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The House of Wild Delights #54

The House of Wild Delights #54

The House of Wild Delights #54 on Radio Mutation, a psych-o-derelict trip with primitive beats provided by your downfallin’ host : The screamin’ Soul Preacher.

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Here’s the playlist :

Boneyard- The Dead Of Nights (unreleased yet)

Bones By My Bedside- Hexxers (from the “Freaks With The Savage Beat” cd on Golly Gee records)

Bad Rituals- Paint Fumes (from the “If It Ain’t Paint Fumes, It Ain’t Worth A Huff” lp on Get Hip recordings)

In The Cellar- The Morlocks (from the “Emerge” lp on Midnight records)

Into The Primitive- The Futures Primitives (from the “Into The Primitive” lp on Voodoo Rhythm/Groovie records)

NonToxicGreenCheapJellyBoy- The Vagoos (from the soon to be released “Psychic Action” lp)

Where- The Blue Chips (from the “Sixties Rebellion vol.7” lp compilation on Way Back records)

Anyday, Anywhere- The Es Shades (from anywhere in the shades…)

Mary Mary- Shandels (from the “Back From The Grave vol.6” lp compilation on Crypt records)

SweetGina- Things To Come (from “The Chosen Few” lp compilation on A-Go-Go)

I Need You Near- John English III and the Heathens (from the “Back From The Grave vol.10” lp compilation on Crypt records)

I Believe (The Man Loves Me)- The Petites (from the “Basement Beehive : The Girl Group Underground” lp compilation on Numero Group)

I Lost You In My Mind- Painted Faces (from “The Magic Cube” 10” lp compilation reissue on Feed The Mind)

Don’t Blow Your Mind- Spiders (from the “Back From The Grave vol.7” lp on Crypt records)

Don’t Fall Down- The 13th Floor Elevators (from “The Psychedelic Sounds Of…” lp mono reissue on Sundazed)

Gallis Poll- Thee Milkshakes (from the “Still Talking ’bout…” lp on Vinyl Japan)

Blackeyed Woman- Dee-Jays (from the “Trans-World Punk Rave-Up ! 1964-1966 ! ” lp compilation on Crawdad Wreckords)

Revenge- The Kinks (from the “You Really Got Me” reissue on Rhino)

I’m Still Mad At You- The Soul Agents (from the “Hot Generation ! 1960s Punk From Down Under” cd compilation on Big Beat records)

Suzy Creamcheese- Teddy & Patches (from the “Pebbles vol.3″ lp compilation on BFD)

The Far Side Of Your Moon- The Fourth Way (7” on Soul City)

The Dark Side Of The Moon- The Dead Of Nights (yet to be released)

My House Of Grass- The Potted Palm (from The “Technicolor Paradise: Rhum Rhapsodies & Other Exotic Delights” lp compilation on Numero Group)

Marijuana, The Devil Flower- Johnny Price (from the “Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wastelands vol.4, Hippie In A Blunder” cd-r compilation on Trailer Park records)

Psychic- The Quest’s (from the “Scream Loud !!! The Fenton Story” lp compilation on Way Back records)


Thanks for listening.

Thanks to all the bands and labels.

Extra thanks to ixnaray.

Special thanks to Xerox the Kidd for the “screamin’ Soul Preacher” logo.

And super extra special mucho thanks to THE DEAD OF NIGHTS.



The House of Wild Delights #53

The House of Wild Delights #53.

The House of Wild Delights #53 on Radio Mutation, another kaleïdoscopic production by your drunk’n’unemployed host : The screamin’ Soul Preacher !!!

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Here’s the palylist :

You Treat Me Bad- The JuJus

Hurtin Kind- The Bittersweets

Feeling Sad And Lonely- The Bush

Shade’s Of Blue- The Werp’s

I Scream Colors- Mac Blackout

Green Fuz- Randy Alvey and the Green Fuz

White Ship- The Denims

Experiment In Color- The Blues Company

Almost There- The Spirits

Red Light- The Sands Of Time

Bluest Boy In Town- Phil Gray and his Go Boys

Blues In The Blue Of The Night- Billy Barton and the Circle O Ranch Boys

Blowing Suds Off My Beer- Rocky Bill Ford and the Sunset Ramblers


Chuck A Muck- The King Khan and BBQ Show


Cockroach Blues- Bassholes

Unemployment- Steve and the Holidays

I Wanna Feel Good- Bill Carter

Don’t Need No Job- Jerry Parsons and the Blues Jeans

Let Me Come In- Hasil Adkins

Hang In There- Bloodshot Bill

Hidden Charms- Link Wray and the Raymen


Injun- The Hotbeats


Bermuda- The Bangsters

The Queen Of Bermuda- Guitar Wolf

Hawaiian Voters- Lamps

Thanks for listening.


