It’s Trash! #128 – Trashmas in February


J.J. Jackson- That ain’t Right
Saint Anthony’s Fire- Starlight
The Prime Movers- I’m a Man
Flesh Rag- Ballad of Nova
S.L.I.P.- 5:45am
Cheap Nasties- Stolen Property
Neo Neos- Ice Got Power
Erik Nervous- Saint Loo-E
Shark Toys- Three Dogs
Eye Jammy- Narcs in the Arcade
Louder than Death- Broken Heart
Wonder Bread- My Dad was in a Hardcore Band
R.Clown- Mom ‘n’ Pop Shop
Gen Pop- The Wall
Food and Money- Eat Talk Dance
CCTV- Paranoia
Patsy- Paradise
Homostupids- Sneaky Leaker
DD Owen and the Shitty Life- Nobody Cares
Mom- Candy Boy
Gee Tee- Hangin at Caltex
The Snogs- Teenage Sleepyhead
Stiff Love- Up in your Room
The Dracu-lahs- Night of the White Rabbit
BBQT- Angel Sweet
Date Night- you’re hard to move
Cruz Somers- Look back and laugh
Erik Nervous and the Beta Blockers- Future Kick
Erik Nervous and the Beta Blockers- Connie Can’t stand it
The Resource Network- Patriotic Pride
Big Hog- Slayer
Big Hog- Pantera
Liquids- Shackled in Chains
Liquids- All Rocked out
Liquids- Wanna Throw Up
Waterheads- Tardcore
Waterheads- I Love Speed
Drunks with Guns- Dick in one Hand
Sick Thoughts- On the Streets Tonight

Originally Aired on 94.9FM CHRW on December 28th, 2018.


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