By thescreaminsoulpreacher

The House of Wild Delights #51

A sweet ‘n’ sour musical postcard you can DOWNLOAD to rejoice your weary ears…

Playlist :

Jump Back- Eugene Blacknell and his Savonics
Eyes- Yvonne Baker and the Sensations
The Girl That Radiates That Charms- June Alexander
Go Away With Me- Hollis Dixon and the Keynotes
I Need You Baby- Phil Flowers with the T.N.T. Tribble Combo
Cheatin’ On Your Mind- Bill Mack
A Cheat- Sanford Clark ; Al Casey, Guitar
Deep Shadows- Little Ann
Brown Eyes (Come On Home)- Young Jessie, Junior Rogers Orch.
Come On Baby (Hold My Hand)- Marie Knight
Don’t Start Cryin’ Now- Slim Harpo
I’m Hungry For Your Lovin’- Danny Dill
Switchen’ In The Kitchen’- Pretty Boy, Lee Simms Orch.
Too Many Cooks- Jessie Fortune
There’s Something Wrong With You- Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Orch. under the dir. Of Leroy Kirkland
A la Carte- James ‘Red’ Holloway
Screwdriver- Michael & the Jesters
Hot Skillet Momma- Yochanan
She’s A Fat Girl- The Rock-A-Bouts
Fat Girl- The Embermen
Ugly- Pleasant Valley Tune Jammers
Dr Feelgood To The Rescue- Dr Feelgood and The Interns
Mojo Hannah- Tammi Lynn
The People Hater- Jerry and Brad
I Hate Men (Funchness)- Little Carolyn Sue with Highway Rythum Boys
I Said Hey- Little Lord

Thanks for listening.

Extra thanks to Kopper for the “Conga Girl” picture and to Natacha P. for the “Funky Lady” one.


Shadows In The Void #13

Shadows In The Void #13 on Radio Mutation.

Welcome to Shitsville, burn-out Baby…

Eat it and have no expectations.

Playlist :

Lick Up Your Town- Timmy’s Organism (from the 7’’ on Total Punk)
Welcome To Shitsville- The Suburban Homes (from the « …Are Bored » 12’’ EP on Total Punk)
Stolen Property- Cheap Nasties (mp3, originally from the « 53rd & 3rd » 7’’ included in The Scientists « A Place Called Bad » boxset on Numero Group)
Vile Order- Rik and the Pigs (from the 7’’ on Feel It)
Bent- Action Swingers (from the « Quit While You’re Ahead » LP on In The Red)
Ghost Baby, Ghost- Fnu Clone Inc. (from the Binary Or Die LP on Total Punk)
I Shoulda Been Aborted- DD Owen (from the LP on 12XU)
Derelict- Direct Action (from the « Third Rail » LP on Mind Cure)
Misfits Are Innocent- Unnatural Silence (from an old hometape of mine, originally from the « Undergrowth Vancouver 84 » tape)
Arrested- Toxin III (from the 7’’ reissue on Jeth-Row)
Electric Chair Execution- The Studs (from the « I Don’t Care vol.2 » compilation on Pseudonym)
Trash And Burn- Heavy Lids (from the « We Believe In The Night » LP on Pelican Pow Wow/Backhaus)
Burn Out Baby- The Evolutions (from the « Go Too Far ! » LP on No Fuckin’ Chance)
Digging Through Trash- Buck Biloxi and Raw (from the 7’’ on Red Lounge/Secret Identity)
Xerox/No Compromise- Rhino 39 (from the 7’’ reissue on Munster/Dangerhouse )

