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It’s Trash! #124 November No Requests

Neo Neos- Hitler wuz a Nazi
No Blues- So Far
Shark Toys- That’s how I escaped my certain fate
Pscience- X ray eyes
Le Prince Harry- Chat Bot
Duchess Says – 30 Lashes
C.H.E.W.- Voluntary Human Extinction
Sick Bags- Microwaved Brains
Alice Bag- Missed your Mark
Sros Lords- Doom Dragon
Carbonas- Degenerate Triumph
Flesh Rag- Love Dump
Mutants- Boss Man
Tenement Rats- Bite the Draino
Die Group- Moon Boy got a Tooley
Deaf Wish- Deep Blue Cheated
Sick Thoughts- Hell Hole
Vendetta- I wanna be a Star
Goggs- Pre Strike Sweep
Soupcans- Young n Ez
Baby’s Blood- Ready I’ll Die
Baby’s Blood- Sex Punk
Lysol- Teenage Trance
Rude Kidz- Mr. Star
Wasted Lives- Allegiance
The Modern Minds- Dirty Movies
Exhibit A- Rain
Velvet Underground- Foggy Notion
S Haters- Necromancer
Agnes Strange- Give yourself a Chance
Amyl and the Sniffers- Pleasure Forever
Bad Times- The Jim Miller Bounce

Originally Aired on 94.9FM CHRW November 30th, 2018.



It’s Trash! #125 The 125th Show

The Mad- I hate music
Black Flag- Nothing left inside
Manager- Beautiful Day
Die Group- The Thumper
Flesh Rag- Revolution No. 69
Vendetta- I wanna be a Star
Rude Kidz- Palisades Park
The Snogs- Not a Teenager Anymore
Judy and the Jerks- Grub Worm
Carbonas- Day turns into Night
The Modern Minds- The Book of Life
The Dracu-lahs- Worm Stout
Le Prince Harry- We are Public
Duchess Says- Travailler
Beauticians- Mouse or Man
Wlmrt- Deathsticks ruined my Life
Louder than Death- ABCs in Old Berlin
R.Clown- Big Steel Plate
Image of Ruin- Bottle
Sad Lovers and Giants- Clint
Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pasteries- Grrl Gang
Macho Boys- Victim to Blame
Fitness Women- Living Hell
Tenement Rats- Tomb City
Shark Toys- No Escape
Liquids- Violent
Waterheads- Go Go Go
Babys Blood- Sex Punk
Neo Neos- Calcucorn
Babys Blood- Everyone looks like a fucking Idiot
Goggs- Ruptured Lines
S.L.I.P.- Grease Man
Science Man- Ponce Del Eons Ago
Cobra Cobra- Alpha Draconis
Bogus Genius- Celebrity Man
Gen Pop- Waxing State
Irritations- Schoolyard Justice
Bad Times- Listen to the Band
TV Freaks- Hobby
Doxxx- Baby Doomer
Buttzz- Colostrum 69
Astral Gunk- Top of my Lungs
Black Easter- Day of the Jackal
Originally Aired November 23rd, 2018 on 94.9FM CHRW

It’s Trash! #123 Spooky Trash

Stranglers- Long Ships
Stranglers- The Raven
Le Prince Harry- Chemistry
Sick Thoughts- Headache
Flesh Rag- Sunday Morning
Vendetta- Modern Rockers
Wasted Lives- Wirehead
Lowlife- White Lightning
Liquids- Crazy Brain
Die Group- Ambassador at Large
Deaf Wish- Easy
Neo Neos- Keep on Walkin

It’s Trash! #122 Killed by Meth

S.L.I.P- Killed by Meth
Sweet Milk- Nervous
Obnox – Scenicide (off the meter)
Knowso- Energy Accident
The Resource Network- Fix my Hair
Werewolf Jones- False Prophet
Lost System- Late at Night
Flesh Rag- Inside your Mind
Sick Thoughts- Chainsaw
The Shit Dels- Araneus Quadratus
Spider Collection- Butterfly Chain Factory
Paul Jacobs- The Telephone Revisted
Trampoline Team- Drug Culture
Deaf Wish- Metal Carnage
Part Time Filth- God is Filth
Judy and the Jerks- Fight
Slug Salt- Trash Sore
Bloody Show- Magic Negro
Ouija Boys- Rolls Royce
Beauticians- Mouse or Man
Wlmrt- Deathsticks ruined my Life
Deathsticks- In the Motors
Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes- Six Licks
Fatal Figures- Brain Obsess
Muzzy- L.I.E.
The Dracu-lahs- Tennessee
Shark Toys- No Escape
Void Feelings- Terminal Strike
Carbonas- Blackout (Waiting to Happen)
Tenement Rats- Pigs and Dogs
Die Group- Old and Gross
Amyl and the Sniffers- Westgate
Bad Times- Listen to the Band
Terrestrials- A man Dude
Science Man- Science Man
The Bills- Run and Hide
Neo Neos- Politico Tempo
Neo Neos- Mid West Tour
Big Blood- Fever

