Mottey’s Garage 87

Snakerattlers / ooga booga
hentchmen / messed up my brain
intellectuals / lover
the mystery lights / follow me home

black boys on mopeds / blind
black diamond heavies / sinnerman
zen guerrilla / the seeker
porch ghouls / bluff city ruckus

john wesley coleman / lazy baby
t model ford / same old train
sonic chicken 4 / like calling up the thunder
the torpedo monkeys / like a bad girl should

black owls / julias morningstar
cherry pickles / elvis exorcist
the underdogs / kings f condescension
wild zeros / teenge lifestyle

lightning hopkins / mojo hand
the bloody hollies / leave that woman alone
the love club / 70’s porn couch
rock n roll adventure kids / hot dog

black creek / not for the faint of heart
dm bob and the deficits / mother earth
thundercrack / come and see my friends
the castagnes / talk to me

holly golightly / feel something
sean gospel / occult baby blues
creepseed / lady lady
black pudding / wooden butty

vegas kings / i tried to make you mine
the pitchifits / cats pajamas
the konks / what i came here for

hank williams iii / cocaine blues
bangzz / your boyfriend is really bringing you done
rob zombie / we’re an american band
joey ramone / what a wonderful world
mott the hoople / american pie golden age of rock n roll


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