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It’s Trash! #116 Friday the Trashteenth

D.O.A.- 13
Da Slyme- Trudeau
Personality Crisis- Vampire Dream
Napalm Babys- Mental Block
Toxic Reasons- Tomorrow Tonight
Chloroform- Walking Out
CPC Gangbangs- I want Blood/Life Support
Asexuals- Mr. Useless
Drains- No California
Neo Neos- Regualtors
Erik Nervous- I’m a Man
Seltzer- Can’t Hear That
Manager- Lower Companion
Knowso- King of Things
Perverts Again- Blockbusted
Perverts Again- Longlegger
Bleeding Gums- No Sir
Cracked Eye- Let’s Talk
Gee Tee- Fightin’ is Dumb
Wlmrt- Roadway to Heck
Unreal Thought- Menacing Shadow
Looping- Rubber Band
Painted Trends- Master’s Key
D.L.I.M.C.- N/A
Anteenagers M.C.- Krispy Kreme
Ugly Ducklings- Nothin
Blue Cheer- Doctor Please
Teenage Head- Get off my Back
Buzzcocks- You know you can’t help it
Nushu- Generation Nomophobe
The Panics- Best Band
Gruberger Brothers- Dirty Lies
Consumers- Your Problem
Originally Aired on 94.9FM CHRW April 13th, 2018

It’s Trash! #115 – Trash Rash

Skull Cult- Pissed
Real Regular- Doesn’t it Bleed?
Gee Tee- Death Race
MOTO- 2-4-6-8 Rock n Roll
Tommy and the Commies- Devices
Drains- Cutting Out
Dangus Tarkus- Amerika
Toxic Womb- Predator and Prey
Neo Neos- Leatherface is my Neighbour
Painted Trends- Champion
Dogs- Sally’s Eyes
Corner Boys- Joke of the Neighbourhood
Teenage Head- You’re Tearing me Apart
Acrylics- Gluttony
Billy Synth- Captain’s Groove
Erik Nervous- Misfit Right In
Celetoids- Must be the Gremlins
Mick Future- My Machine Gun
Booji Boys- Mr. Nazi’s on the Beat
Wlmrt- Crank 2
Bills- One
Looping- Asthma
Lumpy and the Dumpers- Looney
Big Hog- Big Dog
Tommy T.- Business Man
Black Abba- Feel Good
Shox Lumaniar- Signals
Devo- Be Stiff
Soupcans- MTL SPD
Little Fyodor and the Babushka- Truly Rejected
Soupcans- Wet Alien
Jay Reatard- Eat your Heart Out
Rotters- Pink Flamingos
Hundred Handers- Bedside Manners
Cracked Eye- Sheepskin

Originally Aired March 23rd, 2018 on 94.9FM CHRW.


It’s Trash! #114 – It’s Black!

Obnox- Gun Powder Blue
Bad Brains- Big Take Over
Pure Hell- Noise Addiction
X Ray Spex- I Live off you
Wlmrt- Jack Astor’s
Deathsticks- I named my Ulcer after you
Shit Blimp- Beat my Drum
Skull Cult- The Fool
Muzzy- Arby’s Creep
The Bills- One
Snuky Tate- Can you Dance
Homo Picnic- How many Lives
N.Y. Niggers- Headliner
Grand Trine- Nazi Gold
Bloody Show- Non Alignment Pact
Sore Points- Don’t want to
Neo Neos- Pizzamobile
Toxic Womb- Dreaming in Color/ Awake

Originally Aired on 94.9FM CHRW February 23, 2018.


It’s Trash! #113 – Trash It!

Fast Cars- Everyday I make the same mistakes
Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants- I lost my mind
Muzzy- Moron
Explosives- I’m an Explosive
Booji Boys- Locked up in the City
Nushu- Generator Nobophobe
Nightbummerz- Assembly
Black Orphan- Video Kids
Neo Neos- Do’n Noth’n
Throbbin Urges- I’m so Sick
Aluminum Knot Eye- My Life as an Eel
Government- Shootout
Drains- Code Rule
Artificial Dissemination- Sell you Shit
PVC- Telephones
Dead Kennedys- Religious Vomit
Pure Hell- America
Vicious Cycle- I Hate Cops

Originally Aired February 16th on 94.9FM CHRW


It’s Trash! #112 – Super Sexy Co-Host?