Originally Aired on CHRW 94.9FM on October 5th, 2018

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It’s Trash! #121 Goner’d

Dracu lahs- Trashylvania
Dracu lahs- We are Trash
Nots- Cosmetic
Soupcans- Post Mordial
Science Man- Airport Underground
Gen Pop- Plastic Comb
Neo Neos- Husker Du?
Sick Thoughts- I ain’t done with you
Stiff Love- Attitudes
Bogus Genius- The Garbage
The Soft Boys- Hear my Brane
Paul Jacobs- Story about anything
Demics- I wanna know
Gino and the Goons- I gotta getaway
Bad Times- Wrong way to Love
Drunks with Guns- Beautiful Happiness
Carbonas- Frothing at the mouth
Knowso- No Patience
Perverts Again- Get you out of College
Cyber Bullies- March 30, 1981
Cyber Bullies- You don’t care about no wave
Dik Van Dykes- Harold Snepsts
The Bills- Ugly
Gentleman Jesse- No Rest for the Wicked
Modern Minds- Teresa’s World
Silicone Injections- Shes A
Malibu Kens- Crude City
Malibu Kens- Wednesday Morning at 5am
Quitman- I want an Enemy
Muff Divers- Ghost Boys/Spookyman
Coneheads- 45-2566
S.L.I.P.- Drive to Control
Travolta Kids- Veckans Brott
Originally Aired September 7th, 2018

It’s Trash! #120 Canada Trash

North West Company- She’s a Woman
Our Generation- Cool Summer
Royal Family- Solitude
Ten Commandments- City of People
Wedge- Black Cloud
Weirdonia- Drone
Condo Christ- Patriotic Fever
Dayglo Abortions- I used to be in Love
Lowlife- Leaders
Lou Champagne System- Propagandha Frustration
Exxotone- Sideways
American Devices- Bay of Pigs
Tim Ray and the U.V.- Quarter to Eight
20/20- Yellow Pills
Zellots- Land of the Free
Dishrags- I don’t wanna walk around with you
Manager- Beautiful Day
Foam- OK get up and go to work
Trip Sitter- We’re on the Rag
Battlewulf- I don’t wanna touch your dick
Do Nothings- Lose City
Strange Attractor- Nite Stalker
TV Freaks- Hobby
Klazo- Restrictions
Astral Gunk- Herky Jerky
Dead Ghosts- Roky Said
Looping- Show Nothing
Doxx- Asshole
Dilettantes- Useless Babies
Durs Coeurs- Resigne-Toi
Soupcans- Soft Party
Decomposeur- Power ( I got the)
UJ3RK5- The Locator
Fits- Bored of Education
Valley Boys- Cop Sucker
VCR- Murder City Rules
Irritations- If you can’t rock with me


It’s Trash! #119 Weekend in the Rust Belt

Eric and Steve- Rust Belt Blues
Bloody Show- American Pimp
Knowso- Me and my Friends Town
Quitman- Skull Base
Cyber Bullies- You don’t care about New Wave
Erik Nervous- People Falling Over
Gen Pop- Din
Cobra Cobra- Primeria Decada
Protruders- N/A
Looping- In your Orbit
U.I.C- 2 +2=?
Simply Saucer- I can Change my mind ***
The Child Molesters- I wanna see some wholesale murder
Real Regular- I am Handsome
Devo- Jocko Homo
Folded Shirt- Eleven and a Bucket
Neo Neos- Asexualickally
Perverts Again- Cereal Bowl
Red Mass- Today I Die
Red Mass- Aggressive Tendencies
Geza X- Pony Ride II
Muff Divers- Does the pope shit in his hat
Gee Tee- Fightin is Dumb
Big Hog- Big Frog
Cruelster- March of Tenochtitlan
X_X- No Non Cents
Electric Eels- Sewercide
Bad Times- Glitter Boys
Skull Cult- Mr. Soul
Donkey Bugs- ABCs of Lust
The Resource Network- Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Resource Network
Rik and the Pigs- Rat’s Behind
Beta Boys- Littered Streets
Pig Flayer- Ghost in the Rain
Splat- Negmo
Splat- Takin a Bath
Gun- No Good


