Robots walk among us! They’re here to take our jobs, steal our women, enslave us in robot camps and call us unpleasant names. This episode is a call to action to DESTROY ALL ROBOTS! Except the friendly ones, of course.
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(Background Music: Robot by Xancity)

Girl Robot by Horror Deluxe

Who Controls the Weather by Alien Space Kitchen

Galactic Race by The Scaners

Into the Sun by The Mekons

You Lied to Us by Mekons 77

(Somebody Bring Me a Flower) I’m a Robot by The Gourds


(Background Music: Cyborg Control by Man or Astro-Man?)

Giant Robot Rock ‘n’ Roll by The Goblins

Past the Ditch by Lonesome Shack

Initiation by Unknown Instructors

A Place I Want to Go by Weird Omen

Fool by REQ’D

Funky Robot by Rufus Thomas


(Background Music: Malaga Twist by The Giant Robots)

Dog Eat Robot by The Meteors

SOB by Full Speed Veronica

Sex Android by The Barbarellatones

So Strange Limit by The Reverberations

You’re Out of the Computer by Bingo Gazingo & His Robot Friend

(Background Music: Attack of Robot Atomico by The Ghastly Ones)

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