The Fall- Put Away
Honest Blue- Too Dumb to Cumb
Plasmalab- Hole in the Ground
Dik Van Dykes- Harold Snepsts
First Base- You’ve got a hold of me
Astral Gunk- Hedonism
Naughty Girls- Bad Habits
Phone Jerks- Third Wheel
Black Jaspers- I wanna be a Star
Neo Neos- Give me a Chance
Prom Nite- Condo
Prom Nite- Missionary
Patsy- Tommy Bobby Johnny
Foam- Test Flight
Suicide Generation- Suicide
Cola Freaks w/ Alicja Trout- Surfin with Steve and Edamin
CPC Gangbangs- L.A. Sleeze
The Drains- Neon Sadness
Get off the Cop- Polly Pocket
X_X- No Non Cents
Clone Defects- Stray Boy
Timmy’s Organism- Chemical Make Up
Saints- No Time
Misanthropes- (I’m gonna) Waste my Time
Demon’s Claws- Hunting on the 49th
Mirrors- We’ll See
Les Lutins- Laissez-Nous Vivre
DD Owen- I Hate this City
Paul Jacobs- Words of Wisdom
Liquids- Got the Disease
Liquids- Lets Eat Him
Susans- A/C
Walnut Kids- Sabrina Sabrina
Klazo- The Race
Bloody Show- My Ways


It’s Trash! #111 – Five Year Trash-a-Versary Show

Spits- Dropout
Statues- Television Sect
Red Mass- Stains
Rad Kids- Neon Lights
Fashion! Fashion! and the Image Boys- Breakout Tonight
Brutal Knights- Rather see you Dead
Strange Attractor- Push Party
Neo Neos- City to City (we rock)
Liquids- Selfish
Liquids- Bottomless Pit
Skull Cult- Black Mask
Skull Cult- Skulled
Drains- Dumpster Town
Tommy T- Perfection
Scaners- Kadhafi Twist
Rik and the Pigs- Electric
Get off the Cop- Guy from Space
Hobocop- I was a Beautiful Hippy
Foam- In Life and Death
Newish Star- Double Super Jackpot
Box Elders- Alice and Friends
Steve Treatment- Ingrowing Toenail
Susans- (ode to ) Lunch
Numbers- Mr. Dempster
Diodes- Tennis (again)
Moderns- Escape Velocity
Wayne County & the Electric Chairs- Things your mother never told you
Cowboys- I hope shes OK
Hentchmen- Carriage
Cheetahs- Honey Dripper
Blue Cheer- Second Time Around
Sore Points- There’s Nothing
City Slang- Cold Dead Nights
Patsy- Heathen
Plasmalab- Pena
X_X- Approaching the Minimal Spray Gun
Cheater Slicks- Psychic Toll
Phone Jerks- Third Wheel
Soupcans- Blank Jello
Soupcans- Wet Alien
Paul Jacobs- All I Need


It’s Trash! #110 – Best of the Worst 2017

The Drains- Blind Dogs Barking
Patsy- For the Sake of the Song
Plasmalab- Flippy Man
Cowboys- Hand of Love
Hentchmen- Johnny’s Ham King
Cheetahs- Omnivore
Eroders- Wipers
Erik Nervous- Hit by a Truck
Skull Cult- Crying like A Bby
Ekman and Owen- New Orleans to Helsinki
Flesh Rag- Invisible
Durs Coeurs- Intro / L’Enclume
Radiation Risks- Headless Horseman
Soupcans- Dacial Deconstruction
BSHC- No Name
Gel- Attention
Cell- Memory
Hundred Handers- Panspermia
Liquids- Without a Doubt
Neo Neos- Leech Guy
The Snails- Buried in Dirt
Cracked Eye- Repellent
Bleeding Gums- Drain
Warm Bodies- Turn me into Gel
Beauticians- Roomates
Susans- Hey Mom
Timmy’s Organism- Wolfman Running
Accident- Oxbow Cowboys
Sick Thoughts- Wasting my Youth
Klazo- Germ Brain
Rays- Untitled
BB Eye- Buzzsaw Breakfast
Muff Divers- Blood in my Spit
Dangus Tarkus- My Josie
Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenents- On the Outside
Golden Pelicans- Blue Medusa
The Cowboy- The Cowboy
Casual Burn- Decline
Tightlip- Pushed Around
Prom Nite- Eternity of Man
Manager- Did It
War/Zit- Life is Cheap
Enoch Boys- Crusin’ for a Brusin’
Race Car- Government Funded Terror Lunch
Golden Trash- Jim Morrison Son
Neo Neos- Puke Girl’s Class
Blood Letters- Plastic Parade
Blood Letters- Nowhere
Nag- I’m so Small
Barb’s Child- No Love
Zellots- Let’s play House

