Lucy Lux hosts APOCALYPSTICK on Radio Mutation.
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Apocalypstick! #12

Host: Lucy Lux

Apocalypstick makes you BEAUTIFUL! Yes, you’ve found it, the secret to everlasting beauty and eternal youth. Lucy’s heading off to London, but before she goes, she’s giving you a ride you’ll never forget! Nikki and the Corvettes, The Diaboliks, The Go-Devils, and more girls, girls, girls. You can listen to it when you’re doing your nails, curling your hair, in the sun, in the shade, or even when you’re gettin’ laid!

Apocalypstick! #11

Jungle Episode!

Host: Lucy Lux

Way, way back in 14 B.C. (Before Clothing), Lucy Lux and her gang of Bikini Barbarian Headhunters teamed up one monsoon afternoon to bring you Apocalypstick #11! This time you’re getting a full 45 minutes of Tarzan, King Kong, Mau-Maus, apes, natives and much, much more! Watch yourself turn from the innocent person you are, into a wild, wild beast!

Apocalypstick! #10


All Female Fuss!

Host: Lucy Lux

Oh and you thought Apocalypstick was gone forever… boy were you wrong! This time, Lucy sticks it to the sausage party with all femme rock ‘n’ roll vaudeville! Listen as you slowly feel your masculinity melt away as the Apocalypstick girls kick you in the ass, then kiss it all better… Don’t tell your girlfriend about this one!

Apocalypstick! #7


Host: Lucy Lux

So Christmas is over and all you got was a dorky sweater, but cheer up, it’s Apocalypstick #7! Sealed with a kick! Comin’ at ya with the sounds of Flamenco a Go-Go, Shonen Knife, The Sonics and more! It may be cold outside but it’s warm in here, so put down that McDonald’s gift card from Grandma and have a listen…


1. Redd Kross – Shonen Knife from 712 on Oglio
2. You Told Me A Lie – Jenny And The Rascals from Biet Hiet Vol. 3 on Distortion
3. Yummy Yummy Yummy – Rita Choa from Girls in the Garage on Romulan
4. Puddy Cat – Wade Curtiss and the Rhythm Rockers form I Hate CD’s on Norton
5. The Line – Rave-Ons from Party Party Party on Arf! Arf!
6. Do The Dog – Sugar and the Spices form Girls With Guitars on Ace
7. Pity Thing – The Flamenco a Go Go from the Early Days on Benten
8. That’s For Sure – The Mustangs from Back From the Grave on Crypt
9. A Trip – Kim Foley from Nuggets on Rino
10. Hipsvile 29 BC (I Need Help) – The Sparklers from Born Bad vol. 6 on Born Bad
11. The Witch – The Sonics from Nuggets on Rino
12. No More Hot Dogs – Hasil Adkins from Out to Hunch on Norton
13. The Devil Dance – Devils from Party Party Party on Arf! Arf!
14. Skinni Winnie – Goldie and The Gingerbreads from Girls With Guitars on Ace
15. Woo Hoo –’s From Bomb The Rocks on Time Bomb

Apocalypstick! #6

Host: Lucy Lux

Who knew a podcast could taste sooo sweet! Apocalypstick #6 is a whole bunch of nitty-gritty shake and stomp! Listen to it while you’re doing your nails, curling your hair or walking the walk of shame! It’s all here! Give it a try! It’ll change your life!


1. I Love To Rock – Katie Sweet (3 Years old) from Sin Alley Vol. 3 on Cornball Records
2. Our Love Will Still Be There – Fabien Del Sol and the Bristols from Best Of on Damaged Goods Records
3. Jane In The Jungle – The’s from Bomb The Rocks on Time Bomb Records
4. Get Away From Me – The Angels from Girls With Guitars on Ace Records
5. Down in the Bottom – The Groupies from Garage Beat 66′ on Sundazed Records
6. Dippin’ In My Business – Rose Marie McCoy from Sin Alley Vol. 3 on Cornball Records
7. Only Seventeen – The Beattle-Ettes from Girls With Guitars on Ace Records
8. Get Out of My Head – The Troublemakers from The Great Lost Troublemakers on Slovenly Records
9. Tired Broke and Busted – Karin Kent from Biet Hiet Vol. 3 on Distortions Records
10. Ah Poor Little Baby – Billy Crash Craddock from That’l Flat Git It on Buffalo Bop Records
11. Oo-Ma-Liddi – JJ Jackson and the Jackells form Born Bad Vol. 6 on Born Bad Records
12. Teen Beat 65 – Sandy Nelson from Best Of on EMI Int’l Records