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Destroy All Music Ep 10

Destroy All Music is back with its first episode of 2019!  Pauly Thunders spins a variety of punk, garage, and powerpop records and discusses Dee Dee King and the flood of new podcasts out there on the information superhighway.
Ain’t No Rock ‘n’ Roll Rookie by Johnny Moped
La Tarantula by The Delstroyers
Arrow In My Heart by Mike Krol
Preacher by FUZZ
Why Die? by YDI
Mole (Sniff Sniff) by Amyl & The Sniffers
Pretty Baby Scream by Lords of the New Church
Curse of Skull Island by The Delstroyers
Pushing Through the Fog by Jang Hyung
10 Something Wrong by Mark Sultan
11 Drive Friendly by Motor Boys Motor
12 Fall Away by Sugluk
13 Baby Doll by Dee Dee King
14 Matador by The Delstroyers
15 Eastbourne Ladies by Kevin Coyne
16 You Better Run by The Reverberations
17 Eternal Prison by The Humane Society
18 Condition Red by Sneakers
19 Lou by Gargoyles
20 Crypyo-matic by The Delstroyers
21 Supervillain Theme by Madvillain
22 Commencement by Chuck & Mary Perrin

Destroy All Music Ep 09

Some Mutts Can’t Be Muzzled – Amyl & The Sniffers
Luau at Loi’s – Creepxotica
Draggin Me Down – Soul Asylum
Hurricane – Tyla Gang
The Day I Beat My Father Up – Thee Headcoats
Two People in a Room – Wire
Kill Yourself – The Lewd
Head Huntin – Creepxotica
I’m a Skull – Watery Love
(I Thought) You Wanted to Know – Chris Stamey & The dB’s
45 – Surfbort
Black Mold – Golden Pelicans
Whatcha Holden – Oranger
Surf Fink – Creepxotica
Magic Roundabout – The Stiffs
Rock is Dead – Donny Most
Daytona Demon – Suzi Quatro
Joanie – Personal & The Pizzas
Wreckless Crazy – David Johansen
Repeto – Creepxotica
You Can’t Be Serious – The Mirage
Jump, Jive, & Harmonize – Thee Midniters
In the Past – We the People
It’s Nothing to Me – Loy Clingman
Batpoem – The Liverpool Scene
Half a Heart – Tommy Conwell & The Young Rumblers

Destroy All Music Ep 08

Pauly Thunders returns with another installment of Destroy All Music, where you can find out what’s up with that Yellow Submarine cartoon, find out whose pool Ian Dury was pissing in, and ask yourself which jacket is more rock n roll (leather or denim).

I Don’t Care – The Boys
I Want to Go Back to Pongo Pongo – Atomic Mosquitos
Photo (Studio Demo) – The Replacements
Staying Underground – Destination Lonely
I Remember – MDC
A Life of Crime – The Weirdos
Name Names – The Del Fuegos
Shotgun Aftershave – Atomic Mosquitos
Riot on Sunset Strip – The Standells
Let’s Ride, Boys! – Jean Daddy
Drums Over London – Disco Zombies
Idealist / Realist – Bang
Satan’s Stopwatch – Atomic Mosquitos
Cold Feet – Chook
Get It Together – Ten High
Kill The Hippies – The Deadbeats
Rain of Ruin – Suicide
Blockheads – Ian Dury
The Bloodening – Atomic Mosquitoes
Thunder in Your Heart – John Farnham


Destroy All Music Ep 07

Destroy All Music returns!  Pauly‘s been very busy with a new job, playing a bunch of shows and working on a record with his band, and getting over Lyme Disease, but he’s making a big return for the second half of 2018.  He’s steering away from the interviews and special guests.  The occasional guest may show up in the future, but not on every episode anymore.  Anyway, enjoy this collection of tracks, bozo!