Working Is A Waste- Sacred Product (from the « $ A Ride » LP on Quemada)
Yr Dumb- Teenage Chainsaw (mp3 from the « …Is A Buzzkill » EP, check Bandcamp)
Activation- Modern Needs (from the 7’’ on Goodbye Boozy)
Panic Button- Johnny Moped (from the « Cycledelic » LP on Chiswick)
Mayday- Rebels (from the « Pogo Punks » LP compilation, no label)
I Don’t Care- Subliminal Cuts (from the Bloodstains Across The UK vol.2 LP compilation)
Never Felt Better- Cuntz (from the Solid Mates LP on Homeless)
Cat Food- Manateees (from the 7’’ on Goner)
Eat It- Patsy (from the 7’’ on Total Punk)
False Crack- Outdoorsmen (from the 10’’ EP on Red Lounge)
Weekend- Kebab (from the « Subnormal Girls vol.2 » LP compilation on Waiting Room)
Cold Line- Nots (from the « Cosmetic » LP on Goner)
Searching- The Nixe (from the « The Nixe » LP on Polly Magoo)
No Expectations- Black Time (from the « Aerial Gobs Of Love » LP on Förbjudna Ljud)

Bed : Tarzan VS IBM- Black Time

Play- Rudimentary Peni (from the 7’’ EP on Outer Himalayans)

Thanks for listening.

Thanks to all the bands and labels.

Extra thanks to J. for The Cheap Nasties.

Come on everybody, clap your hands…


The House of Wild Delights #50

The House of Wild Delights #50 on Radio Mutation.

Cryptic angst and rowdy teeners,
Muddy swamps and moody rivers,
Please get aboard for a 60 minutes trip
with your favorite ghoulish creep :
The screamin’ Soul Preacher.

Download and get muddy !!!

In case you got lost in the mist, here’s the playlist :

Heartbreak Hotel- The Cramps
Kangoku Rock (Jailhouse Rock)- Theee Bat
I Got The Blues- Action Swingers
Distemper- The Ar-Kaics
Clock On The Wall- The Sounds Like Us
Endgame- Don Howland

Bed : Joanie- Archie and the Bunkers

All Is Gone- The Shade
Ambulance Man- The Deadly Snakes
Baby Get Lost- The Barracudas
I Love You- The Worlocks
When I See You- Billy and the Kids
Don’t Turn Away- The Time Takers
Blue Carnation- Dennis Roberts

Bed : Don’t Call Me Flyface- The Reekers

Baby, You Just Wait- The Spirals
Crawdad- The Colonials
Old Moss Back- Jim Oertling and the Bayou Boys
Moody River- Gibson Bros
The Ghosts Of The Old San Juan- Haunted George
Blow Wind Blow- Wilmouth Houdini

Bed : Farewell Blues- Sol Hoopii

Last Kind Words Blues- Geeshie Wiley

Thanks for listening.
See you someday, Honey…


Shadows In The Void #12

Shadows In The Void #12 on Radio Mutation.

Morons get lost in Boredom…

Playlist :

Waaah Waaah Waaah- Wet Ones (from the « Wet Ones » lp on Black Gladiator/Slovenly)
Boule Quies- Zona (from the « Paris Mix » lp compilation)
Dans Le Labyrinthe- Charles De Goal (from the « Algoryhtmes » lp on New Rose)
Migraine Headache- Rocks (from the « You’r So Boring » cd compilation on Brain Salad Surgery)
Degenerate- DD Owen (from the « DD Owen » lp on 12XU)
Don’t Push Me Around- Zeros (from the 7 ‘’ on Bomp)
I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend- Sik Rik (from the « Sik Rik » mp3 ep available on Bandcamp)
I’d Kill (To See You Dead)- The Cavemen (from the « Born to Hate » lp on Dirty Water)
Stab Your Face- Heavy Lids (from the « We Believe In The Night » lp on Pelican Pow Wow)
Self Defens- Socialites (from the 7’’ on Goodbye Boozy)
2 Minute Hate- Zero Defex
(from the « Killed By Hardcore 1981-1983 – Demolition 2 » lp compilation on Disco Trend 38)
Nothing For Me- Filth
(from the « I Don’t Care- The No Fun and Plurex Singles » lp compilation on Pseudonym)
Now I’ll Tell You What You Cannot Do- UFUX (from the 7’’ on Goodbye Boozy)
I Rock I Ran- Toxin III (from the 7’’ reisue on Jeth-Row)
Trapped In The City- Bad Times (from the « Bad Times » lp on Goner)
Time Killer- Manateees (from the 7’’ on Goodbye Boozy)
Learn Like A Cadaver- Lasters (from the « Kind of Blew » lp on Futilitarian/In The Red)
Mass Ignorance Culture- Jack Ketch and the Crowmen
(from the « Brimfull Of Hate » lp re-released on Hangman/M’lady’s)

