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It’s Trash! #103 Eroders

  1. Noble Savages- Escape Plan
  2. Nervousmen- 20 Bees/600 Pieces
  3. Fake Surfers- n/a
  4. Blades- Had Enough
  5. Liquids- heart Beats True
  6. Cowboys- The Look on your Face
  7. Filth- Nothing for Me
  8. Savage Bastards- Teenage Wasteland
  9. Eroders- Doctor Says
  10. Eroders- Soup Kitchen
  11. Protruders- Poison Future
  12. Suzannes- Teenage Abortion
  13. Suzannes- Hippie
  14. Plasmalab- Mirror Machine
  15. New Doubt- I can’t feel it
  16. Soupcans- Wet Alien
  17. Bikini Cops- Shiver
  18. BSHC- Fake News for Fake Life
  19. Phone Jerks- Smokestack Lightning
  20. Cut Heroes- She’s got Nothin
  21. Candy Snatchers- Dead Beat
  22. Durango 95- What should I do ?
  23. Eroders- Searching for You
  24. Eroders- Lose my Mind
  25. Paul Jacobs- Born in a Zoo
  26. barbs Child- New Love
  27. Mom- Bam Bam
  28. Susans- Hank the Neighbour
  29. Dong Vegan- Switch Hitter
  30. Eroders- Searching for You
  31. Eroders- Lose my Mind
  32. Erik Nervous- 2 Jazz C
  33. Rubber Mate- I’m Living in Hell
  34. Tightlip- Don’t care
  35. Pokies- Woodstock 99
  36. Kaleidoscope- Cloud Control
  37. Borzoi- Surrender the Farm
  38. Flesh Rag- Blood on my Mind
  39. Banana Clip- Mongol Babe/Red Square
  40. Faction- Corpses in Disguise
  41. Noble Savages- Don’t Give a Fuck ( Hey Little Baby)

Originally Aired June 17th, 2017. on 94.9FM CHRW.

It’s Trash! #102 The Show when I talked about stuff and played music

  1. Plasmalab- The Rule
  2. Dead Moon- 54/40 and Fight
  3. Rippers- Piece of my Heart
  4. Kijiji Allin- Tommy
  5. Psykik Volts- Totally Useless
  6. Susans- Cool by the Pool
  7. Noble Savages- Who’s gonna solve the mystery girls?
  8. Phone Jerks- You got my number
  9. Protruders- Hot Glue
  10. Paul Jacobs- Changing
  11. Barb’s Child- Old Love
  12. Sweet Dave and the Shallow Graves- Mind Disease
  13. Soupcans- Pleasure Overdose
  14. Eddie and the Hot Rods- Teenage Depression
  15. GG Allin and the Jabbers- NYC Tonite
  16. Rivals- Bastard Blues
  17. UK Subs- Rockers
  18. Disorder- Identity Parade
  19. Adverts- One Chord Wonders
  20. Cortinas- Fascist Dictator
  21. Kaliedoscope- Activation
  22. Proxy- Fountain of Youth
  23. B.A.R.F.- Welcome to Us
  24. Napalm Babys- Bullet/Gun Control
  25. Tightlip- Piss on you
  26. Enemas- Gang War
  27. Draggs- Hearse
  28. Lou Champagne System- Don’t say I’m Here
  29. FNU Clone Inc.- Start Up City Blues
  30. Manager- Beautiful Day
  31. New Doubt- Nightstan

Originally Aired on 94.9FM CHRW June 9th, 2017.

It’s Trash! #101 – Psycho Caller Qu’est-ce que c’est?

