Destroy All Music Ep 10

Destroy All Music is back with its first episode of 2019!  Pauly Thunders spins a variety of punk, garage, and powerpop records and discusses Dee Dee King and the flood of new podcasts out there on the information superhighway.
Ain’t No Rock ‘n’ Roll Rookie by Johnny Moped
La Tarantula by The Delstroyers
Arrow In My Heart by Mike Krol
Preacher by FUZZ
Why Die? by YDI
Mole (Sniff Sniff) by Amyl & The Sniffers
Pretty Baby Scream by Lords of the New Church
Curse of Skull Island by The Delstroyers
Pushing Through the Fog by Jang Hyung
10 Something Wrong by Mark Sultan
11 Drive Friendly by Motor Boys Motor
12 Fall Away by Sugluk
13 Baby Doll by Dee Dee King
14 Matador by The Delstroyers
15 Eastbourne Ladies by Kevin Coyne
16 You Better Run by The Reverberations
17 Eternal Prison by The Humane Society
18 Condition Red by Sneakers
19 Lou by Gargoyles
20 Crypyo-matic by The Delstroyers
21 Supervillain Theme by Madvillain
22 Commencement by Chuck & Mary Perrin

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