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Life In The Future #3

Malaria! – Your Turn To Run (I Will Be Your Only One) (New York Passage EP/Cachalot Records) Germany 1982
A Trois Dans Les WC – Contagion (V/A BIPPP: French Synth-Wave 1979-85/Born Bad) France 1979
Visitors – Electric Heat (Poet’s End/Telephone Explosion) Scotland 1979
Edith Nylon – Avorton (Self-Titled/CBS) France 1979
Tožibabe – Dežuje (7″/Ne! Records) Yugoslavia 1986
Drunks With Guns – Beautiful Happiness (Thirst For Knowledge EP/No Label) USA 1986
Joy Division – Transmission (12″ Single/Factory) England 1979
Autopilot – Love Is A Process (7″ EP/Merimusic) England 1979
Les Stagiaires – Airport (V/A Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes Volume 2/Born Bad) France 1982
Family Fodder – Savoir Faire (Monkey Banana Kitchen/Staubgold) England 1980
Goteborg Sound – Jag Har Fått Nog (Bloodstains Across Sweden #3/Bloodstains) Sweden 1978
Aural Indifference – Theme (V/A The Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 2/Minimal Wave) Australia 1981
Cinema 90 – In Ultra-Violet (V/A Seattle Syndrome Two/Engram Records) USA 1982
Steven Grandell – Burn My Eyes (Animal Angst/Straight Face Records) USA 1984
Fad Gadget – Insecticide (Fireside Favourites/Mute) England 1980
Tuxedomoon – Everything You Want (V/A Subterranean Modern/Ralph Records) USA 1979
Sad Lovers & Giants – Colourless Dream (Epic Garden Music/Radiation) England 1982


Life In The Future #2

Kaos – Tko Ste Vi (Betonska Djeca/Ne! Records) 1982 Yugoslavia
Rock Bottom & The Spys – No Good (7″/None) 1981 USA
All The Madmen – Superior Life (Tape-Recordings 1980-1983/Vinyl On Demand)
Pink Turns Blue – Walking On Both Sides (If Two Worlds Kiss/Fun Factory!) Germany 1987
Ministry – I’m Falling (EP/Wax Trax!) 1981 USA
OTO – Anyway (EP/Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L’Acier) 1984 France
SPK – Mekano (Auto-Da-Fé/Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien) 1979 Australia
Nubs – Job (V/A Killed By Death #5/Redrum) USA 1980
Protex – I Can’t Cope (V/A Made In Britain/Polydor) 1980 Ireland
Ratsia – Päästäkää Mut Irti (V/A Break The Rules #9: Rare Punk & Powerpop 1978-’82/Rocking Records) 1979 Finland
Screaming Sneakers – Violent Days (Marching Orders EP/SR) 1982 USA
Outlets – Best Friend (7″/Modern Method) 1982 USA
Adverts – New Church (Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts/Bright Records) 1978 England
Television Personalities – Scream Quietly (Mummy You’re Not Watching Me/Fire) England 1982
Teenage Jesus & The Jerks – Orphans (Lydia Lunch: Hysterie 1976-1986/Rough Trade) USA 1978
Grauzone – Schlachtet! (Self-Titled/Welt-Rekord) Switzerland 1981
Futurisk – Army Now (Player Piano/Minimal Wave) USA 1980
Spizzenergi – Soldier Soldier (7″/Rough Trade) England 1979
Mats Olofsson – Rekordmagasinet (V/A Life In The Future: Swedish Post-Punk & Synth Wave 79-87/None) Sweden 1981



Life In The Future #1

I am proud to present the debut episode of Life In The Future, a classic “Punk & Wave” podcast. Guitars and synthesizers are equally prevalent here amongst a smattering of punk/post-punk oddities.


Ensemble Pittoresque – Better Life’s (For This Is Past/Clogsontronics) Netherlands 1983
Second Layer – Fixation (World of Rubber/Cherry Red) England 1981
Lizzy Mercier Descloux – Torso Corso (V/A Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes/Born Bad) France 1979
Feederz – Destruction Unit (Ever Felt Like Killing Your Boss?/Flaming Banker) USA 1984
Nitzer Ebb – The Book (Basic Pain Procedure/Pylon) England 1983
Drinking Electricity – Breakout (Overload + Singles/Medical) Scotland 1982
Fancy Rosy – Punk Police (V/A Je Suis Punk/Faux) France 1977
Idoli – Plastika (V/A Killed By 7 Inch/Redrum) Yugoslavia 1981
Wah! Heat – Seven Minutes to Midnight (7″/Inevitable) England 1980
Au Pairs – You (7″/021) England 1979
The Boys Next Door – Brave Exhibitions (The Lost and Brave Exhibitions Of…1977-1979/None) Australia 1979
Josef K – Romance (Singles Collection 1980-1982/Les Disques Du Crepuscule) Scotland 1979
Dirty Actions – Bandana Boys (V/A Gathered/Spittle) Italy 1982
Colin Newman – & Jury (A-Z/Beggars Banquet) England 1980
Sepp Maier’s Gloves – Ambition (V/A Your Secret’s Safe With Us/Stunn) New Zealand 1982
Blitz – Solar Extended Remix (12″ Single/Future A) England 1983
SS-Say – Care (V/A The Hidden Tapes/Minimal Wave) Denmark 1985
Klinik – Moving Hands (Fever EP/Antler) Belgium 1988