Wake Up & Lose by The Humpers

Unavoidable Filth by Night Birds

Like What Me Worry by 006

Any Day Now by Personal & The Pizzas

Stoned Out of It by John Fitch & Associates

Great Big Kiss by Johnny Thunders

Ricochet by Dead Moon

Agent Zero by Night Birds

Friday Night (Is Killing Me) by Bash & Pop

My Own Fantasy by Royal Headache

Screwed Up by Menace

Nobody’s Business by Peter Hammill

Remain Untamed by Turbonegro

Pyongyang Bound by Night Birds

If I Had a Gun by Dead Milkmen

Ghost on the Highway  by The Gun Club

In ‘N’ Out of Grace by Mudhoney

Nothin’ for You by TSOL

Make the Music Go Bang by X

Miskatonic Stomp by Night Birds

Destroy All Music Ep 06

Pauly Thunders plays his usual few sets of songs, then interviews James Pasternack, a local artist, musician, and powerpop fan. This interview is a bit longer than past episodes, as the boys contracted a serious case of the sillies. Enjoy, Radio Mutants!

  • Calling All Destroyers by T-Rex
  • Horror Party Stomp by The Primitive Finks
  • Concentration Camp by Personal & The Pizzas
  • Earthquake Shake by The Skunks
  • Amphetamine Blue by The Vibrators
  • Pine Box by Paul Westerberg
  • Chain Saw (demo) by Ramones
  • Spookini by The Primitive Finks
  • Kill You by Slow Warm Death
  • Another Way by Royal Headache
  • Assume by The Fall
  • Coup Et Blessures by Rixe
  • We Are The One by The Avengers
  • Who’s Afraid of the Dark by The Primitive Finks
  • As Life Goes By by Tommy Keene
  • Red Lights by Marbles
  • Red Flag by FUZZ
  • Murder City Nights by Radio Birdman
  • I’ve Changed My Address by The Jam
  • The Keep by The Primitive Finks
  • Kenosha by Swearin’
  • Orangeworker by For Squirrels
  • Zodiac Sign by Imperial Drag
  • Sodium Pentathol by The Mayflies USA
  • Keeping The Sparks by Waxwings
  • Challengers by The New Pornographers
  • Ready Steady Kids by Slade


Destroy All Music Ep 05

Earlier this month, Pauly Thunders was celebrating his birthday by eating a hoagie off of a guitar case on the floor of his Pennsylvania apartment, when he decided to do a birthday episode.  He played some familiar tunes, and a few tracks he’d been listening to lately which didn’t necessarily fit the usual format of his show.  At the end he recorded an interview with himself.  After listening back to it and realizing it wasn’t funny (and was actually a bit sad), he recorded himself reading and answering listener mail instead.  Enjoy.

Subway Train by New York Dolls
Hip Hug-Her by Booker T & The MG’s
Red Right Hand by Iggy Pop & Jarvis Cocker
Call The Police by Oblivians
The Way I Feel About You by Compulsive Gamblers
All This And More by Dead Boys
Police On My Back by The Equals
Soul Sanction by Booker T & The MG’s
Ashtray Monument by Jawbreaker
It’s A Fine Line Between The Monkey And The Robot by Dillinger Four
Anywhere But Here by Plow United
Working Class Pride by 2.5 Children
Cutesy Monster Man by Iron Chic
Slim Jenkin’s Place by Booker T and The M
Get Well by Nothing
Generation by Fucked Up
R-Rated Movie by Pissed Jeans
Fertile Ground by milk music
Ego Reaper by Eaten Alive
Sunny by Booker T and The MG’s
My Town by Slade





Hey everybody, Pauly Thunders from Destroy All Music brings you the latest episode of GaragePunk Surfcast.