It’s Trash! #118 – Red Mass

Red Mass- Kdavr
Red Mass- White Nights
Red Mass- Lord of the Rats
Red Mass- Rat Race
Protruders- N/A
Bad Times- Wrong way to Live
Erik Nervous- Grandma Petticoat
Neo Neos- Scary Island
Muzzy- Tazed and Confused
Skull Cult- U need
Gee Tee- Chill Cruze II
Cyber Bullies- Leather and Lazers
Cobra Cobra- Blobs
Slow- Bad Man
Rik and the Pigs- Don’t tell on me
Teenage Head- Picture my Face
The Number Ones- Breaking Loose
Red Mass- Space Rock n Roll
Red Mass- To all the Good People
Red Mass- Radio Radio
Red Mass- Today I Die
Red Mass- Aggressive Tendencies
Amyl and the Sniffers- Balaclava Lover Boogie
Normals- No Cigar
Perverts Again- Cereal Bowl
Knowso- Human Like Me
Strange Attractor- Comatose
Irritations- Schoolyard Justice
Cheating Hearts- Heart Attack
Les Sexareenos- I can’t
The Daylight Lovers- King of Useless Drinking
CPC Gangbangs- Teenage Crimewave
Towananda- The Anti Heroine

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It’s Trash! #117 – Blaze It.

The Specials- Too Hot
Shit Blimp- Dollar Dog Nite
Shit Blimp- Beat My Drum
Erik Nervous- (Do the) Simulate
Transylvania 500- Speedway Tragedy
Rik and the Pigs- Steve B. Goode
Damned- I Feel Alright
Normals- Demented Breakdown
Amyl and the Sniffers- I’m Not a Loser
CPC Gangbangs- What Love Is
Booji Boys- Oh Yeah
Mick Futures- In Case We Learn
Teenage Head- Little Boxes
Sore Points- Be Alone
Naughty Girls- Full Time Job
Hundred Handers- Weird Electricity
Cracked Eye- The King
Personality Crisis- Mrs. Palmer
Seltzer- Just Me
Liquids- Bottomless Pit
Neo Neos= Jisatsu II
Bizarros- Young Girls at the Market
Painted Trends- Kamikazee
Skull Cult- Don’t Wanna Go
Muzzy- Darkwing Cuck
Beastman- Ingrown
Perverts Again- Two-A-Days
Rik- Nothing New
Electric Eels- Anxiety
Screamers- Mater Dolores
Unreal Thought- Yellow Walls
Billy Synth- The Mask
Wlmrt- My Ass my Ass My Ass
Big Hog- Big Log
Big Hog- Big Hog
Mature Situations- These Old Hands
Plates- Sentimental Jenny Jones Fodder
Knowso- Look at the Chart

Originally Aired April 20th, 2018 on 94.9FM CHRW.


It’s Trash! #116 – Friday the Trashteenth

D.O.A.- 13
Da Slyme- Trudeau
Personality Crisis- Vampire Dream
Napalm Babys- Mental Block
Toxic Reasons- Tomorrow Tonight
Chloroform- Walking Out
CPC Gangbangs- I want Blood/Life Support
Asexuals- Mr. Useless
Drains- No California
Neo Neos- Regualtors
Erik Nervous- I’m a Man
Seltzer- Can’t Hear That
Manager- Lower Companion
Knowso- King of Things
Perverts Again- Blockbusted
Perverts Again- Longlegger
Bleeding Gums- No Sir
Cracked Eye- Let’s Talk
Gee Tee- Fightin’ is Dumb
Wlmrt- Roadway to Heck
Unreal Thought- Menacing Shadow
Looping- Rubber Band
Painted Trends- Master’s Key
D.L.I.M.C.- N/A
Anteenagers M.C.- Krispy Kreme
Ugly Ducklings- Nothin
Blue Cheer- Doctor Please
Teenage Head- Get off my Back
Buzzcocks- You know you can’t help it
Nushu- Generation Nomophobe
The Panics- Best Band
Gruberger Brothers- Dirty Lies
Consumers- Your Problem

Originally Aired on 94.9FM CHRW April 13th, 2018