Mottey’s Garage 86

The Cavemen / Lowlife
Johnny Thunders / Get off th Phone
Johnny Cash / Train Of Love
Royal chant / Accidental

Brimestone Howl / Shangri La
Reatards / Out of my head…
Small Faces / hey girl

All Seeing Eyes / Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi
Gino and The Goons / Got the Skinny
Internal Credit / Today . alright

Snakerattlers / Snake Rattle and Roll
Deadshit Johnson / Front Bar Fannie
Silvertooth Loos & the Witch / That Ol Swamp
Weird Omen / A Place I want to Know

The Clash / Gates of the West
Crocodylus / Reality
Animals / A girl Named Sandoz
Daddies / Heart
The Drolls /Follow that Dinosaur
The Anomalys / Trooper

Paul Revere and the Raier /I’m not our Stepping Stone
Hood Rats / Off Drugs & Miserable
The Fevers / Love’s Getting Better
The Mugwumps / That Heartbeat
Who, Me / My T.V.
Fontaines D.C. / Boys in a Better Land

petty larcenists / getting was good
dog eared / lichen demo
char-man / problem / shipwrecked
cold stero / need a new head / demos

the raws / hala agiz / Duvara Dur Diyen Demir Yumruk
the mistakes / walk tall /
trolls / wish i hd alot to loose / fuck everyone
self help / get on with it / Organic Noise Kitchen

the exbats / herion
the war toys / maybe / parker
radio birdman / aloha steve and dano
the droogettes / tik bar
dark thoughts / i wont say anything

reverend beat man / i ll take care of you


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