Smalltown Boredom- Suburban Homes (from the « …Are Bored » 12’’ ep on Total Punk)
Boredom- Buzzcocks featuring Howard Devoto (from the « Time’s Up » lp on Voto)
I’m So Bored- Rik and the Pigs (from the « Rik and the Pigs » cassette on Lumpy)
Young Dumb Bored And Redundant- Lasters (from the 7’’ on Batshit)
Bored Teenagers- The Adverts (from the « Crossing The Red Sea With… » lp on Bright)
Bored Of Life- Kajun SS (from the « Wop Bop Bam Bam » ep on Jeth-Row/Therapeutic)
Prolyxin Stomp- Rhino 39 (from the « DangerHouse – Volume 1 » lp compilation on Frontier)
Spit Me Out- The Spits (from the « The Spits » lp on Slovenly)
3D Hollywood- Chattering Class (from the « Killed By Meth » lp compilation on It’s Trash)
Go To A Party- The Fems (from the 7’’ reissue on Drag City)
Late To The Party- Dilettantes (from the « Demo 2015 » mp3 ep available on Bandcamp)
I’m Beat- Teengenerate (from the « Get Action » lp on Crypt)
Drop Dead- Siege (from the 7’’ boot on Off The Disk)

Sunglasses After Death- Counter Intuits (from the « Monosillabilly » lp on Pyramid Scheme)
You Stupid Jerk- Angry Samoans (from the « Back From Samoa » lp on Bad Trip)



The House of Wild Delights #49

The House of Wild Delights #49

The House of Wild Delights #49 on Radio Mutation, with your runaway host : The screamin’ Soul Preacher.

DOWNLOAD and get your kicks ‘n’ thrills before they catch you !!!

Here are the charges :

Intrusion- Danny James with his Planquin Guitar, Danny McKingley on Piano
Drum Talk- Al Rose Trio
Tiger Shark- The Viceroys
The Crusher- The Novas
…To The Ratmobile !!!

Bed : Atlantis- The Blue Bells

The Wobble- Bloodshot Bill
Automatic Reaction- Nino and the Ebb Tides
Voodoo Twist- Chrome Reverse
Wailin’- The Fabulous Mach Kung-Fu
Ammerette- Benny Spellman
I’ll Be In- The Answer

Bed : Driftwood- The Wailers

Heartless Woman- Ron Allers and his Rhythm Masters
Jealousy- The Delmonas
Naughty Mama- Johnny Reno
Here Lies My Love- Mr. Undertaker
Heartbreak Boulevard- Sheldon Allman
That Lonely Road- Edges Of Wisdom
It’s Cold Outside- The Choir
North Wind- Slim Whitman
Wanderlust- Tommy Castle
Running From The Law- Gene Nitz
John Henry (The Steel Driving Man)- Buster Brown
(I’ve Been Traveling The) Rough Road- Tony Gunner

Bed : Tremble- Jerry Warren and the Tremblers

That’s It Man- The Valentines

Thanks for listening.

Get more kicks for FREE, Honeybee :


Shadows In The Void #11

Shadows In The Void #11

Shadows In The Void #11

Go home and celebrate : I’m DEAD !!!

