers – I Was a Teenage Bozo (Erste Theke Tontraeger)
Strange Boys – They’re Building the Death Camps (In the Red Records)
The Anomalys – Retox (Slovenly Records)
Rick Shaffer – So Tired (Tarock Music)
Dean Dirg – Chartbreaker (Stereodrive! Records)

Side B:
Cannibal Animal – Motorkade (self-released)
Black Panties – Prophet of Hate (Total Punk Records)
The Conjugal Visits – 8th Grade (Preteen Cretins) (GRGPNK Records)
Brat Farrar – Do You Really Wanna Know (P. Trash Records)
Useless Eaters – American Cars (Castle Face Records)
Speedy and the Fuck Offs – Freeway Shooter (GRGPNK Records)
Overnight Lows – City of Rotten Eyes (Goner Records)
White Fang – Strange Feeling (Burger Records)
Hank Haint – Don’t Talk to Me (GG Allin) (Voodoo Rhythm Records)
Giorgio Murderer – Nobody Likes You (Goner Records)
King Khan & BBQ Show – Killing the Wolfman (In the Red Records)
The Tough Shits – Cats & Dogs (Burger Records)


Noise Annoys #15 (Final Episode)


The FINAL episode.


Dim Stars – Rip Off
Roky Erickson – Two Headed Dog (Red Temple Prayer)
Lyres – What a Girl Can’t Do
The Miracle Workers – One Step Closer to You
Sonic Chicken 4 – Sexiest
Natural Child – The Jungle
Hell Shovel – Already Gone
Teenanger – High Risk High Fun
Scat Rag Boosters – Boo Hoo Baby Blues
The Monsters – Drug Train
X-Ray Spex – Identity
Spizzenergi – Where’s Captain Kirk?
Suicide Commandos – Real Cool
The Crucifucks – Washington
Jay Reatard – Faking It
The Red Crayola – Hurricane Fighter Plane
New Colony Six – At the River’s Edge
The Scientists – Swampland
Human Sexual Response – A Question of Temperature
Mudhoney – The Farther I Go