  1. Tubeway Army- My Love is a Liquid
  2. Basczax- Karleean Photography
  3. Swell Maps- Real Shock
  4. Puncture- Mucky Pup
  5. Carsickness- My and My Cruiser
  6. Kitchen People- Trendoid
  7. Protruders- Cold Energy
  8. Banana Clip- Brain Jar
  9. Nag- I’m so small
  10. Ty Segall- Thank you Mr.K
  11. Mystreated- I try so hard
  12. Pokies- Out of the Blue
  13. Cavegurls- Just out of Reach
  14. Susans- BBQ
  15. Live Fast Die- Forged in Flames
  16. Dong Vegan- Cop Car
  17. Vypers- Mr. Girl
  18. The Jermz- Powercut
  19. The Mekons- 32 Weeks
  20. The Rings- I wanna be free
  21. Pork Dukes- Stuck Up
  22. Timmy’s Organism- Sweet Tooth
  23. Flesh Rag- Tonight
  24. Noble Savages- Who’s gonna solve the Mystery Girls?
  25. Neo Neos- Geriatric Insight
  26. Rubber Mate- Bloody and Drunk
  27. Tightlip- Pushed Around
  28. Cell- Contempt
  29. Macho Boys- Slam ( Decadence)
  30. Ekman and Owen- Gonna go Downtown
  31. Dilettantes- Late to the Party
  32. Chloroform- Walking Out
  33. Klazo- Smash the Letter
  34. Manager- Did It
  35. Drains- Dumpster Town
  36. CCTV- Bob EE

Originally Aired May 19th, 2017 on 94.9FM CHRW

It’s Trash! #100 – Live to Air with House Fire

  1. Timmy’s Organism- Lick up your Town
  2. Flesh Rag- TV Eye
  3. Tyvek- Underwater Too
  4. Puberty- Tooth Hair
  5. Rocket Reducers- Something Better
  6. Neo Neos- Hanx for Nuthin
  7. Chachi On Acid- If there were no people
  8. Valley Boys- Pills
  9. Macho Boys- Papa don’t preach Pt.2
  10. Rubber Mate- Car Crash
  11. Ekman and Owen- New Orleans to Helsinki
  12. OBN IIIs- Get off your knees
  13. Nag- False Anxiety
  14. Manager- Did It
  15. Brown Sugar- Choir Boy
  16. Maldita- No Le Importas Al Sistema
  17. Tightlip- Witch Hunt
  18. Sudden Impact- Crossed Wire
  19. Radiation Risks- Help!
  20. TNT- Fight
  21. Susans- Hey Mom
  22. Pokies- No more laughing
  23. Lou Champagne System- Do Something
  24. Kitchen People- Fantasy Boy
  25. Draggs- Combat 3000
  26. Fucking Pigs- Date Rapist Herpes Attack
  27. Heck Yeahs- I’m better than you
  28. Noble Savages- I don’t wanna be a Boy no more
  29. Max Load- Va Va Va Vicky
  30. Steve Treatment- Head of a Raven
  31. Borzoi- Feeding the Pig Dog
  32. House Fire- Hermit
  33. House Fire- BS
  34. House Fire- Melted Toddler
  35. House Fire- Friends
  36. House Fire- Roach
  37. House Fire- Brutt
  38. House Fire- Get Smoked
  39. Lord Beerus- Negative One

Originally Aired on May 12th, 2017 94.9FM CHRW

It’s Trash! #99 – Live to Air with Hundred Handers

  1. Blades- Not a Man
  2. Carsickness- Bill Wilkensen
  3. Jet Boys- I Wanna Die
  4. Erik Nervous- The Trooper
  5. New Fries- Lude*
  6. Neo Neos- Hamburgie Hill
  7. 30 Second Flash- No No
  8. Dow Jones and the Industrials- Set yourself on Fire
  9. Manic Depressives- Think for Yourself
  10. Mutagens- Mindless Contentment
  11. Rubber Mate- I’m Living in Hell
  12. Night Stalkers- Don’t talk to me
  13. Tightlip- Pushed Around
  14. Manager- Pharm Boy
  15. Drains- Neon Sadness
  16. Nervous Tick and the Zits- Life of Grib
  17. Hundred Handers- Cryptosporidum
  18. Hundred Handers- Beside Manner
  19. Hundred Handers- Drag my Feet
  20. Hundred Handers- Panspermia
  21. Hundred Handers- Shadowy Parliament
  22. Hundred Handers- The Upper Berth
  23. Hundred Handers- Relic Population
  24. Hundred Handers- Weird Electricity
  25. Hundred Handers- Murder the Light
  26. Cell- Scowl
  27. Protruders- Ugly
  28. Macho Boys- Victim to Blame
  29. Asile- Ce Qu On Nous Dix
  30. Destruction- Intro/Total Desaster
  31. Unwanted- Shattered Silence
  32. Mature Situations- Groundhog Day
  33. Zotz- Sangre
  34. Real Regular- I am Handsome
  35. All Blood- Wormy little Perv
  36. Dick and the Donuts- Sing Along with Dick and the Donuts
  37. Pink Fingers- Man in Pain
  38. Dismalt- Coach Blake
  39. PVC- Control
  40. Pete Fender- Lonely Homicide