The House of Wild Delights special mixtape edition: Songs the Cheater Slicks Taught Us Part 2

More psyched’n’distorted hitter kicks the Cheater Slicks covered…

DOWNLOAD and get distressed…

Original art by Dave Shannon.

Thanks again to the Cheater Slicks.

Here’s the playlist :

Run, Run, Run- The Gestures
Destination Lonely- The Huns
Can It Be- The Savoy’s
Why- Dirty Wurds
The Hunch- Mad Mike and the Maniacs
Gorilla- The Shandells
Cheater Slicks- The Four Speeds
In And Out- Larry and the Blue Notes
Born Loser- Murphy and the Mob
Hear What I say- The Levis
Rum Drunk- The Mood
Look Out World- Silver Fleet
No Correspondence- The Beckett Quintet
Indefinite Inhibition- Myrchents
Crackin’ Up- The Wig
Savage Affection- Holocaust
Dejected Soul- The Maze
The Time You Spent With Me- Ohio Express
I’m Grounded- The Minimum Daily Requirements
My Little Red Book- Love
This Life Of Mine- The Lost Souls
Night Of The Sadist- Larry and the Blue Notes
Nightlife- The Del-Tinos
Please Give Me Something- Bill Allen and the Back Beats
We All Love Peanut Butter- The One Way Streets



The House of Wild Delights special mixtape edition: Songs the Cheater Slicks Taught Us, Part 1

A hypnotic psycho-delic trip into a distorted maze of songs the Cheater Slicks covered.

DOWNLOAD and get confused…

Original painting by David Shannon.

Thanks to the Cheater Slicks.

Playlist :

Roller Coaster- The 13th Floor Elevator
Silver Train- The Rolling Stones
Can’t You Hear (My Heartbeat)- The Outcry
Gonna Make You- The Troggs
Girl- Suicide
Set It On Fire- Scientists
Walk Up The Street- The Modern Lovers
Hook Or Crook- Alex Chilton
Half Past High- Butch Philips
Hypnosis- Lucifer
Can’t Find My Mind- The Cramps
Think I’m Coming Down- Lee Hazlewood
Child Of The Moon- The Rolling Stones
Lonely Planet Boy- Johnny Thunders
A Sad Guitar (Instr.)- The Bell Notes
Crying- Roy Orbison
Can’t Explain- Love
Mystery Ship- The Mystic Tide
Should I- The Half Beats
I Can Go On- The Riots
You’ve Got Me Cryin’- The Mauve
Leave My House- The Modds


The House of Wild Delights #52

Cloudy Weather, Move on Over and Fly Way Higher !

Lotsa Garage, Zero Garbage, Amazed and in Rage !

This is The House of Wild Delights #52 on Radio Mutation.

DOWNLOAD and get Irradiated by mucho Atomic Stupidity and Cryptic Teenbeat provided by your glow in the dark host :

The screamin’ Soul Preacher !!!

Here’s the playlist :

L’ Interplanétaire- Les Talismans
Space Invaders- Midnite Snaxxx
Drug Culture- Trampoline Team
High On A Cloud- The Traits
A Mushroom Cloud- Sammy Salvo
Radioactive Flip Flop- Harlan Wolf
A Bomb Bop- Mike Fern and Del Royals
Uranium Rock- Warren Smith
Uranium Fever- Rudy Gaddis
Nobody Loves The Hulk- The Traits
Black Lantern- Caesar and his Romans
Captain Dueseldorph- The Starfyres
Hurricane Fighter Plane- Red Crayola
Hydrogen Atom (or Mushrooms Are In)- Bedlam Four

Bed : Evil Plot To Blow Up Batman- Neal Hefti

It’s A Cry’n Shame- The Gentlemen
She’s No Good- The Cyclones
No Good Woman- The Tree
Skin Of My Teeth- The Sherlocks
Move It On Over- Del Shannon
I Said Move- The Aztex
Knock On My Door- The Primates
Knock, Knock- The Humane Society
Alibis- The Bards
Don’t Press Your Luck- The Shags
It’s Too Late- The Pedestrians
Weird- The Wee Four

Bed : Weird- Roscoe and his Little Green Men

Wondrous Place- Billy Fury

Thanks for listening.

