Smashin’ Transistors 51: A Chattahoochee Reference

Though I like to think I am reasonably well-read, sometimes my brain will go off in some direction where I think something that is probably a well-worn colloquialism (or a line from a David Lynch film) is actually just a lyric from some cheesy pop country song of the 1990s.

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What you hear:
Cigaretz – Scared Of Girls
Toeheads – Grad
Registators – Panic Action
Smart Hearts – You Beat Me To It
Rose City Band – Fog Of Love
-words from your host-
 Kool 100s – Bogus Journey
American Gorilla – Forsaken All Others
Richard Vain – Castles
Gun Club– Thunderhead
Jack Oblivian – Scarla
-words from your host-
Protruders – No Stone
Big Quiet – Pull The Thread
The Fall – Wings
Urochromes – Trapped On Planet
Isolation Party – Disassociator
-words from your host-
Wolfmanhattan Project – Silver Sun
Fabulous Fairies – Telephone
Bikini Gorge – Cat In The Flat
Georgia Asphault – Burn Again
13th Floor Elevators – Dust

-words from your host-

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