  1. “Good Cop Bad Cop” by Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet
  2. “Zombie Church Bells” by Atomic Mosquitos
  3. “Rumble And Run” by The Atlantics
  4. “Hour Of The Coyote” by Black Flamingos
  5. “Surfin’ Cow” by The Dead Milkmen
  6. “Having An Average Weekend” by Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet
  7. “Winged Ants Flight” by Pirato Ketchup
  8. “The Keep” by The Primitive Finks
  9. “Harem Nocturne (demo)” by Satan’s Pilgrims
  10. “Space Patrol” by Man Or Astro-Man?
  11. “Cock Lobster” by Daikaiju
  12. “The Lone Surfer” by The Deadly Ones
  13. “Bad News” by The Trashmen
  14. “Body Surfin” by The Centurions
  15. “Nitro” by Dick Dale
  16. “Diamond Head” by The Ventures
  17. “Beatnik Bandit” by The Volcanos
  18. “Night Of The Bomboras” by The Bomboras
  19. “Suicide Bay” by Jon & The Nightriders
  20. “Surf! Surf! Surf!” by Aqualads
  21. “Mercury In Retrograde” by The Tomorrowmen
  22. “Theme from The Endless Summer” by The Sandals




Born Yesterday by Zipper
Monsoon by The Bomboras
Dead Eyes of London by Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
Modern Day Freak by The Makers
Ask The Angels by The Patti Smith Group
Nobody Loves The Hulk by The Traits
The Summer Sun by Chris Stamey
The Hollows by The Bomboras
Black Souls by Casey Kasem
10 Howling by The Dahmers
11 Loose by The Stooges
12 Meat City by John Lennon
13 Nothing Can Change You by Tommy Keene
14 Lord Hunt Surf Party by The Bomboras
15 Black Hole In My Mind by The Lillingtons
16 Play With Fire by Mick Farren & The Deviants
17 Memphis Creep by Angry Angles
18 On Yer Bike by Frankie & The Flames
19 Rock and Roll Is Dead by The Rubinoos
20 Return of the Death Ray by The Bomboras
21 Tear Ya Down (Instrumental) by Motörhead
22 Mother Earth by CRASS
23 The Riverbank / London Is the Reason by The Gallows
24 Hungry Hungry Models by The Network
25 Banned in DC by Bad Brains
26 Little Red Book by Murder City Devils
27 Move Over by Slade


Destroy All Music Ep 03

Destroy All Music by The Weirdos
Surfer Hag by Thee Cormans
Dont’t Ask Why by The Replacements
Girl That I Love by The Idols
Up and Down by The Chesterfield Kings
Can’t Stop Hurting Myself by Greg Kihn Band
Trouble Boys by Dave Edmunds
Haunted Sea by Thee Cormans
Love to You by Volt Rush Band
Glycerine Queen by Suzi Quatro
Rathead by Teenage Bottlerocket
No Jesus by The Abigails
Mary Lou by Oblivions
Creature Crawl by Thee Cormans
Death Valley ’69 by Sonic Youth
The Biggest Lie by Husker Du
Off Target by Christ on a Crutch
(I Won’t) Pay Your Price by Motorhead
I Wish It Would Rain by Wreckless Eric
Into the Unknown by The Cormans
Danger Boy by Concrete Waves
Gaijin Smash by Terrible Joke
(translation not available) by Terrible Joke
(translation not available) by Flat Sucks
(translation not available) by Flat Sucks
So Far So Good by Slade


Destroy All Music – Episode 02

Destroy by The Vibrators
Whack Job by The Concussions
I Don’t Care About Nothing Anymore by Beasts Of Bourbon
The Singer Not The Song by Alex Chilton
The Have Nots by X
Love Eyes (Cast Your Spell On Me) by Lenny Drake
Cock In My Pocket by The Stooges
Pump City by The Concussions
Hit & Run by Jack Ruby
Don’t Follow My Lead by Private Dicks
Hate The Police by Mudhoney
54/40 Or Fight by Dead Moon
Message From A Ghost by Slaughter & The Dogs
Wolfie by The Concussions
Baby What’s Wrong by The Come N’ Go
Fire & Smoke by Marbles
Michael & The Slipper Tree by The Equals
Harlem Shuffle by The’s
Johnny Thunders by Murder City Devils
Struggle In Overtime by The Concussions
Blue Frank by Angelo Badalamenti
Big Boys (demo) by Elvis Costello
Masturbation Generation by Boys Next Door
Black Santa by Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds
Thick As A Brick (Edit No. 1) by Jethro Tull
Swingset Assassin by Two Cow Garage
Hairy Son by The Concussions

Gypsy Roadhog by Slade