(Original pic of Lee A. Merlin as Miss Atomic by Don English.)


The House of Wild Delights #51

A sweet ‘n’ sour musical postcard you can DOWNLOAD to rejoice your weary ears…

Playlist :

Jump Back- Eugene Blacknell and his Savonics
Eyes- Yvonne Baker and the Sensations
The Girl That Radiates That Charms- June Alexander
Go Away With Me- Hollis Dixon and the Keynotes
I Need You Baby- Phil Flowers with the T.N.T. Tribble Combo
Cheatin’ On Your Mind- Bill Mack
A Cheat- Sanford Clark ; Al Casey, Guitar
Deep Shadows- Little Ann
Brown Eyes (Come On Home)- Young Jessie, Junior Rogers Orch.
Come On Baby (Hold My Hand)- Marie Knight
Don’t Start Cryin’ Now- Slim Harpo
I’m Hungry For Your Lovin’- Danny Dill
Switchen’ In The Kitchen’- Pretty Boy, Lee Simms Orch.
Too Many Cooks- Jessie Fortune
There’s Something Wrong With You- Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Orch. under the dir. Of Leroy Kirkland
A la Carte- James ‘Red’ Holloway
Screwdriver- Michael & the Jesters
Hot Skillet Momma- Yochanan
She’s A Fat Girl- The Rock-A-Bouts
Fat Girl- The Embermen
Ugly- Pleasant Valley Tune Jammers
Dr Feelgood To The Rescue- Dr Feelgood and The Interns
Mojo Hannah- Tammi Lynn
The People Hater- Jerry and Brad
I Hate Men (Funchness)- Little Carolyn Sue with Highway Rythum Boys
I Said Hey- Little Lord

Thanks for listening.

Extra thanks to Kopper for the “Conga Girl” picture and to Natacha P. for the “Funky Lady” one.


The House of Wild Delights #50

The House of Wild Delights #50 on Radio Mutation.

Cryptic angst and rowdy teeners,
Muddy swamps and moody rivers,
Please get aboard for a 60 minutes trip
with your favorite ghoulish creep :
The screamin’ Soul Preacher.

Download and get muddy !!!

In case you got lost in the mist, here’s the playlist :

Heartbreak Hotel- The Cramps
Kangoku Rock (Jailhouse Rock)- Theee Bat
I Got The Blues- Action Swingers
Distemper- The Ar-Kaics
Clock On The Wall- The Sounds Like Us
Endgame- Don Howland

Bed : Joanie- Archie and the Bunkers

All Is Gone- The Shade
Ambulance Man- The Deadly Snakes
Baby Get Lost- The Barracudas
I Love You- The Worlocks
When I See You- Billy and the Kids
Don’t Turn Away- The Time Takers
Blue Carnation- Dennis Roberts

Bed : Don’t Call Me Flyface- The Reekers

Baby, You Just Wait- The Spirals
Crawdad- The Colonials
Old Moss Back- Jim Oertling and the Bayou Boys
Moody River- Gibson Bros
The Ghosts Of The Old San Juan- Haunted George
Blow Wind Blow- Wilmouth Houdini

Bed : Farewell Blues- Sol Hoopii

Last Kind Words Blues- Geeshie Wiley

Thanks for listening.
See you someday, Honey…


The House of Wild Delights #49

The House of Wild Delights #49

The House of Wild Delights #49 on Radio Mutation, with your runaway host : The screamin’ Soul Preacher.

DOWNLOAD and get your kicks ‘n’ thrills before they catch you !!!

