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BIG ENCHILADA 121: The Rise of the Phony Demon

A phony demon is better than no demon at all. And now it’s time for good old-fashioned demonic rock ‘n’ roll with bitchen sounds that even the angels can cherish. There’s even an entire set of songs that musicians have submitted to Radio Mutation.

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Here’s the playlist:

(Background Music: Wooly Bully by Charlie & His Go-Go Boys)
Flowers in My Hair, Demons in My Head by The Mystery Lights
I Never Told You by Reverend Beat-Man & Izobel Garcia
Dominique Laboubee by The Fleshtones
Am I Going Insane by Miss Ludella Black & The Masonics
Big Boss Man by Tony Joe White
Little Demon by The Amazing Crowns

(Background Music: Hijacked by West Hell 5)
Standing on the Corner by Mal Thursday Quintet
Fried Pork by Craterface
Sally Can’t Wait by Hey Honcho & The Aftermaths
Risky Ricky by Rougemont
Loser Leave Town by The Mighty Jabronis
The Love Witch by Thee Girl Fridays

(Background Music: Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend by Marilyn Monroe vs. Swing Cats)

Bullet by The Darts
Dando Vueltas by Los Eskeletos
About Alice by The Legendary Tigerman
Most Guys by Roger Arvidson
Demons are a Girl’s Best Friend by Nekromantix

BIG ENCHILADA 120: Hillbilly Buffet

It’s time for another rollicking Big Enchilada hillbilly episode. So prepare yourself for a virtual buffet of honky-tonk, rockabilly, cow-punk, folk, bluegrass and other down-home sounds designed to tickle your innards. This episode featuring the likes of Holly Golightly & The Broke-offs, Sarah Shook & The Disarmers, Ray Condo, Butch Hancock and more.
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Here’s the playlist:
Background Music: Bluegrass Special by Bill Monroe)

I Ride an Old Paint by Holly Golightly & The Broke-offs

Crazy Mixed Up World by Ray Condo & The Hardrock Goners

Charlottesvillre by Jesse Dayton

Run ’em Off by Lefty Frizzell

Shot Four Times and Dying by Bill Carter

Roadmap for the Blues by Butch Hancock

(Background Music: Oklahoma Rag by Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys)

I Made the Prison Band by Bill Hearne

Wild Wild Wild by Robbie Fulks & Linda Gail Lewis

Snake Farm by Ray Wylie Hubbard

Hand of the Almighty by John R. Butler

I Want to Live and Love Always by The Maddox Brothers & Rose

White Lightning by The Valley Serenaders

She Was Always Chewing Gum by Grandpa Jones

(Background Music: Festival Acadiens Two Step by Pine Leaf Boys)

Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don’t by Sarah Shook & The Disarmers

Reservation Radio by Eric Hisaw

It’s Nothing to Me by San Antonio Kid

At Least I’m Genuine by Stevie Tombstone

Fancy by The Geraldine Fibbers

BIG ENCHILADA 119: Music to Heal By 2

I’m back! I was laid up in the hospital for nearly a month — and I missed the April episode — but I’m healing up at home now and chomping at the bit to bring you some crazy rock ‘n’ roll.

So in the tradition of Big Enchilada 47, which I recorded while recovering from a hip replacement, I give you Music to Heal By 2. (I even borrowed the opening sound collage from that show.) Soak in the sweet healing sounds of The Dirtbombs, Archie & The Bunkers, The Cramps and more.

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(Background Music: Wipeout by The Eliminators)

Pray for Pills by The Dirtbombs
Fire, Walk With Me by Archie & The Bunkers
End of Nowhere by Trixie & The Trainwrecks
Don’t Torment Me by The Masonics
Crazy Pills by Quan & The Chinese Takeouts

(Background Music: Sardonic Recovery by Vinnie Santino)

I Ain’t Dead Yet by Mondo Topless
I Bring Home the Bacon by The Dappers
Half Nelson Headlock by The Common Cold
Hospital by Skip Church
Shake That Bat by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
White Wedding by Herman’s Hermits

(Background Music: Ya Move Ya Lose by Second Line Social Aid & Pleasure Society Brass Band)

Bop Pills by The Cramps
The Ugly Side of the Face by Hang On the Box
Dr. Boogie by Flamin’ Groovies
Mystic Waves by San Antonio Kid
St. James Infirmary by Johnny Dowd

(Background Music: General Hospital Theme)

BIG ENCHILADA 118: Strike Up the Band

Strike up the band — strike up lots of bands! — it’s another pulverizing episode of The Big Enchilada Podcast on Radio Mutation. This month you’ll hear new songs by the likes of Reverend Beat-Man, Archie & The Bunkers, The Hollywood Sinners; some the acts I saw recently at South by Southwest, including The Hickoids, The Ghost Wolves, Nobunny and Count Vaseline — plus plenty more.