Originally Aired on 94.9FM CHRW April 21st, 2017


It’s Trash! #98 – Trasheoke


  1. Sin 34- Do you feel Safe?
  2. Red Kross- Cover Band
  3. UIC- Blood
  4. Trash- Look
  5. Modernettes- 509
  6. Psychotic Pineapples- Stranded
  7. Fast Cars- All my Friends
  8. Adolescents- No Way
  9. White Flag- Psycho Cop
  10. Valley Boys- Eyes of Fire
  11. Neo Neos- Heat Wave
  12. Dickies- She loves me not
  13. Tommy and the Commies- Throwaway Love
  14. Tranzmitors- Between Planets
  15. Erik Nervous- Do the Simulate
  16. Circle Jerks- Wild in the Streets
  17. Phone Jerks- Can’t stand the Maritimes
  18. Queers- I’m Nowhere at all
  19. Ten Thousand Screaming Apaches- Destroy the Klan
  20. Cell- Contempt
  21. Pity- How to be a better Ally
  22. Pneumonias- Two Million Gamma Units
  23. Bad Religion- Sensory Overload
  24. Agent Orange- America
  25. Carsickness- Plastic People
  26. Reactors- Sabotage
  27. Banana Clip- Postman
  28. Macho Boys- Class of 1984
  29. Radiation Risks- Tanqueray Tonically Speaking
  30. New Fries- Butter and Spice Breezy
  31. Protruders- In Line
  32. Wonder Bread- Serious Art
  33. Sweet Dave and the Shallow Graves- Gonna Die
  34. Power- Power
  35. Dickies- Water Slide
  36. Red Kross- Clorox Girls
  37. Adolescents- Marching with the Reich
  38. Circle Jerks- Making the Bomb
  39. Sin 34- New Wave Sluts
  40. Bad Religion- Damned to be Free
  41. Alarm Cat- Whine Ohs

Originally Aired on 94.9FM CHRW April 14th, 2017.


It’s Trash! #97 – Live to Air with Dong Vegan

  1. Trash- Priorities
  2. Rik and the Pigs- Gimme Mick
  3. Twinkeyz- Alpha Jerk
  4. FNU Clone Inc.- Entropic Pop Game
  5. Devo- Jocko Homo
  6. Neo Neos- Jimmy’s Problem
  7. Protruders- Ice Cream
  8. Dow Jones and the Industrials- Dude in Direction Field
  9. Enemas- Easy Come Easy Go
  10. Manager- So n So
  11. The Cure- I want to be old
  12. Viletones- I hate you- without you
  13. Vice Squad- Scarred for Life
  14. Mad Virgins- I am a Computer
  15. New Bondage- Got no Job
  16. Hollywood Squares- Ashes and Dust
  17. Iggy Pop- Funtime
  18. Power- Electric Glitter Boogie
  19. Plates- At Sea
  20. Speck- Lips
  21. Bleeding Gums- Alone
  22. Macho Boys- Stone Cold
  23. Beta Boys- Silver Spoon
  24. Bike Cop- Bibliofucked
  25. Banana Clip- Blue Jeans
  26. Drains- Easy to Love
  27. Dry Heave- Slander! Libel! Slander!
  28. Poison Spur- Tornado of Teeth
  29. Acrylics- He wants a Baby
  30. Abandos- Blame it on the City
  31. Secrets- Teenage Rampage
  32. Drastic Measures- Flowers
  33. Luxury Units- Chilly Grover
  34. D.L.I.M.C.- Wicker Park
  35. Dong Vegan- Garbage Blood
  36. Dong Vegan- New Policy
  37. Dong Vegan- My Body is a Canvas
  38. Dong Vegan- Brat
  39. Dong Vegan- Cop Car
  40. Red Arms- Soviet Red White and Blues
  41. Radiation Risks- Caribbean Knights