Here are the charges :

Intrusion- Danny James with his Planquin Guitar, Danny McKingley on Piano
Drum Talk- Al Rose Trio
Tiger Shark- The Viceroys
The Crusher- The Novas
…To The Ratmobile !!!

Bed : Atlantis- The Blue Bells

The Wobble- Bloodshot Bill
Automatic Reaction- Nino and the Ebb Tides
Voodoo Twist- Chrome Reverse
Wailin’- The Fabulous Mach Kung-Fu
Ammerette- Benny Spellman
I’ll Be In- The Answer

Bed : Driftwood- The Wailers

Heartless Woman- Ron Allers and his Rhythm Masters
Jealousy- The Delmonas
Naughty Mama- Johnny Reno
Here Lies My Love- Mr. Undertaker
Heartbreak Boulevard- Sheldon Allman
That Lonely Road- Edges Of Wisdom
It’s Cold Outside- The Choir
North Wind- Slim Whitman
Wanderlust- Tommy Castle
Running From The Law- Gene Nitz
John Henry (The Steel Driving Man)- Buster Brown
(I’ve Been Traveling The) Rough Road- Tony Gunner

Bed : Tremble- Jerry Warren and the Tremblers

That’s It Man- The Valentines

Thanks for listening.

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The House of Wild Delights #48


The House of Wild Delights #48 on Radio Mutation with your long lost host : The screamin’ Soul Preacher.

DOWNLOAD and get bayou’d !!!

Here’s the playlist :

Swing For The Crime- The Saints
Crimes Of The Future- Wild Billy Childish
Gonna Shake It (Until It Dies)- Don Howland
Dinero- Les Tontons Macoutes
She’s Gone- The Young Strangers
Demons- Ghali

Bed : Nine Mile Blubber Pile- Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds

Whisky B4 Sleep- The Golden Boys
Monster- Silvertooth Loos and the Witch
You Say (You Love Me)- Chrome Reverse
(I’m) Crying- Florian Monday and his Mondos
Just Give Me Time- The « In »
By The Whey- The Wead

Bed : The Big Wheel- Clifton Chenier

Bayou Lou- Ken Galloway
Swamp Hop- Bob Buster
Alligator Man- Stanley James
Alligator Came Across- Arlie Duff
Swamp Gal- Tommy Bell
I’ll Be There- Tommy Todd

Bed : Sad Sack- Bo Diddley

Life Stinks- Peter Laughner
Dreamless- Beatniks
You’ll Never Make It- Life Stinks
What Good Am I- Jaibi
Can’t Live Without You- The Evil I
You Never Let Your Feelings Show- The Masonics

Bed : Call It A Day- The Masonics

Dead Drunk Blues- Margaret Johnson

Thanks for listening.


The House of Wild Delights #47


The House of Wild Delights #47 on GaragePunk Pirate Radio. A one-hour mixture of brown rum, hoodoo plants, sensuous rhythms and voluptuous feelings with your devoted host : The screamin’ Soul Preacher.

DOWNLOAD and get spellbound, Honey !!!

Thanks for listening. Here’s the playlist :

Cozy and Bossa- Cozy Cole
Malanese- The Avalons
Dutch Treat- The Utopians
Oochie Coochie- Young Jesse
Hungry And Thirsty (For Your Love)- Jimmy Trotter
I Don’t Know- Ruth Brown
Tie Me Tight- Bob Kayli
I’m Gonna Put A Watch On You (24 Hours A Day)- Ruby Lee

Bed : The Hawk- Mike Hanks

The Big Fight- Ricky Allen
300 Pounds Of Joy- Howlin’ Wolf
Cha Jezebel- The Notes
Mascara Mama- The Tweeters
The Moon Over Cuba Was High Ansd So Was I- Antobal’s Cubans
Maboka Marie- Laurent Lomande
Denga Denga- Ashton Savoy and his Combo
Between The Night And Day- Professor Longhair

Bed : Soul House- Ed Pauling and the Exciters

I Found A Little Girl- Eddie Bo
Take A Trip- Jimmy Vick and the Victors
No Brags, Just Facts- Stacy Lane
Sassy- Frantic Johnny Rogers
Bad Boy- The Jive Bombers
This Must Be Love- Ruth Christie

Bed : Perdido Street- Herb Hardesty and the Rhythm Rollers