Originally Aired on 94.9FM CHRW December 29th, 2017.


It’s Trash! #109 – Killed by Meth #2

The Cowboys- If I Laugh Enough
Bloody Show- My Ways
Static Eyes- No Idea
Gun- Brains
Eroders- Wipers
Erik Nervous- Hit by a Truck
Golden Trash- Jim Morrison Son
Beastman- Ingrown
Teenage Hurricanes- Saturday Bedroom Rock n Roll
Perverts Again- My Embarrassment
Drug Thieves- Time to Bleed
City Slang- Cold Dead Nights
Flesh Rag- I’m Sick
Radiation Risks- No is the Way
Protruders- Your Whip
The Drains- If the Cops show up
Manager- Lower Companion
Real Regular- Communication Lost

Originally Aired on CHRW 94.9FM December 1st, 2017.

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It’s Trash! #108 – Klazo Tour

Slippy- Darkwing Cuck
Dumb Vision- Worm
Zellots- On the Dole
Spelling Mistakes- Feels so Good
Gushers- Trash
Judy and the Jerks- Gum
Beauticians- Robotic Creation
No Bails – Werthers Original
No Bails- Skate or Die
Manager- Pharm Boy
Tarantula- March of the Tarantula
Drac-ulahs- H8 Mom H8 Dad
Gun- Roadkill
Ornerys- I’m in a Band
Buttzz- Surfin on Mars
The Resource Network- Albatrose
Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes- Attack of the Bumblebees
Everyday Objects- Vulcanite
Klazo – G.T.F.O.
Klazo- This and That
Klazo- The Race
Klazo- Restrictions
Klazo- Job
Mom- Masturbation Station
Skull Cult- Crying like a Baby
Gel- Don’t wanna Play
Casual Burn- Channel 52
Rays- Ray Johnson
Plasmalab- Hitchhiker
Klazo- Guided by Lasers
Klazo- Germ Brain
Klazo- Med Functions
Klazo- Give me Eyes
Klazo- Poison Hand
Enoch Ramone- Human Bug
Ruz- Blame the Badge
The Wad- I’m so Terminal
Mr. Wax- ID Theft and Human Cloning
Latin Dogs- Go to the Window
Timmy’s Organism- Revolution Eyes
Unnatural Axe- Brain Damage
Perverts Again- My Accident
Cowboys- Learned a New Word
Cowboys- Actors

Klazo Album Available:

Originally Aired on 94.9FM CHRW Friday, November 24th


It’s Trash! #107 – Distro Bin Spectacular


Radiation Risks- Headless Horseman
Hundred Handers- Cryptosporidum
Cracked Eye- Worth
Mongoloid- Hate
Bleeding Gums-Cold Spell
Plates- Pop Country Blowjobs
Tightlip- Don’t Care
Cell- Memory
BSHC- Crimes of the C.I.A. Part 1
BSHC- Crimes of the C.I.A. Part 2
Soft Cheek- Fodder Fodder (Give me some more)
Rik and the Pigs- Pig Sweat
Aaron and the Burrs- Release the Bats
Moderns- Escape Velocity
Tommy T- Perfection
Insubordinates- 1968
Timmy’s Organism- Michigan Sun
Our Generation- Coll Summer

Originally Aired on 94.9FM CHRW  October 27th, 2017.