Shadows In The Void #18

Shadows In The Void #18

Artwork by Joey Kolessides.


Shadows In The Void #18 on Radio Mutation…just another way to get f*ck’d up, lost and wandering wondering what’s all this fuzzed up fuss was all about…


Here’s the playlist :


Radio Dub- Midnight Mines (from the 7” on I Dischi Del Barone)

Radio Tay- Scrotum Poles (from the “Back To Front vol.2” lp compilation on Incognito)

International Rescue- Swell Maps (from the “A Trip To Marineville” cd reissue on Mute)

Underground Agent- Heavy Metal (from the “TOO OZ 4 I.T.” 7” ep on Total Punk)

Helen Fordsdale- Mars (from the “No New-York” lp compilation on Antilles)

Mitch, Mitch, Mitch (Huntsmen Reaction)- Spray Paint and The Rebel (from the “Charles And Roy’s Purple Wang” lp on Ever/Never)

Indolore- Euromilliard (from the 7” on Polly Maggoo)

Matar Dolores- Screamers (from the “In A Better World” cd on Extravertigo/Xeroid)

SMX20- Hash Redactor (from the “Drecksound” lp on Goner)

Action- Constant Mongrel (from the “Living In Excellence” lp on La Vida Es Un Mus)

Third And Fourth Ingredient- Tropical Trash (from the “Southern Indiana Drone Footage” lp on National Waste Products)

7 Xs- Liquids (from the “Evil” 7” ep on Weirdly)

F.U.2- F.U.2 (from the “Punk Rock” lp on Les Tréteaux)

Calculator- A Frames (from the “A Frames” lp on S-S/Dragnet)

In Glass- NOTS (from the “3” lp on Goner)

X Ray Eyes- Pscience (from the “Gonerfest 15 ” 7” on Goner/Easter Bilby)

Computer-Staat- Abwärts (from the 7” on ZickZack)

Lifeless Crisis- Constant Mongrel (from the “Living In Excellence” lp on Anti Fade)

Betting On Death- Black Abba (from the 7” on Goner)

Diggin’ My Own Grave- Bad Mojos (from the ‘I Hope You OD” lp on Voodoo Rhythm)

Verklighetens Klor- Skiftande Enheter (from the “Skiftande Enheter” lp Levande Begravd)

Corporate Hijack- The Suburban Homes (from the “E.P.3″ 7” on Neck Chop)

Insomnomaniac- Puppy and the Hand Jobs (from the 7 ” ep on Black Gladiator/Slovenly)

Morning Light- Sick Thoughts (from the “Sick Thoughts” lp on Goner)

Do The Void- The Terminals (from the “Making Losers Happy – Xpressway NZ Singles 1988-91″ lp compilation on Drag City)

I Hate The World- Vomit Visions (from the 7” on Wasted Vinyl)


Thanks for listening.

Thanks to all the bands and labels.

Special thanks to Beat-Man at Voodoo Rhythm records.

Super warm thanks to Lili and Jacko at Polly Maggoo records.

Super late thanks to Timmy V.

And extra special thanks to Joey Kolessides for the artwork.



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