By Alex Piandes

The Desperate Hour #34

Under the Covers

Host: Alex Piandes

Baby, it’s cold outside, so get under the covers with Alex (cover songs, that is) on the 34th episode of The Desperate Hour. Featuring covers of tunes from Love, Little Richard, Bobby Rydell, Slaughter & the Dogs, Springsteen, the Who, Danny & the Juniors and more.

PLEASE NOTE: This will be the final episode of the Desperate Hour that is posted on the blog. As of January 2010, you’ll find Alex’s podcast posted on his blog at the GaragePunk Hideout. If you would like to continue receiving his podcast, be sure to subscribe to his show’s feed using the link below, and/or befriend him on the Hideout. Thanks!


GaragePunk Surfcast #16

Not Your (Ho-) Dad’s Kinda Surfcast

Host: Alex Piandes

Here’s Alex of The Desperate Hour podcast taking his first turn at hosting the Surfcast. Some of the tuneage included on this one may well leave you scratching your head and asking “what’s this got to do with surf?” and others are spot-on. Featuring tunes by The Tritons, Gene Gray & The Starfires, Invisible Surfers, Satan’s Pilgrims and Monoman backed by members of Unnatural Axe and the Real Kids.


*The Bald Guys: Let Loose The Kraken
(V/A Tube -Atlantic Surf Essentials/Cherrydisc, 1996)

*Pajama Slave Dancers: Gunfight At Malibu Beach
(Heavy Petting Zoo/Restless, 1989

*Sir Bald Diddley and His Right Honourable Wigs: Pond Point Panic
(What’s In Your Fridge?/Alopecia, 1994)

*The Four Wheels: Central High Playmate
(V/A Hipsville, Vol. 3/Kramden, 1986
original 7″ released on Soma, 1964

*The Peter Dayton Band: Perfect Wave
(Love At 1st Sight 12″ EP/Shoo Bop, 1981)

(bed) Martin Denny: Sake Rock
(Quiet Village/Liberty, 1959)

*The Tritons: Bikini Wipeout
Mp3 downloaded from The Podsafe Music Network
submitted to Podsafe 3/30/2007

*Gene Gray & The Starfires: Surf Bunny
(V/A Wail On The Beach!/Satan)
original 7″ released on Linda, 1963

*Texas Pete: Spread ‘Em
Mp3 downloaded from The Podsafe Music Network
submitted to Podsafe 3/17/2009

*The Invisible Surfers: Down At Marina Bay
(‘Till That Day/Go Kustom, 2008)

*The Rivieras: California Sun
(7″/Riviera, 1964)

(bed) Luke Leilani & His Hawaiian Rhythm: High Tide
(Hawaiian Rhythm/Pirouette)

*The Reveliers: Hanging Five

*The Straight 8’s: Ann Bowman
Mp3 downloaded from The Podsafe Music Network
submitted to Podsafe 7/21/2006

*Steve Allan & The Barrows: Off
(V/A Blunderbuss/One-Shot, 2001)
unknown original label & release date

*Billy Stewart: Summertime
(Summertime To Love To Love/Chess, 1966)

*Jan Davis: Verti-Go-Go
(V/A Lost Legends Of Surf Guitar IV/Sundazed, 2005)
previously unreleased. Recorded 1965

*The Sir Finks: The Ugly Surfer
(Tres Mexicanos Del Sur De Texas/Get Hip, 2008)

*Satan’s Pilgrims: Badge Of Honor
(S/T/MuSick, 1999)

*The Ventures: Barefoot Venture
(Surfing/Dolton, 1962)
R.I.P. Bob Bogle

(bed) The Outriggers: Aloha Oe
(Rapture-Hawaiian Moods/Warner Bros., 1959)

*The Gremies: No Surfing In Dorchester Bay
(7″/Modern Method, 1980)


The Desperate Hour #28

Host: Alex Piandes

On the 28th episode of The Desperate Hour, Alex kicks off with some vital garage rockers of unknown origin then proceeds to rock the Acropolis with Greek garage punk and pop in honor of Greek Independence Day (kind of), 3/26/26… 1826, that is.  Featuring tunes from the Wax Museums, Wildebeests, Frantic V, Forminx (with a pre-new age Vangelis) and more…