It’s Trash! #124 – November – No Requests

Neo Neos- Hitler wuz a Nazi
No Blues- So Far
Shark Toys- That’s how I escaped my certain fate
Pscience- X ray eyes
Le Prince Harry- Chat Bot
Duchess Says – 30 Lashes
C.H.E.W.- Voluntary Human Extinction
Sick Bags- Microwaved Brains
Alice Bag- Missed your Mark
Sros Lords- Doom Dragon
Carbonas- Degenerate Triumph
Flesh Rag- Love Dump
Mutants- Boss Man
Tenement Rats- Bite the Draino
Die Group- Moon Boy got a Tooley
Deaf Wish- Deep Blue Cheated
Sick Thoughts- Hell Hole
Vendetta- I wanna be a Star
Goggs- Pre Strike Sweep
Soupcans- Young n Ez
Baby’s Blood- Ready I’ll Die
Baby’s Blood- Sex Punk
Lysol- Teenage Trance
Rude Kidz- Mr. Star
Wasted Lives- Allegiance
The Modern Minds- Dirty Movies
Exhibit A- Rain
Velvet Underground- Foggy Notion
S Haters- Necromancer
Agnes Strange- Give yourself a Chance
Amyl and the Sniffers- Pleasure Forever
Bad Times- The Jim Miller Bounce

Originally Aired on 94.9FM CHRW November 30th, 2018.


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