It’s Trash! #125 The 125th Show

The Mad- I hate music
Black Flag- Nothing left inside
Manager- Beautiful Day
Die Group- The Thumper
Flesh Rag- Revolution No. 69
Vendetta- I wanna be a Star
Rude Kidz- Palisades Park
The Snogs- Not a Teenager Anymore
Judy and the Jerks- Grub Worm
Carbonas- Day turns into Night
The Modern Minds- The Book of Life
The Dracu-lahs- Worm Stout
Le Prince Harry- We are Public
Duchess Says- Travailler
Beauticians- Mouse or Man
Wlmrt- Deathsticks ruined my Life
Louder than Death- ABCs in Old Berlin
R.Clown- Big Steel Plate
Image of Ruin- Bottle
Sad Lovers and Giants- Clint
Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pasteries- Grrl Gang
Macho Boys- Victim to Blame
Fitness Women- Living Hell
Tenement Rats- Tomb City
Shark Toys- No Escape
Liquids- Violent
Waterheads- Go Go Go
Babys Blood- Sex Punk
Neo Neos- Calcucorn
Babys Blood- Everyone looks like a fucking Idiot
Goggs- Ruptured Lines
S.L.I.P.- Grease Man
Science Man- Ponce Del Eons Ago
Cobra Cobra- Alpha Draconis
Bogus Genius- Celebrity Man
Gen Pop- Waxing State
Irritations- Schoolyard Justice
Bad Times- Listen to the Band
TV Freaks- Hobby
Doxxx- Baby Doomer
Buttzz- Colostrum 69
Astral Gunk- Top of my Lungs
Black Easter- Day of the Jackal
Originally Aired November 23rd, 2018 on 94.9FM CHRW

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