It’s Trash! #127 – Trash Trades #2

Plan 9- Merry Christmas
Drunks with Guns- Hell Hole
Tenement Rats- Shit for Brains
Peace Corpse- Breach Birth
The Dull- I Hate Motorcyclist
P.O.S.- Intercourse
Flesh Rag- One Foot in the Grave
Shark Toys- Walking Song
Cheepskates- Christmas Time with you
Liquids- Think too Much / Shitty DA
Muzzy- Arby’s Creep
Erik Nervous- Future Kick
Sros Lords- Doom Dragon
Soupcans- Drip Zone
Soupcans- Murder Parade
Goggs- Morning Reaper
Sick Thoughts- Nothin in this World
Mom- Proof is in the Pudding
Baby Hairs- Cemetary
Cruz Somers- Alone
Suburban Nightmares- Schizophrenic Xmas
Gee Tee- Livin’ in the Future
The Resource Network- Absorb
Big Hog- Metallica
Waterheads- I love Speed
S.L.I.P.- The Dealer
Science Man- Jesus Clip
Caged Animal- The World is Four Walls
Gang of Four- Love like Anthrax
Abwartz- Mehr
Dogmatics- Xmas Time
The Thyme- Love is Love
13th Floor Elevators- Scarlet and Gold
Jon Wayne- Texas Funeral
Country Teasers- Panty Shots
The Milkshakes- Carol
The Soft Boys- There’s Nobody Like you
Originally Aired December 21st on CHRW 94.9FM

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