Shadows In The Void #11 on Radio Mutation

Playlist :

Laugh Jackal Laugh- Mike Rep and the Quotas (from the Hellbender LP on Hozac)
Violence Creeps- Fatal Microbes (from the 7″ on Small Wonder)
Downtown- Janitor Scum (mp3 from their Bandcamp page)
Crimes- Giorgio Murderer (from the Holographic Vietnam War LP on Pelican Pow Wow)
Creeps- Lsdogs (from the 7″ on Total Punk)
Deep Creep- Mystic Inane (from the EPs of M/I LP on La Vida Es Un Mus)
New Crawl- Ex-Cult (from the 7″ on In The Red)
Choose Death- Sick Thoughts (from the 7″ on Total Punk)
Time To Die- Void (from an old hometape, originally released on Dischord I suppose)
Bury Me- Foster Care (from the Sterilization LP on Total Punk)
I’m Dead- Broken Talent (from the Broken Talent Rules No One LP on Floridas Dying)
Graveyard- PIL (from the Second Edition LP on Virgin)
Take Your Pills- Real Regular (from Killed By Meth LP compilation on It’s Trash)
Why Would I- Klazo (mp3 from their Bandcamp page)
Dumbesticated- Manateees (from the 7″ on Goodbye Boozy)
Black Piss- Woodboot (from the 7″ on Total Punk)
V.D. Boiler- Johnny Moped (from the Cycledelic LP on Chiswick)
Warm Leatherette- The Normal (from the 7″ on Mute)
Ghost Rider- Suicide (from the Suicide LP on Blast First)
Skeleton- The Wax Museums (from the LP on Douchemaster)
Nosferatu- Hugh Cornwell and Robert Williams (from the Nosferatu LP on United Artists)
Vampire Punk- Thee Mighty Fevers (from the 7″ on Goodbye Boozy)
Dahmer Blues (Gimme Head)- Cumstains (from the 7″ on Goodbye Boozy)
Broken Brain- Black Panties (from the 7″ on Lumpy)
Violent Hands- Outdoorsmen (from the 7″ on Total Punk)
Prison- Cellulite (from the Dust Wave LP on Black Gladiator/Slovenly)
(and a cool Locked Groove by X_X from their Albert Ayler’s Ghosts LP on Smog Veil)

Thanks to bands and labels.
Thanks for listening.


The House of Wild Delights #48


The House of Wild Delights #48 on Radio Mutation with your long lost host : The screamin’ Soul Preacher.

DOWNLOAD and get bayou’d !!!

Here’s the playlist :

Swing For The Crime- The Saints
Crimes Of The Future- Wild Billy Childish
Gonna Shake It (Until It Dies)- Don Howland
Dinero- Les Tontons Macoutes
She’s Gone- The Young Strangers
Demons- Ghali

Bed : Nine Mile Blubber Pile- Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds

Whisky B4 Sleep- The Golden Boys
Monster- Silvertooth Loos and the Witch
You Say (You Love Me)- Chrome Reverse
(I’m) Crying- Florian Monday and his Mondos
Just Give Me Time- The « In »
By The Whey- The Wead

Bed : The Big Wheel- Clifton Chenier

Bayou Lou- Ken Galloway
Swamp Hop- Bob Buster
Alligator Man- Stanley James
Alligator Came Across- Arlie Duff
Swamp Gal- Tommy Bell
I’ll Be There- Tommy Todd

Bed : Sad Sack- Bo Diddley

Life Stinks- Peter Laughner
Dreamless- Beatniks
You’ll Never Make It- Life Stinks
What Good Am I- Jaibi
Can’t Live Without You- The Evil I
You Never Let Your Feelings Show- The Masonics

Bed : Call It A Day- The Masonics

Dead Drunk Blues- Margaret Johnson

Thanks for listening.


Shadows In The Void #10


Shadows In The Void #10 on GaragePunk Pirate Radio.

Get ANNOYED by the noizes from my head !!!

