Smashin’ Podsistors 43: Building blocks of proteins

Many across the nation will be in a serious tryptophan coma on Thursday. Like every year, I hope to be out of mine come Sunday though for Grep Cup viewing.
What you’ll hear on episode 43
Blacktop – Blazing Streets
The Unholy Two – Moscow Doomsday Cloud
Movietone – Mono Valley
Roxy Music – Editions of You
Mauvais Genre – Pour Toi
-words from your host-
Leon Gardner – Farm Song
Jon Spencer – Hornet
Suburban Homes – Magazine
Remember Sports – Up From Below
Gino and the Goons – Early Retirement
-words from your host-
Timmy’s Organism – Wall Of Grey
Celebrity Handshake – Television Lips
O. Rex – Califawnia Girls
Crescent – Lightbulbs In The Trees
Missing Pages – Long Way Down
-words from your host-
U-Nix – Liberal Hardcore
Johnny Notebook and the Blue Screens – Go Bust
Urochromes – I’m Gonna Confront Ya
Pinch Points – Jelly Brain
The Prats – Disco Pope
-words from your host-

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