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Here’s the playlist:

Laura by Archie & The Bunkers

Jump Into the River by Roy Loney & The A-Bones

Drive Like an Italian by Sir Bald Diddley & His Wig-Outs

In Glass by Nots

Get Messy by The Darts

Voodoo Woman by The Shades

(Background Music: Dirty Britches by The Leap Frogs)

Cool Arrow by Hickoids

Church Mouse by Nobunny

Heavy is the Head That Wears the Crown by Count Vaseline

Crybabies Go Home by The Ghost Wolves

The White Wolf is Back in Town by Reverend Beat-Man & The New Wave

Fiesta Nuclear by Hollywood Sinners

Next Door Neighbor by Jerry McCain

(Background Music: Really Big Time by The Fireballs)

A Clown Gave You a Baby by John Wesley Coleman III

Sombras by The Ugly Beats

Mother’s Tin Mustache by Nobody’s Children

Anala by The King Khan & BBQ Show

Out of Control by Wayne County & The Electric Chairs

(Background Music: Strike Up the Band by Count Basie)

BIG ENCHILADA 117: Frog Girl and Friends

Welcome to the freakishly delightful new episode of The Big Enchilada. It’s a mutant sock hop for the Frog Girl and her swinging cohorts, rockin’ and rollin’ to a spectacular line-up. Party til you croak!

(Background Music: Leap Frog by Les Brown)
Miss Froggy by Warren Smith
Let’s Go to Mars by Barrence Whitfield & The Savages
Read You Your Rights by The Electric Mess
Don’t Mess With Me by Rattanson
Dirty Photographs by The Bonnevilles
Daddy Frog by Big Daddy & The Little Sisters

(Background Music: Frog Legs Rag by James Scott)
Mind Mower by Toads of the Short Forest
Wimp by Jean Caffeine
Demonica by The Dwarves
Better Than You by He Who Cannot Be Named
Screaming Rummy by Drawer Devils
Before I Die by Guttercats
Little LuLu Frog by T. Valentine

(Background Music: Frog Bog by Moondog)
Froggy by Danny Dell & The Trends
Because of You by The Goon Mat & Lord Bernardo
Mysterioso Blues by Harvey McLaughlin
DGASAY by Greg Wheeler & The Polygamist Mall Cops
Cannibal Island by The Young Rochelles
Bullfrog Blues by Legendary Shack Shakers
(Background Music: Frog and Peach by Lorette Velvette)

BIG ENCHILADA 116: Barking Irons

Welcome to the first Big Enchilada of 2018, a brand new hillbilly episode that travels to the heart of the mythological Old West for another rollicking hillbilly episode. I know it’s January but this show is hotter than a pistol at the O.K. Corral.


Here’s the playlist:

(Background Music: March With Hope by Hugo Montenegro & His Orchestra)

Big Iron by Mike Ness
Dirty Boogie by Roy Hall & His Cohutta Mountain Boys
Whiskey Down by Diamonds & Whiskey
My Last Ride by The Dad Horse Experience
I Hate Men by Little Carolyn Sue
Pistol Packin’ Mama by A Man Called Stu

(Background Music: The Vice of Killing by Hugo Montenegro & His Orchestra)

Pinball by Hellbound Glory
Pinball Machine by The Fall
Oh My Darling Clementine by Johnny Dowd
The President is Out of His Goddamn Mind by Ramblin’ Deano
Purgatory by Tyler Childers
Blood on the Saddle by T. Tex Edwards

(Background Music: For a Few Dollars More by Hugo Montenegro & His Orchestra)

Guns, Guitars and Women by Kell Robertson
Another Pretty Country Song by The Blues Against Youth & The Restless Livers Collective
As It Was by Salty Pajamas
Wild Bill Jones by J.D. Wilkes
Big Rig Rollin’ Man by Johnny Dollar
Seven Lonely Days by Ginny Carter

(Background Music: The Good, The Bad and Then Ugly by Hugo Montenegro & His Orchestra)

BIG ENCHILADA 115: Humbug 2017

Call me Scrooge. Call me Grinch. Call me Ishmael. But once again I just couldn’t bring myself to produce another damned Christmas show. Sometime in the past couple of holiday seasons, I just burned out on Christmas songs. So, just like last year, once again I’m giving you an hour of crazed rock ‘n’ roll — with just a sprinkling of songs from the season. (And if you really need some Christmas music right now, you can find all my Christmas specials HERE


Here’s the playlist:

Background Music: Richard Diamond by Buddy Morrow)
You’re Humbuggin’ Me by Ronnie Dawson
New Facts Emerge by The Fall
White Collar Wolf by The Devils
Flacid is the Night by Pocket FishRmen
Dr. Benway by Mean Motor Scooter
Santa Claus Has Got the AIDS This Year by Tiny Tim

(Background Music: Swing Cremona by Pierre Omer’s Swing Revue)
You Won’t Get Away With Murder by Gino & The Goons
John Cale by Count Vaseline
The Mess I’m In by Wild Evel & The Trashbones
Nasty Girl, Nasty Boy by The Cavemen
Ain’t Got No Life by Mary’s Kids
May Day by Tone Rodent
Stick a Knife in His Heart by Casey Jones Dead
Santa’s Claws Are Coming to Town by Bill Bachmann