Playlist :

“Transmography”- X_X (from the “Albert Ayler’s Ghosts live at the Yellow Ghetto” lp on Smog Veil)
“Satan Baby”- Stick Men With Ray Guns (from the “Grave City” lp on End Of An Ear)
“Cannibalistic”-  Outdoorsmen (from the “Shit Will Happen If You Use Your Stupid Brain” 10” lp on Red Lounge)
“Under The Gun”- Manateees (from the “Croc In My Pocket” lp on 12XU)
“Holodeck Survivor”- Buck Biloxi and the Fucks (from the 7” on Total Punk)
“We Will Bury You”- The Bags (from the “Give Me A Little Pain- Dangerhouse vol.2” lp compilation on Frontier)
“’Notha Thang”- The Coneheads (from “LP1” lp on Erste Theke Tonträger)
“I’m A Bug”- The Urinals (from the “Negative Capability” lp compiation on In The Red)
“Inside My Brain”- The Angry Samoans (from the “Inside My Brain” lp on Bad Trip)
“Sick Day”- Sacred Product (from the “$ A Ride” lp on Quemada)
“B-Ward”- Rudimentary Peni (from the “Rudimentary Peni” 7” ep on Outer Himalayan)
“I’m Not Really Sure What I’m Gonna Do”- Archie and the Bunkers (from the “Archie and the Bunkers” lp on Dirty Water)
“Don’t Talk”- Carbonas (from the “Carbonas” lp on Raw Deluxe)
“Dirty Dishes”- The Wax Museums (from the “Wax Museums” lp on Douchemaster)
“Out Of Coke”- Low Point Drains (from the 7” on Slovenly)
“Trash”- New York Dolls (from the “New York Dolls” lp on Mercury)
“When Next We Meet”- Life Stinks (from the “You’ll Never Make It” lp on SS)
“Falskhet”- Forbjudna Ljub (from the “Sundsvallspunk vol. 1” 7” ep compilation on Massproduktion)
“Pain”- Die Kreuzen (from the “Demoltion 2- Killed By Hardcore 1981-1983” compilation lp on Disco Trend)
“I’m So Funny”- UFUX (from the 7” on Goodbye Boozy)
“Meillä On Yhteinen Tuleveissus”- Rattlers (from the “Killed By Death #41” lp compilation)
“I Am”- Mollesters (from the “I Don’t Care- The No Fun and Plurex Singles” compilation on Pseudonym)
“I’m Poor”- Riky and the Buttz (from the “We’re Loud-90s Cassette Punk Unknowns” lp compilation on Slovenly/Black Gladiator)
“I’m Broke”- Violence Creeps (from a mp3 put to tape from their Bandcamp page)
“Bastard In A Yellow Suit”- Cal and the Calories (from the 7” on Total Punk)
“Sarcastic”- Andy Human and the Reptoids (from the 7” on Goodbye Boozy)
“Teenage Wisdom”- No Limit (from the “Purple Rain” 7” ep on Goodbye Boozy)
“Burgers & Fries”- Soda Boys (from the 7” on Total Punk)
“Thank You”- Gary Wrong Group (from the “Away In Heathen Darkness” 12” ep on Scavenger Of Death)



The House of Wild Delights #47


The House of Wild Delights #47 on GaragePunk Pirate Radio. A one-hour mixture of brown rum, hoodoo plants, sensuous rhythms and voluptuous feelings with your devoted host : The screamin’ Soul Preacher.

DOWNLOAD and get spellbound, Honey !!!

Thanks for listening. Here’s the playlist :

Cozy and Bossa- Cozy Cole
Malanese- The Avalons
Dutch Treat- The Utopians
Oochie Coochie- Young Jesse
Hungry And Thirsty (For Your Love)- Jimmy Trotter
I Don’t Know- Ruth Brown
Tie Me Tight- Bob Kayli
I’m Gonna Put A Watch On You (24 Hours A Day)- Ruby Lee

