It’s Trash! #126 The 126th Show

Flesh Rag- Just one Kiss
New York Dolls- Human Being
Unnatural Axe- The Man I don’t wanna be
Sick Thoughts- Total Mess
Science Man- Hawkins
Terrestrials- Computer Love
The Snogs- Lipstick
Drowned Hampster- 3 Hours with D.D.
Drowned Hampster- D.A.Y.
Waterheads- Wa Wa Wa
Neo Neos- Art is Over
Deathsticks- In the Motors
R.Clown- The Hat Pt.2
Le Prince Harry- Pink Slime
Louder than Death- Ethereal Venereal Girl

Originally Aired November 30th on 94.9FM CHRW


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