Originally Aired March 24th, 2017 on 94.9fm CHRW


It’s Trash! #96 – Pappy St. Hatricks

  1. Stiff Little Fingers- Wait and See
  2. Protex- I Wonder Why
  3. Pretty Boy Floyd and the Gems- Sharon
  4. Moondogs- You Said
  5. Striker- Midnite Cruiser
  6. Protruders- Poison Future
  7. Strange Attractor- Alex is a Night Banger
  8. S.B.F.- Halved Snake
  9. Drains- New Pills
  10. Banana Clip- I’m a Bug
  11. Slow Cooker- Bird Flu
  12. Die Group- Hot Seat
  13. New Fries- Bring the Pressure Washer
  14. Puberty- Peeu
  15. Manager- Mutations
  16. Hunter Gatherer- My Bones are Carved in Rock
  17. Ty Segall- Break a Guitar
  18. Neo Neos- Total Oka
  19. Subhumans- Urban Guerilla
  20. Shades- New Clientelle
  21. Nervous Tick and the Zippers- Breaking Bones
  22. Radiation Risks- Acid Fantasy #2
  23. Sweet Dave and the Shallow Graves- Fictional Sickness
  24. Alarm Cat- Cabs Here
  25. Sonic Avenues- Burn like Fire
  26. Undertones- She’s a Runaround
  27. Rudi- The Pressures On
  28. Nips- Vengeance
  29. Detonators- Crusin’
  30. The Defects- Guilty Conscience
  31. Pretty Things- Miss Fay Regrets
  32. Fangs- Silently Invisible*
  33. UIC- Down in a Hole
  34. Valley Boys- Feeding Time
  35. Valley Boys- Feel like Shit

Originally Aired March 17th, 2017 on 94.9FM CHRW


It’s Trash! #95 – Black Punk


  1. Bunker Hill- Hide and Go Seek
  2. Bloody Show- Non Alignment Pact
  3. Snuky Tate- Stage Speech
  4. Pure Hell- The Girl with Hungry Eyes
  5. UIC- Heartache
  6. Public Speakers- 1994
  7. Die Group- Joe Namath
  8. Grand Trine- Monochromatic Youth
  9. Obnox- Tia Vincent
  10. Homo Picnic- Two Eyes
  11. N.Y. Niggers- Just like Dresden
  12. Death- Keep on Knocking
  13. X Ray Spex- I am a Poser
  14. Kenneth- Traumz
  15. Sode Pop- Sleep
  16. Clacker- Beef Vindaloo

Originally Aired Feb 24th, 2017.


It’s Trash! #94 – Love Trash

  1. Neo Neos- Love Trash
  2. D.L.I.M.C.- Wicker Park
  3. Erik Nervous- I’m a Brick
  4. Tyvek- Choose Once
  5. Sonic Avenues- Future
  6. Alarm Cat- Notches
  7. Undertones- True Confessions
  8. Mr. Science- Popeshat
  9. Man with Job- Sex World Girls
  10. Synthetic Lout- Kitty Bite
  11. New Fries- Gertrude Stein Greeting Card
  12. Lost System- Future Shock
  13. Suburban Homes- Paranoia + Frustration = Constipation
  14. Chachi On Acid- Spring Beasts of Death
  15. WLMRT- Von Hammer
  16. Bleeding Gums- Lotus
  17. Pity- How to be a Better Ally
  18. Acrylics- Waiting
  19. Valley Boys- Pills
  20. Toxic Thoughts- The Void
  21. Human Eye- They came from the Sky
  22. Klazo- Unnamed
  23. Beta Boys- 3308
  24. Everyday Objects- Fixed Bayonets
  25. Stoned- Nazi
  26. Nuclear Crayons- Outsider
  27. Starshooter- Quelle Crise Baby
  28. UIC- Green Lady
  29. Do Nothings- Lose City
  30. Retros- High Energy Love
  31. Jon Wayne- Orange Blossom Special
  32. Might Caesars- Why don’t you try my Love
  33. Luxury Units- Amber Dean
  34. Dong Vegan- Swallow
  35. Slow Cooker- Who Broke the Window
  36. Trenchmouth- The Future vs. Centrifugal Force
  37. Bugg- Track 1
  38. X45- I don’t Mind
  39. Ripcordz- Goodbye, So Long, Get Lost

Originally Aired Feb 17th, 2016 on 94.9FM CHRW