Bed : The Hawk- Mike Hanks

The Big Fight- Ricky Allen
300 Pounds Of Joy- Howlin’ Wolf
Cha Jezebel- The Notes
Mascara Mama- The Tweeters
The Moon Over Cuba Was High Ansd So Was I- Antobal’s Cubans
Maboka Marie- Laurent Lomande
Denga Denga- Ashton Savoy and his Combo
Between The Night And Day- Professor Longhair

Bed : Soul House- Ed Pauling and the Exciters

I Found A Little Girl- Eddie Bo
Take A Trip- Jimmy Vick and the Victors
No Brags, Just Facts- Stacy Lane
Sassy- Frantic Johnny Rogers
Bad Boy- The Jive Bombers
This Must Be Love- Ruth Christie

Bed : Perdido Street- Herb Hardesty and the Rhythm Rollers


Shadows In The Void #9

Shadows In The Void #9


Shadows In The Void #9 on GaragePunk Pirate Radio.

Get yours ears BENT baby !!!

Here’s the playlist :

“’Ation”- Cuntz (from the “Solid Mates” lp on Homeless)
“Nothing Means Nothing To Me Anymore”- Alley Cats (from the 7” on DangerHouse)
“Survive”- Bags (from the “DangerHouse vol.1” compilation lp on Frontier)
“Streets Of Rage”- Buck Biloxi and the Fucks (from the “Streets Of Rage” lp on Hozac)
“Hit And Run”- Jack Ruby (from the 7” reissue on Saturday)
“Violence”- The Coneheads (from “L.P.1.” on Erste Theke Tonträger)
“Violence”- Black Panties (from the 7” on Total Punk)
“Hiding In My Car”- Sector Zero (from the 7” on Goner)
“Rats In The Gas Tank”- Ex-Cult (from the “Cigarette Machine” ep on Castle Face)
“Nothing Lasts Forever”- Video (from the “The Entertainers” lp on Third Man)
“No !”- The Human Switchboard (from the 7” on Clone)
“Peste Noire”- Warum Joe (from the “Dans Le Blizzard” ep on New Rose)
“Crise Boursière”- Pierre & Bastien (from the 7” on Flow)
“Get Bent Baby”- Teenage Chainsaw (from the “Is A Buzzkill” mp3 ep I put on a hometape for my own hissening pleasure !)
“Wasted Youth”- Mecht Mensch (from the “Demolition 2- Killed By Hardcore” compilation lp on Disco Trend 38)
“Drunk & Crazy”- Fang (from the “Landshark !” ep reissue on Boner /Revolver)
“Punch Little Babies”- Future Hate (mp4 from the “Future Hate” album, thank you Dennis)
“Low Life”- Modern Needs ( from the 7” on Goodbye Boozy)
“Junk”- Lullabies (from the “Killed By Death #41” compilation lp)
“Feed The Animal”- Rik & the Pigs (from the 7” on Total Punk)
“Implausible”- Pronto (from the “Pronto” lp on Slovenly)
“My Secret Life”- S.I.B. (from the “Killed By Death d’Italia” compilation lp)
“I Don’t Care What The People Say”- Helmettes (from the “I Don’t Care-The No Fun and Plurex Singles” compilation lp on Pseudonym)
“I’m Always Wrong”- Lumps (from the “We’re Loud-90’s Cassette Punk Unknowns” compilation lp on Slovenly/Black Gladiator)
“Fooled Again”- Action Swingers (from the “Complete London Toe Rag Session” lp on Cheap Date)
“Dead Hand”- Gentlemen (from the 7” on Episode Sounds)
“Viscous”- Sick Thoughts (from the 7” on Episode Sounds)
“No Desire”-Jack & the Rippers (from the “Pogo Punks” compilation lp)
“No Motivation”- Ausmuteants (from the “Amusements” lp on Aarght)
“Take Pleasure In Someone Else’s Pain”- The Spits (from the “Kill The Kool” lp on In The Red)
“Padded Cell”- The Mentally Ill (from the 7” reissue on Last Laugh)
“Something Came Over Me”- Throbbing Gristle (from the 7” on Industrial)

Thanks to anyone…