(Background Music: Here Comes Santa Claus by Los Straitjackets)
Papa Barrence’s Christmas by Barrence Whitfield & The Savages
I Need Somebody by Question Mark & The Mysterians
Come On by Reptilians from Andromeda
Fly Like a Rat by Quintron & Miss Pussycat
Black Shiny Beast by Buick MacKane
(Background Music: Auld Lang Syne by Brave Combo)

BIG ENCHILADA 114: Fallout Fashions

Welcome good people to another breathtaking episode of The Big Enchilada. No need to worry about nuclear war because many cities across this land of the free still have fallout shelters left over from from the Cold War. And if you’re well-stocked with Big Enchilada episodes in your portable music player of choice, you’ll be thrilled and entertained until the whole thing blows over.

In all seriousness, this episode is dedicated to the late great Fred Cole of Dead Moon / Pierced Arrows / The Rats, etc, who died recently. His truth goes marching on!


(Background Music: Cold Turkey by Johnny Otis)
Dead Moon Night by Dead Moon
Another Girl by Satan’s Little Helpers
Smells Bad by Skip Church
Surrender My Heart by Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons
The Decline and Fall of Western Civilization by Alien Space Kitchen
Fire in The Western World by The Dirtbombs
(Background Music: Without Warning by Vinnie Santino)
Black Rainbows by Pierced Arrows
A Decision is Made by The Yawpers
Oxymoron by The Fall
Sugarwalls by Baronen & Satan
Shh Shh Shh by Boss Hog
Fallout Shelter by Dore Albert
(Background Music: Lonesome Electric Turkey by Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention)
Descending Shadows by The Rats
Hoochie by The Why Oh Whys
Rock Out by The Chuck Norris Experiment
It’s Been a Long Time, Mama by The Blues Against Youth & The Restless Livers Collective
Sonic Boomerang by Bee Bee Sea
(Background Music: Our National Anthrax by Black Bear Combo)

Special thanks this month to Dirty Water Records (Pussycat, Baronen, Bee Bee Sea) and Beluga Records (Satan’s Little Helpers, Why Oh Whys, Norris Experiment) for supplying a big chunk of the music this month.

BIG ENCHILADA 113: 2017 Spooktacular

Boo! Welcome, my fiends, to the 10th annual BIG ENCHILADA SPOOKTACULAR!!!! 
We’re gathering bones from all over the rock ‘n’ roll graveyard to create a monster of a show.

Here’s the playlist:


(Background Music: Fear by The Ventures)
Halloween by Ron Haydock & The Boppers
Ghost Rider by The Gories
El Giro Satanismo by Los Eskeletos
Two Headed Demon by Urban Jr.
Boris Karloff by The Barbarellatones

(Background Music: Ghostbusters by Los Straightjackets)

Devil Time by Satan & Deciples
Friendly Ghost by Harlem
Captain of the Creeps by Oh! Gunquit
Werewolf by The Rockin’ Barracudas
She’s My Witch by The Monsters
Demons in Your Head by The Imperial Rooster
At the Seance by Al Duvall

(Background Music: Thank You, Thing by The Fiends)
Ghost of a Texas Ladies’ Man by Concrete Blonde
Spookmaster by The Ghastly Ones
Idol With the Glowin’ Eyes by Southern Culture on the Skids
It’s Spooky by Daniel Johnston & Jad Fair
The Vampire by T. Valentine & Daddy Longlegs
(Background Music: The Spook Walks by The Spooks

BIG ENCHILADA 112: Cow Tippin’

This show will knock you off your feet. Especially if you’re of the bovine persuasion. Sit back and enjoy another fine hillbilly episode of The Big Enchilada!

Here’s the playlist:


(Background Music: Bluegrass Breakdown by Jim & Jesse & The Virginia Boys)
Dangerous Times by The Imperial Rooster
War Whoop by Legendary Shack Shakers
Exit 14 by Reach Around Rodeo Clowns
Wanna Get Outta Here by The War &;Treaty
Billy the Kid by Jonny Barber & The Rhythm Razors
She’s Way Up Thar by Hal O’Halloran’s Hooligans

(Background Music: Topeka Polka by Spade Cooley)
Freddy Lopez by Joe West
The Sound of Laughter by Joecephus & The George Jonestown Massacre
Godzilla vs. King Kong by Boris McCutcheon
The Poor Girl’s Story by Eilen Jewell
My Man’s a Jolly Railroad Man by Moonshine Kate
Tennessee Whiskey by Harry Dean Stanton

(Background Music: Rambler’s Stomp by Doug Bine & His Dixie Ramblers)
Broke Broom Blues by Mose McCormack
Hotel Yorba by Lara Hope & The Ark-Tones
Amos Moses by Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang
Darling Nellie Across the Sea by Hylo Brown & The Timberliners
Darktown Strutters Ball by Howard Armstrong with Ikey Robinson & Ted Brogan
(Background Music: Struttin’ with Some Barbecue by Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons with Phil Wiggens)